HP Color LaserJet Pro M477 Printer Review

Made in partnership with HP. Check out the HP LaserJet M477 here: http://bit.ly/HPLaserJet123

With unmatched, print, scan, copy, and fax performance plus robust, comprehensive security for how you work, HP is reinventing the world of business printing. No matter where your workplace is located, in the living room of your apartment or a 200 person corporate office, incremental improvements to technology not only advance your efficiency, but add value by creating a better office experience, and with it, a happier work place.

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Ricky Nelson says:

Don’t do more of these.

Goodie Video says:

you did not mention any any about ink usage…

Alexander Espinal says:

Does anyone remember the days when Sydney from PhoneDog used to do those hour-long ustream chats? I miss those days.

Zach Huck says:

This has nothing to do with phones nor dogs.

Muhammad Mansour says:

what happened to the Nexus 6P challenge? you told me it’s coming after the s7 review?!

jewels4ajewel says:

This is one of the most returned printers where I work at Best Buy. I also love how you didn’t mention the Aprox. Ink Yield or the extremely small paper drawer compared to the Brother MFC-9130CW which beats it in price and the other before mentioned categories. I also love how you went on a rant about wireless capabilities when every printer on the floor at Best Buy (even the $40 USD ones) has those exact capabilities.

The Homeless Simpsons of West Anaheim says:

It’s gone up in price the past year. I just paid $379 for it today 3/4/2017

Alex Dittmer says:

What just happened??

goblin072 says:

Why all these goofy slow pans? Did he get a new camera free too and playing with features? This is a bit too much for me, lame review and a paid off review too.

DooM Gaming says:

at least the comment section shares my confusion

Sab Khabar says:

it is of phone not printer

A and M says:

Umm so…… did they really just review a printer?

Vice Gaming Network says:

Hello, PrinterDog!

alex123453839 says:

Phonedog has gone to shit so fucking bad. Bring back Noah and Aaron. Where is Sydney and all the amazing people they had before. It’s like the owners of Phonedog went to the local high schools and community colleges and got a bunch of teenagers to run the channel.

mrrjimmmyyy says:

what happened to this channel

Will ' says:

Reviewing a printer…..just because hp sent it to you for free

Patrick King says:

Keep doing these “radical” reviews of non-phones and your feeble followers’ unimaginative brains will implode! :-p

junior5516 says:

Quick Question where do you work at?

www.25dollarsupport.com says:

this look very beautiful printer

Michael Carver says:

Wait so is this running the snapdragon 810 or 820?

KeNNyR0x says:


Moor El says:

Does it have duplex print?

Toxic Wolf says:

I don’t know how I should feel about this wtf a printer XD…. Also, my $150 does all this. What are the paying for the brand?

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