Samsung Xpress M2070W Wireless Laser Printer – Review and Demo – Budget Printing Perfection

My review of the Samsung Xpress M2070W laser printer! This is a great wireless laser printer from Samsung – watch my video to find out more!

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masa al fares says:

What’s the price of it

Dana Bader says:

I bought mine yesterday and today I tried printing some papers for school but the papers keeps jamming, I wonder why btw I did adjust it to the paper’s size.. pls Help

Ayesha Arshad says:

Hi I have this printer, I’ve been trying to print documents on double sided pages, I do click the button on my laptop however when it prints out it isn’t double sided. Any advice?

amnlobo says:

Nice review mate. Thanks.

Henrique Baqueiro says:

does it print front and back of the page automatically? I couldnt find this information anywhere.

Marcelo Aguiar says:

Can I set administration password for all configuration menu? does it count printed pages?

GRiZLOC says:

This printer is an entry level printer. I bought it for 139€ its a pretty good printer. It prints very fast and as a reminder this printer is a black and white printer meaning that it can NOT print in color. I highly recommend this printer. If you looking for something that can print – scan – copy documents and you dont need to print in color this printer is excellent. Also this is a great review. Thanks for sharing.

paul lynch says:

This is a horrible printer. Absolutely nothing but problems with it after a month of use. Spend your money elsewhere people.

Victor Affonso says:

How can I configure its wifi?

Rochester Isibor says:

Quite a thorough presentation.Very useful and straight to the point.There was no way we would have managed to open the ink cartridge compartment had it not for your video presentation

Patrik Žec says:

Hello, you can buy toner for cheap on ebay MLT-D111S toner, or MLT-D111S patronen 🙂 My HP Photosmart b110 stopped grabbing paper so I found b209 where going same toners which I hav 8 pieces left and I want to use in this where it is compatible 🙂

MajorMaccas says:

Great review, very comprehensive, helped me decide to buy this printer! Thanks!

Mariielah Cruz says:

how you turn off?

Kababalax says:

Very good review, gave all the information I needed and more, very clearly and your video stands out in the thick swamp of stupid “unboxing” videos on Youtube, well done! Cheers.

murthaza anverally says:

Excellent presentation no wasting time and to the point and information that concerns the product, keep it up.

veYda_ says:

when you start a tech review for the typical office audience with a “what is up guys!!!!” 😀


your links are not correct

ChasiubaoBelly says:

I just got this printer and I want to know how to scan an ID card then it prints out onto the paper? No need PC… Help?

Dalisson Figueiredo says:

Whats the difference between the w and the fw version? The fw seems a lot more expensive but I can find why.

Tom Staels says:

what about the scanner part of the device?

Holistic Health & Living says:

Thank you for the thorough review. I am considering a purchase, but I would like to know about the imaging drum. On the Samsung website there is no mention of it. Is it part of the toner cartridge or just never needs to be replaced?

Smit Patel says:

Does it come with a toner?

Laura Cooper says:

Hi I just got one of these and I’ve spent Hours online looking for an ink cartridge, mine came with a black toner but I want a colour one to print pictures, is there anywhere I can buy one from ???

PeteyPablo says:

does it do color

Brad Snyder says:

Seems like a pretty cool laser printer! Plenty of details. Great review!

Jamie zhuang says:

how is the scanner work?

youngcombat says:

Hey! I currently have a Brother HL1212W printer. However, I don’t like it because the black text, when printout, is not quite dense/strongh, looking, actually, faint. Will I have this problem in this printer?

vanessa m says:

does this one only print in black and white? and how do I replace or refill the toner if needed?

Eric Yeung says:

can you print double side?

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