Doxie Go Portable Document Scanner Demo & Review

Dave Taylor of Ask Dave Taylor — — review the 600dpi Doxie Go portable scanner solution and finds it quite capable and potentially useful for a wide range of hobbyists, students and professionals.


Dave Taylor says:

My latest video review, of the slick *Doxie Go portable scanner*. Check it out!

James Taylor says:

does it scan both sides of page at the same time, or do you have to flip over the page and run it through twice.

The Bird says:

i just discovered you! i had a simple question…so simple i’m not going to share it…ok, i couldn’t remember how to make the monitor stay away longer and i googled it and your answer was the simplest! naturally i had to check out the “about” dave taylor and i was entertained 🙂 so now that my son is cozy in his pillows i’m going to watch a few of your low key mellow videos, relax and self educate all at the same time 🙂

Dave Taylor says:

Of course a *portable scanner* would be helpful. Learn about the cool Doxie Go portable scanner and decide for yourself if it’d be a good addition to your road warrior toolbox!

Dave Taylor says:

James, you’d have to flip the document over and scan each side…

David Mojzis says:

Hi, with this scanner/software, can the receipts be stored and categorized? Alphabetized? Labeled? Counted? Also I need to have a find/search feature. If this does not do that, do you know of a software that can do that? THANKS

The Bird says:

“the monitor stay awake”…and i was going to ask if you needed an editor for your prolific amount of work that you produce 🙂

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