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Genius Scan:
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jaymaster103 says:

+myjailbreakmovie You forgot to mention camscanner pro, it’s my personal favorite with a lot more options

otaku abdel says:

The links doesn’t work

Michael Leers says:

Thanks, Andrew, I wasn’t aware of these apps. I really appreciate the information.
Keep the great stuff coming and, again, thanks!

Valtteri Huuskonen says:

+myjailbreakmovies You forgot Microsoft Office Lens, one downside is that you need a Office 365 subscription!

Jitendra Kunwar says:

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Yunik Maharjan says:

where is camscanner+

Juuso says:

Does scanbot enable making searchable pdfs? Searchable pdf’s are great when having to scan lists for example.

carlos said says:

alem desse apresento a vcs mais uma opcao que eh essa aqui

Hadi Alqadi says:


mike antoine says:

Would I be able to transfer the created PDF, from ScanBot to PDF expert and edit it?

Breezie 311 says:

all of those are bad

alex valson says:

+myjailbreakmovies please help to use in iscanner emailing)i wrote down my email to “myemail” space but when i send my completed pdf to email,there are wrote that “enter your email to send your doc” please help me

Elias Bitsch says:

Yep you need an ms office account, but I got one for free from my school

Philip Melek says:

CamScanner is the best

T1Oracle says:

Why not just take a photo? Why waste your limited storage on yet another app?

imadn2008 says:

Whats about CamScanner it’s very useful app and got so many great things

Cholel Kahail says:

Question, Is there any, scanner to take arab text? I’ve tried a lot but it did not work for arabic text

Farhan Niazi says:

Cam scanner pro is the best ever

Ярослав Даньшин says:

Hmm, where is CamScanner?

Unicorn Smith says:

It’s a shame you are no longer appear to be answering questions. I wanted to know if any of these apps has an auto aspect ratio? Fed up trying to get good square images by hand. I need a faster option to alight without cropping an inch from the image.

Jaz Gulati says:

Nice video, but would’ve preferred if you actually detailed which scanner app was actually best at detecting edges, or which performed best under certain conditions (low light, angles, etc.) seeing as though that is the main purpose of the application

Neander Stall says:

Finally, I can create a pdf file without all the hustle and problems

Michael Sills says:

Kind of funny we were looking for a scanner app… Your video was great timing for us and saves us time in searching for an app.. Thanks again

Asyraf Md Rodzi says:

I kinda like Scanbot UI it looks so clean and pleasing but I use scanner pro because I already own Pdf Expert 5 and with this both app combine, it just beyond awesome at least for me.

SoulSolus says:

Question, if I wanted to copy say a multipage document of 100+ pages for example, would scanbot or scanner pro be better for the task, can I organize the scans so that all relative scans can be grouped into different files (i.e from one book I can take 30 pages and make it into its own pdf document). Also I may have to write on them, so which is better suited?

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