HP LaserJet Pro M12w Sub $100 Laser Printer Review

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/gcn2q (affiliate link) – HP’s sub $100 M12w is a good alternative to inkjet for those who print infrequently and don’t mind a black and white image. See more printers: http://lon.tv/printers and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:42 – Hardware overview
01:04 – Toner cartridge and number of pages per cart
01:28 – Wireless networking
01:45 – Compatibility issues with iPhone / iPad and Chromebooks
01:59 – Android phone and tablet compatbility
02:16 – Power and USB connectors
02:20 – Printer setup
02:59 – Printing test
03:17 – Print speed
03:46 – Coverage and toner cartridge life
04:07 – Laser vs. Inkjet recommendation
04:23 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This printer is a great alternative to inkjet especially for people who are infrequent printers and don’t need color printing. Laser printers can sit idle for longer periods of time without having to go through a cleaning process that eats up expensive cartridges. Although the toner on this one costs about $53 to replace the printer itself is more efficient with consumables and is likely cheaper to operate on a per page basis.

Printing is fast and sharp as one would expect from an HP printer. It will connect to a wireless network to allow other computers in a home or office to also print to it.

My only gripe with this printer is that it’s not as easy to set up for Mac users as other current HP printers and lacks compatibility with iOS and Chromebooks. The Windows installation experience was a little easier than it was on the Mac.

Unlike many current printers iPhones and iPads will not see this as an available printer on the network. Additionally Chromebook users will not be able to print to it even if the HP Chrome extension is installed. An available plugin for Android phones and tablets does provide some compatibility for supported apps.

But if your plan is to primarily print from computers I think this is a good and affordable choice especially for infrequent printers who do not want to deal with an inkjet printer.

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Furrane says:

A year ago I bought a brother laser all in one (DCP 7055) for under 80E (about 80$). It prints fast and sharp (like every laser printers) in black and white, AND it has a scanner ! You don’t get the wifi connectivity, but really, who realistically uses that ?
So for 10$ dollar less, you get to buy from a brand that doesn’t suck and is recognized in the world of printers for reliability, you get to have a scanner, but you don’t have wifi.
So unless you do all your work stuff on a smartphone, the HP printer is not worth it.

Glenn Ford says:

will this be a lot clearer for ultra small fonts compared to inkjet?

Theresa Turner says:

i also like B/W laser jet, but would really benefit froim AirPrint. Direct iPad and iPhones printer access is very useful to have.

Technosword says:

WOW! That is a great cheap printer

bobsagget823 says:

Fuck HP printers.

Commodorefan64 says:

No ChromeOS support is a big deal breaker for me as about 1/2 the computers in my home are now ChromeOS based(Chromebooks, and Asus ChromeBits).

Stephen Wiggins says:

I have one of the first generation versions of this printer. Probably around 5-7 years old now and still works well. Same design.

William Darney says:

Wait, what about the Brother 2340DW? it also supports AirPrint… and you can change the Drum. Also yes screw HP

fireballtp says:

I use my color brother printer at home. But my backup/road printer is a samsung m2020. I am curious, what is the smallest laser printer on the market?

Soren Solveig says:

Great review Lon. Your reviews are the best. I purchased a small Brother laser printer 15 years ago and still use it daily today. Never had a problem. Brother has a line of printers that are in the same price bracket as this HP but offer additional features, and their low-end printer toner cartridge is rated for 2600 pages and costs about $45, 2.6x more pages than the HP at the same price. Their more expensive ($200) laser printer uses a toner cartridge rated for 8000 pages that sells for about $90, much better for larger print volumes.

Jordan McAnulty says:

Lon, that ALL Controller…when would you guesstimate the release date?

Orca Flotta says:

Linux compatibility?

Fred Zlotnick says:

I am using a Samsung 2020W B&W printer, that I paid about $60 for. I don’t miss color printing. When I want color printing, I send the photo over to Walgreen’s about 2 miles away and get beautiful prints for $.29 each for a 4 X 6. No issues with this printer, and the cartridges cost about $45 and last me about a year with light printing duties.

DevilsRejection says:

I have the 10 year old version of this printer (HP LaserJet 1022). It’s hilarious how similar it looks. Anyway, I love it. For students, it’s perfect. The setup is bulletproof. I just connect it to my Mac and the Mac goes ahead and gets all the drivers from the internet. I think I’ve changed the toner on that sucker just three times in nearly 10 years, which is amazing. Never buying an inkjet printer again.

runman1271 says:

For 91 dollars, the printer prints pretty fast, and to include wireless, it is a pretty good deal.
Some things are missing, but what else should a person expect for less than 100 dollars. It is a good buy.

RickMakes says:

I’m using an HP 2100TN. My toner is probably 15+ years old because I don’t print very often. I have no idea how much life is left in it. If I had an ink jet, I would have spent many hundreds of dollars on ink just to sit there and waste away. I am considering getting a color laser (HP M477fdw) but I don’t know that it will give me the same reliable service as my old printer. They don’t seem to make them like they used to.

Sir Nigel Cogs Gaming says:

I imagine the printer probably works fine on Linux with HP’s Linux drivers also.

Susmoy Basak says:

review some brother printers.


FIRST! You still got to do hp eprint?

Tim Liggins says:

I find it can be very very slow when printing some files, up to twelve minutes is the current max! Good thing is VERY cheap replacement toners for this printer can be found on eBay!

Juan Salazar says:

It’s pretty good for the money but the lack of flexibility for online printing is a bummer

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