Artist Review: Epson v39 scanner

I bought a new scanner for the office, the Epson v39.

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yogsothoth2099 says:

can i scan books with this using software for e books? is it compatible? o i need a book scanner?

Mark S says:

nice review, thanks

Art M says:

You said I think that you can not use any other software other than what comes with Epson,yes you can,I have an older cannon scanner that only works up to XP ,but this old scanner will work on Linux. I think the new scanner will also work on Linux.

Kim says:

Thanks a lot!

Maggy Frog says:

hi! would you make a comparison scan with the canon lide 220 and epson v39 but with the max dpi and 48-bit color setting in RAW or TIFF format?

very helpful review btw.

Amber Hawk says:

Thank you so much for your review. I am new to making prints of my watercolor and its been a challenge being self taught. What DPI do you recommend scanning your originals for prints at?

Nehell says:

Thank you for this review. I was looking for a scanner under 100€ and this one looks great. I want also scan my artworks with that. My old scanner is absolut crap! ;D I just bought this beauty right now! Haha

Stephanie Pimet says:

Thank you very much for your explanations. I was looking for a scanner for scannering documents and books. I didn’t know which scanner to buy: canon lide 220 or epson v39. Now I think I will buy Epson because I read that sometime there is some problem to read canon sofware with windows.

Miranda McWhorter says:

this is perfect! just what I needed and looking for! I have a bigger sketch book though, how would that work? and then have a slightly smaller sketch book, and some loose paper drawings. I like the feature that you can take the lid off for sketch books.

mc puffy says:

Thanks for the review, really helped me out there, cheers!

jwenneberg says:

What do you call it when a scanner cannot focus unless the item is 100% flat on the glas surface (3:50)? I used to scan the inside of CD jewel cases for my homepage on my old scanner with absolutely no problems focusing in the depths of the CD case. What should I look for when buying a new scanner? Or is it just blind luck / bad luck? If you know. Thank you very much in advance.

Artour Akhmadeev says:

But what is the maximum paper size of the 2 scanners?

lou garcia says:

can I scan images and just adjust them with photoshop?

Projectile Creative says:

If you think about it, the scanned image may not be saturated. All displays have different gamut values, so your image may be it’s proper colour on another display 🙂 Great video though! Might pick one of these up. Thanks!

Brandon Commendatore says:

Hello, your video is very nice. But sorry, i haven’t understood what’s the difference between Canon and EPSON, because I’m italian, and I’m still learning English, so I can’t understand prefectly…. Cuold you help me?

Rebecca Stephens says:

What do you think of the pocket scan or pup scanner by decuda? I want a scanner for my larger works.

victor carvajal says:

ty for the review… do you recommend this for scanning comic/art pages ? the series 12000XL pro is too expensive for me 🙁

atulfev says:

Hi buddy great review. especially by a designer.
I have some queries about scanners which I home you will like to answer.
1) Is FILM SCANNER (for example: Canon Lide 5600F Film Scanner) working good with scanning images on paper?
I am a graphic designer, I want to convert hand drawn drawings to sharp and high raze digital files.
2) Which scanner is good for the above mentioned purpose among these..
-Canon Lide 5600F Film Scanner
-Canon Canoscan Lid 220 Scanner
-Epson v39 scanner
My inclination is toward Canon Lide 5600F Film Scanner. But a bit confused with the world FILM SCANNER (film scanning is not my purpose at all). Or if you can suggest any other, you think is good for me. Thank you!

Crt says:

Hi Teoh, did your scanner ever have an issue with missing pixels? Mine started to have a noticable problem where stuff like halftone or screentones are not uniform. I checked my scanner glass for scratches, but it seems like no matter where I place my image on the scanner, it comes up in different locations.

I have all settings off, no descreening, no sharpening, no auto exposure. I was wondering if my sensor is going bad? My friend told me to go get a v370 or v550 because it seems like a lot of this missing pixels is a recurring problem in the v19/39 series for Epson scanners.

Natalya Russkaya says:

Very helpful!

Cheesus says:

Thank you so much for this! I was looking for scanner reviews but not many people review it from an artist’s perspective. This helps a lot!

gundown26 says:

How big can this scanner copy up to.

Hoda Moustapha says:

Thank you for this review.. It is very helpful.. Also your blog is really good too… 🙂

I like the color accuracy of canon scanners, but I really like the removable lid of this epson. I need to scan large drawings… Did you try the Canon 9000f ?

Crystal energy says:

I had an old Canon scanner a F model, After I updated to High Sierra, it didn’t work, because Canon do not update older models. So I used the apple capture, but that was a hassle to use, so I throw it out. Canon adviced me to use the 220 lide model for my computer. I can see you have apple operating system as well. : – )

eLise D. says:

Very helpful! I watched your video desc. of the Canon LiDE 220 also, & was able to make my decision on which one to buy. Thank you!

eljuli1003 says:

Hi, man, great videos. How many inches has that dell display?

Silvia Anacleto says:

Can it scan negatives?

Neutral Artist says:

Does it scan 11×17 art boards with blue guidelines in one full scan or do I have to do multiple scans and stitch them together? Also, I am working with an HP mini laptop, but I have a disk drive, so will the software be compatible?

Robby78 DjM says:

is support media handling Document size to up Legal/F4 paper size???

Sr Bob says:

What if I want to use this with a Macbook Pro which doesn’t have the CD slot?

Neel InJesus says:

Hi there, What about Epson V37? In comparison which one is the better…Canon 220, Epson V37 or Epson V39?

Mohammad Al Saade says:

thank for you to making this video

arjun gandi says:

Scanning documents to editable pdf what setting is needed
In Auto scanning mode or home or office
Documents are editable


I am still thinking which one I should buy?

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