Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer Review

Here is my review of the Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer. I was able to purchase this printer on Amazon for about $40 in the winter of 2015 but it looks like it is selling at $80 now on Amazon. I’ve included the link to the printer below for more info if anyone is curious.

It prints up to 27 pages per minute, has double sided printing, a 250 sheet capacity paper tray and uses a USB 2.0 cable to connect to a computer.

Note that the printer does not come with the USB cable. You must purchase that separately or use one that you already have.


Sidde Ch says:

is this printer refilliable ? as i just read a review stating that we need to buy orignal catridge when we have exhausted one ? is this for real ?

LikeYou says:

I have this printer. Its good. No flaws. But the toner that I bought is 1200 pages max. : (

Sherrie Johnson says:

Thank you so much for this video. I’ve had this Brother HL-L2300D printer for a year and it just ran out of the toner it came with! I bought an HP Officejet (for color and photo printing) at the exact same time…from Amazon. I love this printer 🙂 It prints very nicely. Part of the reason I wanted it is that I do papercrafting. In order to use a foiling technique (coating the ink printed with foil for scrapbooking and card making), I need to use toner instead of ink jet printing. It does this extremely well. I’ve read some of the comments below and may be able to answer a few of those questions, if I may. I wouldn’t use any other cartridge for refill other than the Brother brand. As I’ve stated, this is my first time refilling. There are two size cartridges… 630 and 660. I have the 660, which prints 2600 pages. The 630 prints 1200 pages. As far as paper weight…I just printed on a 110 lb weight and it actually pulled it through without distorting the image or stalling. I usually use the typical 22 lb weight for everyday printing. I also appreciate that it isn’t necessary to install software. Just plug in the USB and go. No…it is not wireless like my HP printer. But I don’t mind. This is a very basic printer. It doesn’t scan or copy. For that…you need something more. I got mine in Nov 2016 and only paid $40 also!!! The cartridge is about $42. I ordered it at the same time, and I’m just now putting it into my printer! I certainly can’t complain…we’ve been using this printer for 15 months and just now refilling it! I use it for ANYTHING I don’t need color for. That says a lot. Again…thanks for making this video. I watched a quick 2 1/2 minute YT video to learn how to replace the cartridge. Good luck to everyone. It’s an awesome purchase!

dranyam mac says:

what is the max paper weight sir

CobraFitness says:

Can you also print labels?

Maggie Isme says:

can it copy hard copies?

G.H. D.N. says:

How does this printer perform when printing images? I understand of course this is black and white only.
Looking for a monochrome printer for some art projects. Thanks for your time.

endiya gonzalez says:

anybody know if I can copy papers on this thing and how

Manoj kumar says:

how to dignose printer errors of brother

Manoj kumar says:

how to dignose printer errors of brodhe

MsJardinplume says:

Hello, and thanks for the excellent review. I have a few questions: How do you reset the toner cartridge for THIS printer. Also, how can I get the most copies out of the HL- L- 2300D, specifically? And finally, can ink be reloaded? Thanks, again!

Bogdan Kulbida says:

Hey how easy it is to fill in new toner? and is there any chip that limits how many times you can re-fill/re-use the cartridge?

Manoj kumar says:

how to dignose printer errors of brother

Ross Tray says:

Hi, good review! I have the same keyboard, btw, works great. As to the printer, i’m kinda new to this – does it work with a Ethernet cable? Or you connect a usb cable from the PC to the printer?

Manoj kumar says:

how to dignose printer errors of brother

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