Epson DS-320 Mobile Document Scanner Review – Full duplex (both sides of page) scanning

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Epson’s compact full duplex document scanner packs 25 page per minute performance into a small package. See more scanners: and subscribe!

00:44 – Hardware overview
00:49 – Size and weight
01:12 – Paper capacity and scan speed
02:04 – Requires a computer to operate
02:28 – Cloud service support (through a computer)
02:50 – Support for TWAIN
03:10 – Also has pack in OCR software
03:39 – Power adapter size
04:00 – Epson scanning software
04:22 – configuring scan settings
05:01 – Scan speed at 200 dpi duplex
05:20 – Scan quality at 200 dpi
05:45 – Powering scanner via USB, slower scan speed
06:45 – Credit card / plastic card scanning
07:26 – Thoughts vs. Brother ADS-1500W
08:30 – Is it good for scanning photos?

Related link:

Brother scanner that I mentioned in the video:

The scanner is very small (but a little heavy) and scan both sides of the page at the same time at a very high rate of speed. It can also power itself through its USB connection but runs at a much slower speed.

My only real gripe with it is that it can’t operate independently without a computer. Brother’s slightly larger ADS1500W scanner can work with just a WiFi connection. Find it on Amazon here: (affiliate link)

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EposVox says:

The speed of this one is quite nice :O

Super Smoke says:

He said isis protocol do you know what that means fight the infidels

Isaac Hanna says:

Lon, just so you know, when using the tip jar from outside the US, you have to enter in a US zip code :/

Stephen Feger says:

Not a bad unit, but I like (and own) the Brother unit you mentioned. One of the benefits of not needing a computer to be hooked up to it is that the Brother unit works great with Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Just scan to cloud storage or scan to email and you’re good to go. Really good review of the scanner as usual Lon. Thanks.

micglobal says:

The output of this Epson looks to be a little better than the Doxie I’ve used from what I observed in your video, even at 200dpi. The Doxie lacks the ADF, isn’t duplex, but is a little more portable. Doxie has the Epson beat however, with it’s elegantly simple interface to manage scan output, combine pages, perform OCR, and send to local or cloud services. Thanks for the review Lon.

Mart Ashton says:

I just use a phone app in android

Jacob Lanning says:

2dsxl opinion?

czarnikjak says:

As always great work with the video Lon, very professional and informative. Keep up the good work.
Ps. You seem to be only tech reviewer including full disclosure to every video.

Technosword says:

Pin This! I would love to borrow a product to review!

saturnotaku says:

Seems strange that it will scan to SharePoint but not OneDrive.

Carmen Nooner says:

Too many ifs ands howevers for me, and the fact that a computer is a must have. I know I am probably going to have to spend a bit more for a stand alone unit, but that is my choice. Love your detail whenever you review. I don’t understand most of the “geek speak”, but believe it or not, the inflection in your voice tells me whether the data is a good thing or a not so good thing. Keep up the good work!

Tyler A says:


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