Epic Office Tech: Best All-In-One Laser Printer?

Epic Office Tech – What’s the best or most used tech I have. In this series, we check out my most used tech at the office or home office. Check out the Brother MFC-L2750DW All-In-One Black And White Laser Printer: https://mcmx.in/2EUhbLY

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brian cruz Fernandez says:

8th conent

randomrazr says:

Your most used piece of office tech is a printer…..and not the mac? BAHAHAHAHAH

MikeTech says:

Second comment

earlbee31 says:

Wow awesome

jjan X says:

Content creator more like ad creator, disappointed

Blue Electrical says:


Jakob D says:

Printers are the most lame piece of tech ever…

randomrazr says:

Getting products for review is one thing. But at least show us an honest “review” of it. this is just….a giant free ad for them.

Philip Mooney says:

I clicked the Skip Ad button and nothing’s happening…

David Beiler says:

Hey everyone check out this cool free printer i got so i can show it off to all my subscribers

The Falling House Of Cards says:

Just a shameless 3 minute ad.

Aziz Türk says:


David Beiler says:

Hey everyone check out this cool free printer i got so i can show it off to all my subscribers

Herbert Pratama says:

meh, give my 3mins back

Alex Martin says:

Dam, really…

Lets Go gaming and more says:

30 dollar hp printer are smart conntrolled

GexMob says:

Sorry Brother ! I’m gonna keep my HP

Felixba says:

Come on Dom. You know I love your content, and I think that you make some of the best Tech Videos out there when you’re trying. But overflowing your channel with that many product placements is just too much and leaves us viewers with the impression, that you may have lost the passion for your own channel. Don’t get me wrong tho, as a YouTuber myself, I know very well how dependent we are on deals like this to earn our livelihood and keep the lights in our offices on. But please be more thoughtful about which products you do paid videos on and how often you do them. I love to watch your channel. But I hate to see you focusing less on cool videos about great Tech and more on boring products like the LG gram, the Hisense TV or this printer. You are better than this.

J H says:

Dom ive been subscribed for about 3 years or so and just stuff has been going downhill bro. Just criticism i hope you take it well. But do you really use a printer???? In 2018???? Really??? I mean cmon. Love the past content but just clickbait af bro. Not cool. Just ads and not fun to watch….

Seem U says:

Fuck brother HP has the best printers check out the Instant Ink plan its flipping awesome for students like me

nithish kumar says:

Dom I thought it would be a video on the new iMac pro! 🙂 Looking at the thumbnail….

Sica1000 says:

no paper-image-print made?! hmmmmmmm -.- (“sub” dosn’t count)

Ming A says:

cool printer though

Diego Opazo says:

I love my brother printer!!!

Mohammed Ullah Rasel says:

obviously the printer machine is good and I like that
but at the same time I hope this is not an ad

Tyler Barron says:

trying to make a printer sound cool is like trying to show stevie wonder how to take a selfie, its pointless

TreyAllDay901 says:

another ad…

Martin ivanitskiy says:


Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Dom

shijo prakash says:

Ur a great youtuber

Adam Hatley says:

I hate that I agree with most of these comments….Dom this is not cool….don’t let this destroy you though. Pick yourself up and keep the cool tech flowing!!! Everyone here wants to see you grow and thrive like you always have!! I’ll still watch and not unsubscribe

Elmo Forster says:

>Most Used Piece of Office Tech
>Print single A4 sheet with multiple SUBSCRIBE! words on it

Oliver Bose says:

I use brother printers since over ten years. The printing costs etc. are fairly and printing especially from the iOS devices (not designed for the iPhone X yet) is awesome.

Siddhant Desai says:

My $50 cannon printer can do this. And guess what it is both color and monochrome :v

Theodore Parker says:

Man, these youtube advertisements are getting pretty long…

shijo prakash says:

First like

jrexinator says:


Leopoldo Noris says:

Really?? 🙁

islandblue7 says:

Shut up haters! Anyone who does business or runs a small office-like home knows you need a multi-function printer. Yes, in 2018 – people do still sign letters, contracts & need hard copies. A laser printer with mobile & WiFi capabilities is a huge upgrade from standard shitty inkjet printers. Have you ever had a printer that always runs out of expensive ink or takes huge effort to do small tasks is beyond frustrating. People that don’t own printers either have to run out to a print office, print their personal crap secretly at work, or scrub off someone who does own a nice piece like this…. not cool.
Awesome printers ARE COOL, and part of the tech industry. Congrats to your success Dom, love your channel!

Vinnie Sims says:

Wasn’t expecting this…

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