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Learn more about the LaserJet Pro M477FDW from HP here:

The LaserJet Pro M477FDW from HP delivers high quality colour prints at speeds of 27ppm. Perfect for small to medium sized offices, needing high quality colour output.

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RJ Olivarez says:

Is it capable of printing inventory…?like counting how many pages being print by specific user? thanks

Elsa Obuchowski says:

Thank you for showing how to open the toner compartment! That was what I needed to find out!

King Mitchell says:

How do you get automatic duplexing to work? I have the MFP 477FDW version and it only let’s me manual print. I have to take the one sided prints and reinsert them into the second tray. The options on the printer don’t even have an option to make sure it prints both sides automatically.

Even the options on my PC only say manual printing :/ please help.

Michelle Cowan says:

Hi thank you for your informative video. I have the mfp477 fdw and am from Australia. I have changed the settings in the properties for printing duplex which works fine but I can’t work out how to automatic scan duplex, I have googled and looked in the manual but have found no solutions. Hopefully you don’t mind letting me know how to do automatic duplex scanning. Thanks for your help

Komehsa Essentials says:

I have a new MFP M477 HP laser jet. It only prints mirror image of my documents. How do I make it print properly?

Dmitry says:

How long can it be turned on in sleep mode before I must turn it on manually to print?

1337z0r4 says:

Good widio

Ng Michelle says:

Hi, I would like to know if this printer can print envelops and cheques. Thank you.

Mundle's Income Tax & Accounting Services Corp says:

Does this printer scan document as PDF or picture?

Anthony says:

Hello. Does this printer has a white toner? If not, Can you recommend and laser jet for me that has one ?

Jens Jakobsen says:

HI, I have the same (unanswered) question as below (plo Kery). Having to change the black cartridge for the first time the tray – standing on an uneven surface, rushed out and seems to be locked. I am unable to return the cartridge dramwer to the machine

Андрій Кравчук says:

Hi! I have M377fdw…how to make double sided copying? Should besupporting this function..

Zakaria Almosbahi says:

there is problem in my laser jet printer says unauthorized supplies which the colors cartages have been tested in another machine they are good , so if you have any idea how can I solve this problem I will be thankful

Priyank Rao says:

Hi there, I had bought Hp Laserjet Pro 200 M277 dw. The printing was fine but the scanning was a problem.The scanned images were tilted a bit. It was noticeable when I scanned a employment contract after printing and signing it.I tried to align using the paper guides in the document feeder but nothing changed. The support team tried to help by supplying a new printer and later upgrading the firmware and even reinstalling the driver software but no luck. In the end they picked up the printers and refunded the money.
I wish to buy the Pro 400 M477fdw which has duplex scanning feature which will be nice but I am now hesitant given the fact that the printer is similar to M277dw. I was wondering if you have tested the scanning part and noticed any tilt in the output. I don’t mind the tilt for things which are not important but when one has to scan important documents, it won’t look nice.
Any help will be much appreciated.When I posted this on the HP forum 2 users somewhere in the world had the same problem so I was definitely not alone.
I am from New Zealand.

DeWayne Wright says:

Is this compatible with Mac products?

Maria Collazo says:

I would like to know if you can default your print jobs to black and white; and if so how do i set this up. thanks

Uchechi Nosiri says:

Can this printer handle A3 paper?

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