Epson DS-510 Workforce Document Scanner – Compared to Fujitsu Scansnap ix500

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There’s a lot to like in this Epson scanner from the hardware side, but the software is significantly hindering its performance.

The DS-510 does scan documents very fast – in fact it’s on par with slightly more expensive offerings from Fujitsu. But once those documents are scanned, the Epson document scanning software takes a significant length of time to process the images. I often found the image processing to take as long or longer than the initial scan! This is in contrast to the similar Fujitsu ix500, which has very little software lag and has documents ready nearly the instant the scanner finishes ingesting them.

Tossing the document to Evernote from the Epson software also took longer than it should have. It also fails to provide a confirmation that it successfully copied the document, which requires a manual verification and more time wasted. It was actually faster to save the document to disk and then manually drag it over to the Evernote app.

Mac users will have some additional annoyances and challenges. The hardware scan button currently doesn’t work on the Mac software, and Mac users who don’t have CD/DVD drives will not be able to acquire the document scanning software from Epson’s website. The same can be said for Windows users who are using newer machines without optical drives. Only the minimal driver is available for download.

The scanner lacks network connectivity, but a network adapter is available for about the same price as the scanner. That’s a non-starter.

Beyond these significant problems the scan quality is quite good and is pretty much on par with what I’m seeing from the ix500.

If Epson can clean up their software this would get a much higher rating. It’s disappointing to see a very nice piece of hardware accompanied by such poor software.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.


Peter James says:

the ix500 doesnt come with a twain or WIA driver, its totally useless with all other products unless you use their software

Jon Crane says:

Very nice piece Lon, incredibly informative.  Keep up the great work.  Jon

AdventuristoSupremo says:

Hey +Lon Seidman great channel!  I was thinking about getting a document scanner, and then I thought about scanning old photos.  Does this or the Fujitsu do photos well?  I wanted something with an automatic document feeder so I put in stacks at a time.

Gökhan Çalışkan says:

I liked your review İt’s really beneficial.Thanks.If you compare both devices it will be better.

Teddy L Boulden says:

Thanks for the great review.  I’ve been reading a lot of them.  It’s great to get a comparison.  I wish I wouldn’t sweat tech purchases this much.

shalipe says:

Nice review!

uploadTemp says:

EDIT: Just saw your review:
So takeaway, the software is much better than when this video was made, but still looks to be a little slower than the ix500’s software, but no lag between needing to scan, wait for software, etc.
Thank you so much!

Original: There is a software update dated April 2015 for the document management. Have you tried this, and if so have you seen any improvements in speed? For a Sale price of about half the Retail price of the ix500, this scanner is cheap for what you get with it.

Thanks for the reviews!

Jack Lee says:

I would have liked you to stress the scanner, i.e. scan 50-100 pages at a time and with various paper sizes and given some comments on the OCR software (if there’s any OCR software bundled in the package). However, considering document scanners are far from being sexy products like a smartphone or a tablet, I am /very/ happy having found your reviews on them. 🙂

Benjamin Christiansen says:

I’m looking at scanning A LOT of photos into my computer.  Mostly 4×6 and 3.5x5s.  Would you recommend this Epson over the Fujitsu ix500?  I have USB 3.0 and realize that the resolution is the same for both, have you compared 600DPI res photos side-by-side?  Thanks!  Love your videos!

Alexandre Avila says:

I’ll buy at your link. Thank youuuu! a question : it is possible to select the text of the PDF, And copy it by pressing Ctrl + C ?

jairo urriago polo says:

okey very good

James Rock says:

Wow high speed but its too expensive still….

Terri Phenn says:

I got this Epson scanner because I have a number of long receipts and it claims to be able to scan documents up to 36″ long.

However, only after you buy, do you discover that this is limited to 16.5″, if you use a Mac (Page 28 of the user guide) and that the Thermal paper, that many receipts are printed on, is listed as one of the things that “may damage the scanner.” (Page 18)

Frustrated with the Epson, I purchased the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500. Even though it is more $$, I am keeping the Fujitsu and returning the Epson. The ScanSnap is just so much faster and better, and easier to use. The Fujitsu DOES work as advertised. The Epson does NOT.

For almost any scanning needs, you will be happier with the Fujitsu. The minor exception would be if you wanted to scan thick credit card type documents or if you needed to save in one of the file formats that are not supported by the ScanSnap.

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