Artist Review: Canon Lide 220 scanner

Review covers the Canon Lide 220 scanner that I’ve used for months.

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ayana singh says:

the epson perfection v39 scanner is available at 66.47 usdollars whereas canon lide 120 scanner is available at 59.85 usdollars

which one should i buy?

i usually use watercolor on thick sheets

Jim Challender says:

Which scanner would you recommend for scanning receipts, official documents and pictures as you did in your video.  I would like to scan pictures etc in addition to my first interest which is documents, receipts etc. Does the scanner do auto document sizing (cropping/rotation etc) and have OCR capabilities as well

Audrey says:

What about image stitching, Teoh? Have you tried scanning A3 sketchbook with this scanner?

Ethan Edwards says:

Fantastic art review, definitely getting this scanner now!:D

Oliver ASUS says:

There’s nothing the scanner could be “warming up” for, it has LEDs.

Josh Rachlis says:

I just opened the box of my Canon LiDE 220 scanner. I plugged it into my MacBook Pro. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to do a “preview” scan, to select the section of my drawing that I want to scan, and then do a higher resolution scan of just that section. Do you know? I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the Canon software. I didn’t know about Image Capture, so thanks for that. But it doesn’t seem to do a preview scan.

Teri Franklin says:

Thanks for the detailed review

KGB says:

I wanted to buy one but I didn’t know if I could use it on a mac … luckily for me, I came across this video, Thanks man!.

Michael Chan says:

thank you!

Vincent Bekong says:

where can i get that wallpaper

Rubal TV says:

Is there any big difference in 120 and 220?

TheYairisan says:

This is an excellent scanner with decent resolution (600 dpi) and is intuitive and flexible. It’s not the fastest scanner I’ve used, but it gets the job done, and the ability to throw several photos randomly on the plate and have the scanner identify them individually and scan them separately is a bog boon feature, which came in VERY handy when scanning 300+ old family photos. Excellent scan results and the auto correction meant all the scans looked good/great compared with the originals, but still open for tweaking. The Canon is excellent.

Alain F. says:

Do you know any easy way to convert ink sketch into vector drawings? Thanks

KGB says:

Btw, if you have to recommend a program for editing the scanned documents what would you suggest?

LadyAltaria says:

Awesome review! I was looking for an affordable scanner to scan my watercolours, and this one seems perfect!

john lawful says:

what program did you use to fix the surrounding area of the picture?

Alienated says:

I enjoyed your review. I used to own one of the original and first 1200px resolution Canon Flatbed scanners. I have to say this new scanner is much quieter than the sound I remember. As for improving quality I used to use heavy large books and place them on top of the flatbed to improve contact surface. As for booklets and spirals, best thing is to cut them up unfortunately. You can get 2 copies and cut one up for a permanent scanned copy. Hard to beat the quality of that. Finally just wanted to say the sideways stands seems like a bit of a gimmick. They advertise someone putting documents through the top while it’s sideways but I don’t see this scanner ever working as a document feeder. I owned a PIXMA scanner/feeder as well but the quality of a feeder rolls is nowhere near that of a proper flat bed scan.

Skateandscott619 says:

So I’m Guessing this (or the Epson) will work fine on Regular Sketch Paper Right?

ajaxfilms says:

Thanks for the good review. One question, what scanners (brand, model) are good for paper that does not fit perfectly flat on the glass…so it can pick up detail if the paper buckles a little?

Faazil Muhammad says:

hi,which is the best scanner for large books?

Zhorell Ski says:

I have an older canon scanner, Ive use Photoshop only (driver installed) does the software that comes with the scanner scans better dpi-wise?

Laksh Prajapati says:

good performance

Lucia Pacchioni says:

Super review! Can you tell me if the quality is good enough to scan magazines? And considering that top can only be removed is it possible to scan thick books?


Thank you for the review. What do you think about epson v19? Between the two of them, do you still prefer the canon lide 220 scanner?

leonard louie says:

ur monitor, what model is it?

Pablo Parisi says:

wich is better for drawart ?

catsdontsmile says:

Really good review, better than those with more views

Serge Magnavox says:

Thanks for the review with artwork! I too am an artist and am wondering should I chose this or an Epson. This looks light and friendly :]

MaXXX1k says:

Thank you so much for review.

anigae says:

hi, so i wanted to scan my 35mm film and i wanted to get your opinion on whether if the lide 120 was good enough for the task or not.

Cami Barn Stjarnanna says:

Hi, Teoh
First of all i want to thank you for your reviews and tutorials, it has been really useful for me.
Second: I just bought this scanner for my watercolors and drawings, i tested it with the canon software already but i think that the best performance is given with a personalized setting. Do you have any tip for this? Do you scan with automatic setting and then you edit images with photoshop?

VIProach says:

Is this still good? What can you say after using it all this time?

heyimcherri says:

hey, I’m looking to purchase one for scanning my prints to send off digitally, the simple size you would get when you have to print 35mm film. what would you say is the quality?

Wezilla says:


Dragoon Z says:

should i go with Canon or Epson? for drawings and art? not photos.

RedRomance24 says:

Thank you!! i was woundering if i sholde buy it, but now i wil. 🙂

E L says:

You only mentioned about colour comparison (near 1:1) can give information on image sharpness or blur to original

spiralcosmosart says:

Can you scan directly on to a USB thumb drive? Or is a P.C. necessary?

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