Inkjet vs Laser Printers – As Fast As Possible

Shopping for a printer can be challenging if you don’t understand the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies. I hope this helps!



Nikhil Math says:


Roodypoo says:

Remember not to buy HP as they are involved in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Nem says:

Inkjet printers sucks, this bitch always runs out of ink in the wrong time, and costs a lot of money on long term as its ink last very shortly (cheap printer but expensive ink that doesn’t last long).

Never buy it!!

Arran Bear says:

when i have to study for my ICT GCSE’s
I got to this guy XD

Alexandre Rigaut says:

This is just what I needed. Thank you!

Gene Dela Rosa says:

Remember when his videos didn’t have ads?

Aperson_named says:

take in mid that you need a different type of paper

Rednecks Gone Wild says:

Well said !  

Gamemusicalien l says:

How much would expect to spend for a good laser printer and what are good brands to buy?

MinecraftEpicPlayer says:

woah, the old fast as possibles where… not as well done.

JourneytoYES says:


Jarod Roach says:

you can unclog an inkjet cartridge with a hot damp paper towel, just press it on and release the dried ink, reviving the cartridge

we print like once a year on this certain inkjet printer and every year we just do that, and it works again.

Boz 2011 says:

I don’t know how are prices of toners and ink cartriges doing in USA but ink cartriges are cheaper per printed pages in my country.

Andromeda Collections Media says:

i had to get new lazer printer cuz toner cost double the prize of whole printer for my model or any in the store in here (thanks a lot for that SAMSUNG)…!!!

miiiikku says:

Absolutely get laser. Inkjet should not even exist for consumer markets.

phalceprofit says:

Damn you white thread!!  Sorry, great video.  Even though that thread on your shoulder bugged the crap out of me the whole time. 😉

PianoKeyz says:

The only downside to laser printers is that they are 40 lbs and very bulky.

Viraj Pereira says:

i have hp inkjet printer but i use it rarely and the cartridge has dried up . now i m thinking to have an laser  printer please suggest me does the ink in this printer dries up ? please suggest me the laser printer between 50 to 200 $ 

Anona Mouse says:

It’s easy to keep nozzles from becoming clogged on a seldom used inkjet printer.

Just find a good printer test page that will work all the nozzles, and print a 1/4 page scale of it once per week.  I’ve been doing this for 6 months and am still on the original half-filled ink tanks.

Avinash Bhardwaj says:

What if i print 1 or 2 page alternate days or once in a weak then, is the leaser printer right choice for me???

Logan Kramer says:

Fuck ink and laser printers, I want a 3D printer!

LoveForLife says:

Good job! It was short and to the point.

Rex Panter says:

thanks for this video, very helpful

Missing No says:

My inkjet wont print out my text document because Im out of yellow…


Buying new ink is more expensive than a new printer with ink incluted

William Dean says:

I’m thinking this old video needs to be updated.

Yousef Hussein says:

Strange seeing Linus before puberty.

MrC0MPUT3R says:

I just use public printers at the library. Much easier since I don’t often print things anyway.

Rasmus Nielsen says:

what happende to LED, Matrix and sublimation printeres, ohh wait no one uses does anymore or ……..

Matt Adams says:

My art department got sick of replacing their pro-model continuous ink printers (printers that feed from external tanks of ink) so they tried a high-end color laser printer. They won’t buy another inkjet printer again (with the exception of large-format pro inkjets) because the laser printer does an amazing job for photography and prints clear text. They use them interchangeably for paperwork and photo printing. They’re also generally faster at everything, so they can have entire classes finish printing in the time it took for 1/3 to 1/2 the class with the previous printers depending on quality settings.

Srujan Penikelapati says:


Techtron23 says:

There’s a newer printing technology out there called LED printer. I never heard of it either, but we picked up a Brother HL-3150CDN a while ago and it said LED printing.
When I went online for advantages and disadvantages, LED is much cheaper(no complicated perfectly aligned optics), more reliable(less moving parts), smaller(light engine is compact) and faster(turning different lights on/off is faster than moving a beam around)
One disadvantage though is that they don’t have better quality printing than laser printers. However, the latest LED printers offer similar image quality to laser printers.

Before laser and inkjet printers existed, there was an old printing technology out there called dot matrix printing. I think it uses pins against a ribbon (wet with ink I guess) to print on paper. It is very noisy, but they last very long and ink doesn’t cost much.

Cesar Romero says:

great video!!

Bran'sTech says:

Photography As Fast As Possible?

Arvind Bakshi says:

Second hand canon lpb 2900b-3500 INR
New canon lpb 6030w-5300 INR
New canon lpb 2900b-6000 INR
Which one should I buy?

Gameactive says:

Unless you really need the versatile paper selection and supposed better image quality of an inkjet, save yourself the hassle and buy a laserjet. It’ll save you money over time and won’t break down if you leave it alone.

Dbzlotrfan M says:

Perhaps you could also start a channel of an in depth description of what you cover in videos, for those that would want it.

Crozix says:

I got a hp laserjet 1010 for free when in the last work i had.
The only thing i don’t like about it, is that I only can connect via USB and not over LAN.

Vlad Piero says:

which type would you recommend for T-shirt transfers?
Thank you!

justincabell says:

So inkjet for stickers/shipping labels?

Dave Wave says:

Printers are born to die, drink up your expensive ink like an alcoholic that just escaped from the Betty Ford rehab, and are harder to dispose of than a human corpse!

Manishv90 says:

Trying to decide between the 2, but the story has changed in 2015 from when this video was made. Please update this video for 2015, HP have some inkjets that have more ink capacity than laser, and are printing faster than lasers. Much appreciated Thanks

NovemberBegin says:

oh my god I spat out my drink when he came up from below the frame and was smiling like a doofus haha

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