Canon PIXMA MX892 All-in-One Officejet Printer Overview, Demo, and Review

I just got my printer on Wednesday, and it is awesome. It is by far one of the best inkjet printers out there! I give this a five out of five stars!

-High Quality
-Two-Sided Printing
-Auto-Duplex ADF
-Easy, simple, stylish
-Prints on many media types
-Ink dries after no longer than thirty seconds (photos only)
-Lab-quality photos
-Black dye lasts a long time
-Large pigment ink tank

-“My Image Garden” not included
-Faxing must be done with telephone cable, and wireless faxing isn’t possible.
-Genuine ink is took expensive and only lasts for about a month.
-Ink cost isn’t the most expensive, but it isn’t very affordable
-Slow processing time at certain times

Feel free to ask any questions or send me a message for help!!! (I respond within 10 minutes to 2 weeks)


raakib zaman says:

How do you connect your phone?

lazang1212 says:

Good review man!

Tang says:

ur a genius I love u

Bryan Bennett says:

Give it a year and you may not be so happy.  That’s about how long I’ve had mine.  I loved this printer until I got a U052 code.  With what I payed for the printer and for cartriges and now faced with buying a new print head, it’s a very expensive printer!  Good luck with yours.

Zachary Galen says:


Samthebam4044 says:

roblem with those ink cartriges is they use that LED and chip system to force you to buy new ones every time, you can’t refill those ID carts because the computer will always complain if it sees the empty value in, fly buggers.

John Meechan says:

great video…. better than the manual..

Pri Mathur says:

Thank you. Good job.

chris aragon says:

you know more then most adults

Zachary Galen says:

+Robb Dean No. I have had experience with refilled cartridges-THEY SUCK! Canon’s cartridges last about 1-2 months on 1/4 or above depending on how much you print, and they last another month on empty. Refill cartridges last for under 3 weeks on full-empty. I have never purchased a refill kit, but I am curious to find out how they are. Let me know if you need anything else! 😉

Jeannie111523 says:

I was very impressed with your demonstration of the Canon. I just got a hand me down MX870 & I had no idea where the ink cartridges went or how to use the printer. I found your information very informative and very much appreciated your video. Thank you!

frnkjones40 says:

Tutorials are pretty much useless unless people can SEE what YOU are doing not just the printer. 

testilas says:

gotta love the duplex ADF!

anotheruzrname24get says:

I hope Cannon watches this video and learns how to change its own ink cartridges because according to the user manual they do not. zmgalen2000 when you and your friends take over the world just be kind. 🙂

Zachary Galen says:

Got it! I just didn’t want to spend time on that.

J Van says:

***WARNING*** DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER! Save your money and find a different brand. 16 different Canon models use the same type of head that ends up failing. I do not work, for or have any affiliation with any company. I currently own this model and have spent way too many hours trying to find a fix, without resolve! Do your own research in the CANON COMMUNITY FORUMS and read for yourself. Common ERROOR CODES B200 and U051 or U052 which relate to printer head errors.

s says:

I couldn’t have used this printer more than about a dozen times in the year and a half I’ve owned it. The other day in the middle of a two page job it just shut off and will not power back on. It’s not the outlet the printer just crapped out. Seems to be a common issue with this POS

delia tan says:

Hey there! my feeder cant load the a4 paper, i dont know whats wrong ): 

Tom Durham says:

Bought this for scanning, can not recommend: ADF only supports A4 for Duplex. Smaller sizes pop up an error even if you select A4.

Zachary Galen says:

The fax is one thing I had trouble with. First, you plug in a fax cable to the back of the printer and a working wall jack. Then, perform easy setup and apply your settings. If the status is “Ready” then you are good to go!

Hannes Z. Edel says:

needed to find where to put new paper for this model, found the information at 2:06. thx

Thịnh Tất says:

i still cannot fax yet. Can you show me how to make this machine fax-able??

TropicalChannel573 says:

I Have This Very Printer And For Some Reason When I Try To Print A PDF File The TWO-SIDE Print OPTION Is FADED OFF…I Cannot Flip It On For The LIfe Of Me And It iS Over 167 Pages…Not Sure What The Problem Is. 


what is error U052 for this printer.  it says install correct print head.  is that the print cartridge


DUUUUUUUUDE!!  You just saved me a bunch of time helping me with your video.  I couldn’t tell why my paper feeder wasn’t working and then I saw your video showing the paper tray at the bottom.  Now I can print.  Thank you for doing this video!!!

delia gdraheim says:

my printer was working fine then suddenly it stopped and said unplug printer and contact service center, and would like to know why?

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