Canon MX472 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer Review

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Canon, HP, and Epson have all largely perfected ink jet printers and this one certainly represents the Canon brand well. It’s inexpensive, easy to configure, and delivers adequate quality for those looking for a low-cost office printer with minimal print needs. It does text and graphics well but it’s really not designed for photos and high volume output.

The scanner has both a flatbed and auto documnent feeder but it is rather slow compared to more expensive devices. It supposedly offers duplex scanning but that option wasn’t available on the Mac driver when I attempted to scan a document. Copying a document is very easy and there are separate buttons for monochrome and color copies. It also worked seamlessly with Apple’s AirPrint protocol for zero configuration printing from an iPad and iPhone.

The unit is rather bulky and gets bulkier when paper is loaded as it requires having a tray extended out from the printer at all times. That tray can fold up when not in use but it won’t print in that state either. Ink cost should also be a consideration as one set of replacement ink cartridges is about half the cost of the printer. The color inks are all in a single cartridge so if one of the three dries up the entire cartridge will need to be replaced even if the other inks have some life to them.

As with other printers in this segment of the market they are subsidized by the consumable cost, so if you plan to do more high volume work a laser printer might be a better option. I found the cost of ink replacement for this printer to be about the same as its competitors in this segment of the market.

For occasional printing and other light scanning and copying tasks this is a decent printer. But higher volume users may want to look at other options.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.


Bessie Watkins says:

I just bought this printer & would like to know does it print on both sides of paper.

lolawinie says:

I feel like an idiot but I can’t find the USB port! Where is it?!?!

boredom120 says:

dumb question from a new printer owner: do you know what kind of paper it uses? I cant find that info anywhere? Thank You!

Crystal Telfair says:

Do you have to have both black ink and color b/c I don’t need color but I’m getting the error code to add color and it won’t move

Abid Amjad says:

can someone please tell me if i can scan documents via WIFI, i mean without having to attach my computer with the printer via a wire.

Sid Olomi says:

hey i couldn’t figure out if it is possible to print on both sides ? like one page on each side automatically

Sheila Ando says:

The automatic document feed on top doesn’t work but used to. Any help?

infused fits says:

help I cant scan

28michfred05 says:

Canon is a shit printer wish I never wasted my money and purchased one. Can’t print anything wirelessly because printer says it’s offline. I tried everything and it won’t work. Imagine I have a wifi printer what can’t print wirelessly this is what I call false advertising.

Raymond Chen says:

I feel like a idiot because I don’t know what I’m printing XD

Katie on the GO says:

How do u install it onto a external hard drive because my computers space is low

Freddy Startt says:

how to close output paper tray once job done ? it opened automatically but it don’t close automatically.

Rainbow miku says:

Thank you

tams mac says:

How’d you so easily hook it up to your iPad???

BIGPUN42 says:

Tha printer is a god damn piece of shit!

icyburger says:

came here just to figure out where to insert the paper for regular printing lol but thanks

Tiajuana Griffin says:

I dont know how to hook my printer up to my desktop..can someone please help

Peter-john prinsloo says:

This printer is the biggest pile of junk ever!!!! Ink is way too expensive and other functions (like scanning) will not work without ink. Why do you need ink to scan. Stupid! I hate this thing!

Maison Mc says:

How to activate canon my 472

vrty21 says:

40 -50 per catridge. 101 how to rip of ur money.

Morsland Museum says:

We have 5 Canon printers and many computers . How can we change the name of printers for every one can choose the suitable printer for him ( all comuters have same name canon mx 475)

Bessie Watkins says:

I have been having a problem trying to FAX with this printer DOES this FEATURE REALLY WORK ! Also does it copy on both sides of the paper? if it does HOW does it work. I wish some of these companies that sell stuff just make a CD or DVD instruction & let people under stand it this way. Less paper they are sending with the products, this can save more trees for the ENVIRONMENT & people can look at it on the DVD or CD they get with their purchase. I have had this printer for a while & still don’t know how to use it. I am a disabled Senior but I still do know how to Understand some things & this printer I Just DON”T it is sitting on my stand collecting dust ! I need it for Fax,Copy,Printing & to Scan.

Mildred Johnson says:

can anyone please tell me how to remove ink cartridges from Canon Pixma MX 472 printer ?

patia55 says:

what printer do you recommend in this price range?

Morgan says:

Just bought this printer but won’t print.

GamingSlimeYT says:

i bought this for 50$ on amazon..

Sheila Desjardins says:

how do I scan a document and email it through my laptop? it keeps reading that it’s not connected. I did connect to my Wi-Fi and connected my usb cable to my lap top from the printer and it still reads that’s its not connected ;-(

Phillip Courtney says:

the cannon mx472 can scan with wifi

Taylor Macleod says:

set up the mx472 and it is asking me for passphrase  – i am at a loss for this… tried all codes i know.  i have my laptop hardwired to internet .. any help would be appreciated  thanks

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