HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 Review

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HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 Review | JayzTwoCents



sherwin says:

Can you still print in black and white even though one of your color toners are out? I really hate when that happens

Quettesh says:

It isn’t FireWire port, but USB-B.

Jon D says:

How quiet is it when it’s printing? Is it loud like there’s an elf inside jumping around with a hammer, like most home printers or is it fairly quiet? Also does it shake during printing?

Paindoctor says:

I am really sorry…BUT: You have diarrhea of the mouth!!! You must need someone to talk to at home, so you are using Youtube as your conservational psychiatrist. You have wasted all of our time. Please don’t do this any more. Go and find yourself a safe job, maybe working in a Burger King, or McDonalds. It’s an honest living and is better suited for your qualifications.

tom duncan says:

Scan to Network Folder is set up successfully on my computer. When I go to the scanner and select Scan to Network Folder I get the following message. “Cannot write to (network path I entered), folder is read only, has wrong permission, or is no longer available. Test of network path is successful but scanner won’t save to network folder. What is wrong here?

1davidro says:

is laser jet the same as laser printer? what is the best color laser printer that has the lowest cost ink replacement? thanks

Michael Phillips says:

“Cyan = Sigh Anne” lol

Pamela Deane Romines says:

I accidentally installed the wrong toner (erroneously picked out by the store salesman), now the toner cartridge is stuck, and can’t pull the cartridge rack out at all to remove the toner. How can I disassemble or get the rack to pull it open?

Robert Greenhouse says:

This far into the video? 2 seconds?

ilovemangocheeks says:

Hi Jay! I have this printer but having trouble printing borderless 8.5″ x 11″. Help!

Abhishek Naskar says:

Hey J, i have a small business and i need to buy a printer which can print up to 5000-6000 pages B/W. And it has to a low cost refilling, network print. Can you plz tell me which will be the best..??

ali fadavi says:

hello. thank u for ur video. i wanna know whats diffrent between fnw and fdw and fdn. please help me.

Juan Luis Chavarria Montaño says:

Does anyone knows if this printer also has adf duplex scanning?

Mr. Thomas says:

12:33 with my printer m277dw, I cannot scan duplex. No function to activate double side scan. ???

Eve The Medium says:

great in depth review. thank you

Lynette Domingo says:

I’m a consumer looking for a business quality printer for home office. Thank you for your video. It was informative.

Roger Ly says:

Does the top scanning bay allow for double side scan to print double sided?

marco villalba says:

hii..i have a M227 HP and a 59.co error appears and it’s new and I do not know what it can be, can you help me? thank you

rehan bashir says:

I have a question for  you  this printer do borderless printing or not

RockstarBruski says:

Hi great review! I recently purchased this printer a few months ago and really like it. While not as good as your review I made a review about my experiences at https://youtu.be/HfvArpxOKMY I was looking for an all in one color laser that did both duplex scanning and printing and this device does the trick. Questions I have for you now:
1. Do you use it to scan directly to your computer? Example pop in a paper and touch the LCD screen on the printer and pick scan to computer.

I ask because on the HP lcd screen I can see only some of my computers on my home network listed as available to scan. I contacted HP support about it and they said that the scan to computer wasn’t supposed to be available and they plan to remove it from the next firmware update. That was only one tier 1 support reps response so not sure how true that is or not? If it’s true I’ll never update my firmware as I’d like to retain that feature! 🙂 Mostly I use the scan to network as I have a NAS drive set up and it’s super easy and fast to scan that way.

2. It looks like you have had the device for about a year now. Do you have any updates about how it’s been working, how long the ink carts have lasted and / or how often it jams or doesn’t jam on document feeds or prints? I plan to do an update to my review video after a few months more go by and I get to use it more.

Thanks in advance for a reply and cheers on your channel and reviews as they are very helpful! 🙂 I sub’d to your channel!

Yama Fanboy says:

a fire wire port! A FIRE WIRE PORT! Did this dumb muthaFr say A FIRE WIRE PORT? Sir plz stop reviewing printers as that’s literally the ONLY port you should NEVER be unclear about if you’ve EVER used any printer whatsoever. A firewire port pfft smh. dumbass lol.

Paindoctor says:

will it work with Evernote?

Peter & Christine popp says:

Hey Jayz how do you get fuser out? you can find me at popppower@gmail.com

Terry Loder says:

Really nice production for a one man band. It sounded quite current. Nice lighting btw. Just a little pronunciation fart on Cyan. Very good audio and helpful point-to-point transitions. I got a little messed up on the wireless/networking area but I’ll get over it. I’m a tech-wreck so I was also looking for the software set up part of it too. Or maybe a reference to it. Because I thought I followed it but the printer doesn’t work yet. I’ll get there. Thanks.

Griz Woldstad says:

you ran over things pretty fast are you still reading posts from this video? I have questions and having no success with HP answering them

gtroboi says:

Sponsored=useless review

BallsnBullets says:

Does it do scanning of multiple documents in bulk or do you have to use the flatbed for one document scan at a time?

Janet Malasig says:

This printer is giving me a lot of trouble, it constantly display “fw is corrupt” I tried to download the fw from HP but it won’t go through unless the printer is in a ready state. This is now a chicken or egg. I am very frustrated as this is only on its six months and already so much trouble.

Daniel Kautu says:

do how to clean the rollers please

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