Brother ADS-3000N High Speed Document Scanner Review and how to configure network settings

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Brother ADS3000N network connected scanner converts documents to PDF at a rate of up to 50 pages per minute. See more scanners here: and subscribe here!


00:10 – Scanner speed demonstration
01:12 – Hardware overview
03:02 – How to configure network settings with the web control panel
09:16 – Multipage, double sided document with blank page rejection
10:46 – Mixed size scanning
11:20 – Misfeed detection
13:08 – Mobile app demonstration
16:00 – Conclusion, comparison to Fujitsu, final thoughts

This scanner might finally be the one to best my beloved Fujitsu ix500 due to how less draconian it is for working with multiple network users. In fact it doesn’t even need a PC to operate, and I suggest not even installing the PC based software unless you need some of its included OCR software.

The three buttons on the front can be configured via the scanner’s internal web server to send documents to specific network locations either via Windows file sharing (Samba), FTP, SFTP, or to Sharepoint destinations. While only three buttons can be active at once, many more profiles can be configured and swapped in as needed through the web interface. I have been scanning documents to a NAS device on my network and it works just fine with and without user names and passwords.

Brother also has a mobile app for iOS and Android that can find the scanner on the network automatically and pull documents through that way. The mobile device can then pass the document off to Evernote and other apps compatible with PDF documents. It can also be emailed from there as well. A USB port on the side of the scanner will allow for direct scanning to a USB memory stick, again without the need for a PC in the middle.

The scanner is extremely fast and includes a workable multifeed detection. When it detects a multi-feed it will save the work it has done and stop, at which point the document can be restacked and continued although a new file will need to be created and merged with the first portion on a PC. It scans both sides of a page simultaneously and will automatically reject blank pages if you have a mix of double sided and single sided documents.

A bunch of included software is included for OCR and document management. The included OCR software can work by opening one of the PDF files on the network drive after it’s scanned, or configure the scanner to shoot the document directly into the PC that has the OCR software installed for character recognition.

Why do I like this better than the Fujitsu? Because it doesn’t need software installed on a PC to work. The Fujitsu does have network scanning capabilities but it needs to get ‘locked’ to a particular computer first. Changing the paired PC on the Fujitsu requires unpairing from one and repairing with the other one – a real pain especially when you just want to do a quick scan to your laptop vs. desktop. This one will just fire off documents to a network drive or USB stick and can work with multiple PCs too.

While this scanner doesn’t have a built in email client I have found for my purposes that the ability to connect to local NAS devices is just as useful.

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azul a mass lon // hello sir lon

PizzaParty9 says:

if it had wifi it would be perfect

teamNOOB says:

Lon, enough with the open policy spiel at the start of the video. It’s annoying. I get it, you’re an honest guy and a lot of other youtubers aren’t, get over it and find a different way to get your message iyt there. The subs know you’re doing good, so it’s not something that needs to be said over and over and over again. Just put it in the description text and stick to the product review.

Justin Tyme says:

The Fujitsu ScanSnap has auto page orientation using it’s proprietary software. It’s not an internal hardware feature.

R3D says:

Lon can you plz tell me what you did to get on the amazon vine program cause i dont feel like spending alot of money just for a review or is that private

That Guy says:

Is there a product that scans as fast as this and prints too? Preferably $300 or under

Dhruv Vakharia says:

the no wifi part killed a little bit of me in the inside

De Wet van der Merwe says:

Thanks for the video sir. Helped me see how this printer functions practically. Tell me, if my printer is limited to 50 PPM like this one, does that mean I will 100% definitely get 50? Can the amount be impacted somehow?

Duncan Cunningham says:

How does it handle scanning business cards, drivers license or SS# cards?

Steven McKenzie says:

Sad! I think this is your first video in a LONG time where you don’t have your stack of Cardboard behind you on your NAS! I started this video, and noticed something looked out of place in it, only to realize your Cardboard stack has moved.

Be still, my OCD brain…. 🙂

Duncan Cunningham says:

I have the neat scanner. Keeps grabbing multiple pages, that one look better and close in price to the neat.

IraQ Nid says:

Wow look at the pages fly! Why do you load the printed pages facing the feed tray when this machine will automatically scan both sides simultaneously? Is the color scan option at a lower resolution? I have a slower Epson multi-function scanner/printer/copier/fax machine with a document feeder. When it scans to .PDF all it is doing is inserting a .JPG into a .PDF file type. Have you thought of using DoPDF and PDF redirect? DoPDF lets you print to .PDF files instead of a printer. The other program lets you merge as many .PDF files in to a single .PDF file. I use it when I am assembling pages for each of my RPG’s Game Board Adventure Modules before I upload it to

Chris Pistocco says:

I think to expensive for home use?

TheSpector says:

never been so early:p

mohnish231 says:

does that scan 50 pages per minute at 300 dpi??

IraQ Nid says:

Could you do some reviews on the different types of book scanners?

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