HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw Review – $149 Laser Multifunction Printer/Copier/Fax

Buy it on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2GelVB2 (affiliate link) – HP’s black and white laser MFP is a functional small / home office device for the price. See more printers: http://lon.tv/printers and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

See the Chromebook printing demo:

00:43 – Size
01:23 – Feeders and Capacity
01:41 – Laser vs InkJet Printers
02:38 – Toner Cartidge
03:10 – Cartridge Prices
03:28 – Cost per page
04:18 – Setup
05:22 – Adding the Printer to your device
05:52 – Print speed
06:38 – Auto-Duplexing
07:18 – Scanning
08:34 – Color Scanning
08:44 – Faxing & Copying
09:13 – Mobile Device Configuration
09:43 – Google Cloud Print
10:01 – WiFi Firect Printing
10:08 – HP Mobile App
11:02 – Final Thoughts

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YuongHuao NgLiang 吴永豪 says:

Yeah!!! Now you can test out the Google voice fax via the Rj 11 with the Google voice obihai.

Warwagon says:

Now time to find the knock-offs for $20 for a two pack 😀

George Senda says:

Lon, I stopped doing black and white on my Apple ][ computers 35 years ago.
No black and white printers for me.

Ciro Morra says:

Please, please, please *STOP* saying Black & White printer…

… you can start saying that again when you show me how you print the word black in the color white on a red sheet of paper.


torq21 says:

I’m done with getting ripped off by inkjets and need something for a small business so this is interesting to me. If I can get a bit more space I will be considering this.

CantankerousDave says:

You didn’t test if it can print from apps like Facebook and Pinterest. Based on your review, I bought that small HP Tango printer for my mother to print out recipes from those apps from her iPad, only to find out that it doesn’t work with either one. It spits out blank pages. It’s a known issue, and the “official” fix is to go through multiple steps to paste the source URL into Safari and print from there. That’s well beyond my 78 year old mom’s tech level.

I like your reviews, but you skip over important compatibility checks. Is this one also incompatible with those apps?

Kim Jensen says:

Please dont call the Drum a printhead as it is nothing like the printhead of an inkjet printer.. Its the the laser, drum and transfer roller that all combined do what a printhead will do on a inkjet printer.

jothain says:

I’d never buy HP Laser printer and I won’t recommend anyone to get them. We had I think Pro M448fdw model at work. It worked for about month ok and then after few pages it’s doing “cleaning” function. Not only that printing would pause for a moment, but it _always_ ruined previous printed page on queue. Firmware was update, one qualified service personnel also spend four hours trying to fix it. I spend about 8 hours of trying to fix that piece of shit. We’ve had similar cases in other models at our company too with HP printers, so it’s not only that specific model. We’ve ditched them and replaced with Brother printers that have been vastly better quality on software and hardware side. Oh and a side note HP’s official support says it’s normal and they just do that. HP Printer division can go fuck themselves.

Iulian Faidac says:

let aside the printer, I rarely see such a nice, concise and same time exhaustive presentation

Vin Vega says:

It’s awesome to see laser printers as cheap (inexpensive) as they are these days.

Shane Haddow says:

I know that many of these printers, not just HP have the wifi in them but most will only setup over wps if you use the touch pad, otherwise you set it up over its wifi to access your wifi with user name and password, just use a phone and connect to its wifi and it normally gives you a web interface to set it up.

Some also do the same over ethernet & usb, how I know this is my HP was setup over its wifi to connect to my wifi with password as I don’t use wps as my wifi is roof mounted with 2 access points in the house.

J Fz says:

i don’t know why all hp printers are more noisy than samsung or lexmark printers, it has always been like that, now that samsung printers are part of hp, they should use the samsung approach to improve noise

he only thing i don’t like of it is the numeric pad and the screen, but for that price, is just fine

thank you lon, looks like a great purchase

US says:

Thats a pretty good price for a Laser Printer with an ADF.
You also forgot to mention that Toner/Laser has another advantage, it doesn’t streak/smear in the same way that inkjets do, and the text is sharper.
ADF aint duplex but that expected at this price point. Might be good for a dorm.

Commodorefan64 says:

I use to be a fan of HP, but after having a few different ones go poof on me, and the prices of the ink going up, and having trouble with generics, I switched to a brother laser printer for my main printer, and have not looked back, and it only cost me $89, and generic toner cost me on average $9 – $11. I should also note Brother has good Linux support.
Edit: Yes HP has Linux support, but depending on your distro, and printer they can be a bit of a pain in the ass to get setup.

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