Epson EcoTank: The Printer That Doesn’t Run Dry

Epson’s new printers change the ink-onomics of your home office. WSJ’s Wilson Rothman explains why paying more will make your ink-cartridge hassles disappear.

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err enn says:

Very likable – and true!

Lesly Dane says:

sumthing i like about epson ___the blue strofome packaging +++ stonge ribs !!! very nice stuff !!
exceelent blue ribs strofoma in box ++ hard light wight !!!

Tarjetería Social says:

can use ink edible?

Sanjeet Singh says:


New Nation says:

Best Monochrome (Black and White) Las
Best Monochrome (Black and White) Laser Printer 2015
Data Comparison Chart for
Wireless Monochrome Laser Printers
High Speed Monochrome laser Print

Pedro Barraza says:

those priters are networked and wireless

melonbarmonster says:

How about charging for price of the printer and ink with standard markups without price gouging on ink prices or price gouging on the printer.  Goddam aholes.

Glenn Lawrie-Smith says:

What would be cool is if they bought the rights to Kodak’s pigment based inks.
Also, what would be cool is a printer that could accept a fifth tank for off colors, like white.

mike mun says:

Can I use any ink

Bharat Bhushan says:

Online Reset Your Epson printer with me . Col me Any help 7056335325
I have all Epson Re setter

renderuthis says:

Its 279$$ now

Justin Wong says:

What is the difference with this and a printer with a CIS system…….. Wow Epson so revolutionary. My Epson printer $200, my CIS system $40 prefilled . 6 extra bottles of 100ml ink $15
Grand total $255

Fazal Fariz says:

This is bullshit, just get a HP OfficeJet Pro 8710, which is much better..

8bitbro says:

Hp printers with instant ink are the cheapest way to print. Epson is wasting their time. CISS have been around for years. Instant ink serves as an actual replacement that won punish you for printing more than the standard 10% page coverage.

preytec says:

or you could get a brother DCP-T700W for 210 bucks.

amit kumar says:

will it print greyscale/black and white(xerox copy) when any of otheror all colour(C,Y,M) empty , please reply soon

Leo Nardo says:

…do the inks in the eco-tanks ever dry up ?
If I like to print in colors but not too often, for how long can the inks be stored/kept in their eco-tanks before drying up ?

Evangelos Evangelou says:

This is possibly the best printer I’ve owned, it does what it says and the ink hasn’t yet run dry. I used to have a Kodak printer and I struggled for many years with it, up until this came along. I have the ecoTank model.

Xinping Pangkam says:

can i print comic book for my small scale industries with this

Marley Cauffing says:

Every time I try and print pictures of my family my printer shows 666 in the corner. I think it’s broken.

Pat Naboo says:

Interesting. Consumers Reports is worth consulting also. Their tests are independent (they don’t have advertisements because they don’t accept money from corporations) and they truly have the consumers’ best interest in mind, including saving consumers money & hassle. Their interest is in presenting truth as they discover it through testing at their independent labs.

shan rite says:

Does it have wifi?!

Gabriel Valdez says:

fucking ecotank FUCKING

heresteven says:

This is really the perfect printer for students. I am happy I bought one. Schools don’t like to print anything anymore for students.

whosmav628 says:

Newsvertisement wtf

- - says:

Epson basic Printer: $100
CISS System: $50
400ml Ink: $20 (100ml black, 100ml cyan, 100ml magenta, 100ml yellow, 1 set = 400ml)
Tax: $12 (7% sales tax)
TOTAL: $182


Epson with “Eco Tank” (read: OEM CISS): $400
400ml Ink: $297 (OEM 17.5ml black, 17.5ml cyan, 17.5ml magenta, 17.5ml yellow, total 70ml, almost 6 sets to equal 400ml)
Tax: $49 (7% sales tax)
TOTAL: $746

He said, “this Eco Tank is a “STEAL”.” CORRECT! They are STEALING almost $600 extra from you! But a better word to use would be it is a “ROBBERY”!

imkow says:

buy a 50$ printer then arm it with an aftermarket CISS that cost addtional 20$.. then the ink becomes 1$ per 500ml which is the same with Coco Cola

Gloria DeHaen says:

You may save money on ink, but LABOR in having to manually turn each page over to copy on the second page. ECO
friendly means you do not have to waste paper!!!!

imkow says:

the printer ink is one of the most expensive liquid on earth.

Zoch Buppet says:

The Epon printer ink scam
The most severe and longest running printing ink and consumer scam around
Do not buy a Epson printer ever. The best of the ink scammers…Epson.
Consumer abuse at its best.

NO the cheap on SALE Espon printer will not save you any money in the long run



TechWizPC says:

The problem with bootleg inks is that they fade faster than the original inks, it’s not good for photos.

Mamun Al-Rashid says:

sir, have u any idea of DTG With modified Epson Printer?

samm frankss says:

I see up to two years ; that means it will print at least one page before it runs out of ink. the key words is UP TO two years of ink.

mywebnet says:

Brother is much more cheaper, Canon made some competitors in this field and finally Epson dropped the prices. Very similar model cost now only something about ~250$ and there is plenty of occasions to buy it cheaper, for example you can now refund up to 60$! if you buy it until October 31. There is more thing happening with this original CISS enabled ink printers. First, there is no any chip or electronics to restrict any use of any brand ink you like. You can use any kerosene if you dear. Second, device will never (for good or bad) show you any messages ink related. System is tuned by manufacturer to maintain all system in good shape and be “healthy” to make good prints. You don’t care about bubbles, tank levels, any misses and etc. etc. You can easily purge, refill, change ink just using driver or functions in device menu. Original ink bottles costs 10-15-20 times less, than similar model based on cartridges. Chinese cartridges and CISS can be cheaper but with very various results. It can be happy or not so happy ending. It’s depends how well you know this “kitchen”, and how qualified you are. So, if you really well self aware user and have some skills on what system to put, what ink to pour, and how maintain it in good shape, then you can buy cheap model based on cartridges and modify it. But if you want to print cheap, and be free from any problems related to quality, colors and stability, please really consider to buy similar device, with build continues ink system from the start. Prices are dropping, and now you can have brand new MFP CISS enabled device for just only 130-150$. And if you so Scrooge about ink prices, you can buy and use any ink you find that suits you. Of course in this scenario have in mind, that you may void warranty.

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

False advertisement

Tornected says:

for the people who only print documents and rarely print pictures, switch to a laser printer

Antok Boy says:

sir can you run cut sheet media

Richard Miskanis says:

BEFORE you spend the $400.00 plus tax and maybe shipping, be aware that this printer WILL NOT PRINT BORDERLESS PHOTOS!!! I could NOT believe it! I found out too late. I would have NEVER paid $400.00 for this unit!

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