Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630 All-in-One Printer Review

Review: 5/5
Economical Power House that Improves Upon the 4530/4540.

This is a great, economical, high performing printer. It is noticeably improved from the previous model, the Epson WP-4530 / WP-4540. I owned and loved the WP-4540 as my primary printer. This WF-4630/WF-4640 improves upon the 4530/4540 by: (1) A noticeably better color touch screen that is more colorful, more responsive, better audio cues. (2) Has more options and features. (3) Scans faster at higher resolution levels. It continues the benefits of fast printing, duplex (2-sided) printing, fast scanning, duplex (2-sided) scanning, easy setup and software, great wireless, economical printing with large capacity 786 & 786XL ink cartridge support, great print quality, and just being a power house. This seems to be a decent upgrade.

The only difference in the WF-4640 vs WF-4630 is whether or not it comes with an optional second paper tray to place under the unit that is the same otherwise. I have the WP-4540 that has the extra tray, and decided not to use it because it made the printer larger and I just didn’t need the capacity before reloading in my home office. I use duplex printing and scanning a lot on the previous model (WP-4540). I love that it just mounts the USB port as a remote drive, so I just leave a USB key plugged in and copy the files from my PC. Scanning directly to PC (on the old model at least) was significantly slower and didn’t offer many of the options for some reason. After a short while, scanning would sometimes pull in too many pages at a time, so I just feed them one at a time when I hear the audible click when the existing page is pulled in far enough. Two sided scanning works sell, but if too many pages pile up in the output, it can suck some previous pages back in from the output tray as it pulls the current page back for a second pass or to flip it.

The only concern I have is whether or not the 4630/4640 fixes the common internal defect that plagued the 4530/4540. After a year, many 4530/4540s would leak yellow ink in a single line down the center of the page until exhausted, ruining output for a while, until you ended up with a high quality black & white printer. Mine was affected by that, but Epson replaced mine free of charge after the warranty expired. My WP-4540 still has some banding on color output sometimes. I am just hoping the 4630/4640 has rooted out the problem. Btw, my Epson Workforce 840 that I infrequently print to has never had a problem. Only time will tell. But everything else about it shows me that they improved a number of things.

Product Title: Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630 Wireless and WiFi Direct All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, 2-Sided Auto Duplex, ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible. (C11CD10201)
Model: C11CD10201


Christopher says:

The whole reason to have an ADF is to avoid having to scan 1 page at a time.  If it doesn’t work properly, it’s DEFECTIVE.  I returned my previous (older model) WorkForce printer because it kept jamming up by sucking in more than one page at a time on the ADF.  I got this printer as a replacement hoping that the ADF will not be defective.

Have you had experience trying to scan a stack of documents loaded on the ADF?  I’m hoping the ADF is not defective on this model.  I haven’t read good things about Epson’s support, so, I don’t want to deal with them if I do end up having trouble scanning multiple pages on the ADF.

Also, if there is ANY banding at all, then the claim of “better than laser” would be completely bogus.  I would not accept any banding/white stripes from a modern printer, my Canon BJC-6000 from ~20 years ago NEVER had ANY banding and printed film quality photos with inexpensive ink.  If they are claiming this printer is improved, why would anybody accept any kind of imperfection in print quality?

Kwan Segal says:

After a few months and less than 50 times of printing, the printed documents and pictures showed horizontal streaks and lines. I performed troubleshooting several times and it didn’t work. Epson call center told me to replace the initial ink with the new ones and I did. I put a brand new set of inks in that cost me approx. $100/set. I performed several head cleaning again and it didn’t work. As Print head cleaning consumes LOTS of ink, all my brand new inks became LOW within 8 head cleaning and nozzle checks. Besides, there has been no improvement at all.

After an hour on the call with their technician, they finally accepted that it could be the hardware issue. As my printer is still in the warranty, I will need to ship this back. However, they will need to hold $179.99 from my credit card with the condition that…. after I get the package from FedEx, if I don’t ship back within 7 days, my card will be charged for $179.99!!!

This is a super ridiculous and irresponsible customer service policy, I bought this printer… I need to use this printer for my work but I can’t as it cannot produce standard quality printing…. I need to waste my time shipping this back to Epson…. and I have to let them hold the $$$ to guarantee that I will ship it back.

This will be my last time to buy Epson Products.

CloudNineGirl says:

Honestly. Does it not occur to this moron that he needs to hold the damn camera STILL? This would be a great review, but I’m getting sick trying to watch it.

Dan Nguyen says:

Thanks for the review!

Yrwing Sarache says:


MrMero91 says:

Thanks many times! This is what I need!

Sheri Din says:

Awesome, thank you Tiger

Ahmed Z says:

Hi Can you tell me what it’s like INK wise? I have an HP 8500 premium that I purchased a few years ago and it made the same promises about ink……..and it uses ink like water. It works well but very costly to run, even though HP said it was 50% less costly to run.  I trust LASERS for sure  but I am curious what your thoughts are on this one?

Mary Mansfield says:

thanks for the info but looking for a demo on how to use the rear paper feed slot….can’ figure out to get it to print my cardstock…have been searching for an hour now

Makinja says:

Is the auto feeder single pass?

Circuit Breaker says:

When you move your camera closer, can you hold the camera steady and make sure the object is in focus, so we could check the print quality really close next time? Thanks!

Adil Qatine says:

nice work
I order one for small business
is not expensive e ink?

Fycstion says:

Does this device support OCR scanning? In other words, does it output to different formats?

sundayraver says:


Circuit Breaker says:

600 dpi for documents? *facepalm*

Luis P says:

First of all thanks for the review.
I’m looking after a 4640 and I have a doubt… if paper is in the back slot it remains however possible to choice via software which tray use? 
FAX paper source can be setted?


Ahmed Zebian says:

I went to pick up a 4630 today and stumbled upon a 4530 for 49.97….do you think there’s much missing between the two models? The newer model is about 120$ more at the moment. Is the ink consumption as good or better on the older one? It seems like a great unit and great price

hau5junkie87 says:

Appreciate your video! Answered some questions I had about the print quality and double-sided scanning capability.

ZFlyingVLover says:

No fax demo?

imaan4success says:

Hey thanks for the review, it was good and I enjoyed. Just a quick question though if you don’t mind?
The text/basic graphics print quality, how is it compared to a laser printer?
I’m trying to decide whether to buy this printer or a laser for a small business. Personally I’m more inclined towards a laser as I like the sharpness of the text but would like to know how the text prints from this printer in comparison.
Also I need something that will not smudge when wet, or fade due to low ink/ink problems or anything like that, any help is appreciated, thanks.

Reviews By Tiger says:

For a comparison to the WP-4530 / WP-4540, and my existing printers, see my WP-4540 comparison extension (

Portugal_Pete says:

Appreciated this review… nicely done.

dragunbwoi says:

Nice camera

WeAreTheBearHunters says:

Does this printer print duplex graphics in the exact same place on each side? My current Canon Pixma MG7120 prints the second side 3mm lower, which essentially destroys the CD booklets and inserts I’m printing with it.

Samuel Ambaye says:

Thank you so much!

Vera Lupian says:

I bought an Epson workforce 3640. So far it’s been great I love it. Thanks for the review on the Epson that you presented. I would like to see how to set up to the cloud.

ana marchand says:

can it print mailing labels for packages ??? like to ship out like a Labelwitter ???

Anthony Magliocco says:

Wow stop all the camera movement I am getting sick.. nice video otherwise

Perusing says:

Very good introduction to the printer. Very kind and generous of you to do so. Much appreciated, thank you very much for your time and effort.

Farid Hossain says:

how much Amount

SWProspector says:

Thanks for the WF4630 review.  I recently purchased the same unit in September.
Are you able to print true borderless 8.5×11?  My WF-3540 will give me the option of a box to check for selecting borderless, however the same option is not appearing for the WF-4630.  I am finding that the WF-4630 wants to add a 0.116 border to photo printing, so disappointing.  Thank you for your response.

Mary Mansfield says:

I called Epson.  the CD that loaded the program did not install everything correctly.  It locked all of the options, thus there was no way to print from the rear paper feeder.  After 45 mins on the phone we were able to get it working.  thanks for you comments.  Looking forward to using it to print envelopes.

Jean Elize says:

how do i get this to print in black and white?

dy pf says:

بدي اعرف كيف نخرج الورق بطابعة موديل 5620 ايبسون

nancy cardenas says:


echo5363 says:

I’m having issues setting up my fax. I also use a Mac. I have my fax line going in to a line that my phoneline operates off of also.

Michael Marco says:

How is the quality on high gloss paper?

Phoenix A says:

Hi, thanks for the review. It was very helpful.

I have a question though with regards to scanning to pdf. Can this printer scan multiple pages to pdf automatically without intervention (unattended scanning) using the feeder?
I am hesitating between this model and the new model Epson EcoTank ET-4550. The WF-4630 is cheaper but ET-4550 is more economy with regards to inkt consumption. Any advice? I print about 50 pages/month. I mainely use the scanner for scanning pages to pdf.


Rodolfo de la Torre says:

how do you get your computer to print with a print dialog with these things? for some reason my Mac doesnt get one when i connect it to HP wireless printers

Carolyn Buchleitner says:

What does error code 0x91 mean?

JT McDaniel says:

How many sheets can you feed from the manual feeder in the back?

Luc Bouillon | Century 21 says:

Thank you very much for your review on this model. It saved me $100!

I own 2 of the 4540’s from about a year and a half ago, one works flawlessly, the other started spitting out yellow ink all over it’s chest cavity… couldn’t find anywhere to service it locally and it wasn’t worth sending away so no real choice but to buy a new one.. anyway, I knew the difference between the 4630 and 4640 was just the second paper tray, but I didn’t realize the 30 would still have the connections for the second tray. After seeing you mention it above I had a thought, I ran out to grab a new 4630 on sale for 179.99 CAD and plugged in the second tray from my old 4540 and it works perfectly! Boom it’s a 300 dollar printer just like that.

The only disappointing part seems to be the ridiculous up charge on the 786xl ink cartridges vs the 676xl the 4500series took even though they seem to be of slightly smaller capacity and are of identical physical size.

TechExplorer says:

Great Review ! Thanks

Ed Angstrom says:

Do you know if you can purchase the printhead for this model? I found a new one in the box, but I think the print head is missing and of course the ink and power cord. Otherwise the machine is brand new. Is there another model that would have a print head to fit???

John B says:

Thanks for this review, it was really helpful! I’m looking for a new printer for our SMB (we have a laser, and I don’t really want another one) and I think you may have just convinced me. 🙂

Pamela Christian says:

I’m really having trouble… I can easily place the envelope in the rear feed, but I have no where I can find to direct the printer to use the rear feed. It continues to use the tray/front feed. Nothing in the manual shows how to instruct the printer and the dialogue box I used to see with my prior Epson printer “Maintenance, Utility,” etc. is no where to be found. Which brings me to another questuion – if I want photo quality how do I specify that?

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