Brother HL-2270DW Dual-Sided Laser Printer Review & Demo

Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer Review & Demo. This is a great laser printer for the price that has duplexing, ie., it can print on both sides! It can also be completely wireless if you have wifi. Pricing & availability – If you read this description, be sure to let me know in a comment! Did you remember to like and share this video? – My Amazon Wishlist: Join The Patreon:


phototristan says:

You can actually do that by pressing the Go button I think 7 times. No need to even go to the web interface. Also, Toner Save mode lightens the prints a lot so for me, it was not worth it although I can set that on the fly in my print setup dialog box in OSX on a print by print basis if I want to.

phototristan says:

I’m not sure. You might try the front loader or maybe you need to use an 8.5×11 card stock with perforated cards.

Vinicius Lamenha says:

Can you teach me how to configure the printer to use the toner till it’s end? I have the same model.

Victoria Golds says:

how do you print cd envelopes

Leo Relva says:

Can you photocopy with this printer?

sunpower101 says:

How long does the fan typically run after a long print job (more that 25 pages)? I have seem mixed review of this product from people that try and use the Wi-Fi net work and many experience lost configuration if the unit is powered off. Tech support says to keep it on but that is not an option for us. We have had great luck with older brother printers but want to duplex now. Considering this or the 5450DN? How has this print held up for you?

Maple_Dude says:

How dark is the printing? Can you show me the “darkest” print setting? I am looking for a laser printer for etching purposes, and need DARK prints.

Maxx Fordham! says:

How can a device take “zero” watts of power if it’s still running power through it in standby (“standby meaning just that; not completely off but not completely on, still running some power through)?

ragnarocking says:

Do you still like the printer? For the price, it can’t be beat and i’m thinking on walking over to Staples to pick one up. Are there any pitfalls that Mac users should be aware of (i’ve never owned a computer peripheral – that wasn’t specifically built for the Mac OS – that didn’t slight Mac users to some degree, in terms of software and functionality)?


eurohim says:

Your computers don’t need wifi to use the printer in wireless mode. You just need a wifi network and any computer on the network, wireless connected or plugged in, can use it.

James Gegner says:

This printer does not print in color. It is a laser printer, not an inkjet. It uses a toner cartridge and drum unit to print. According to the printer specifications, the HL-2270DW can print at up to 27 ppm (pages per minute).


printer would look better with out covering up the brand name.


I love my Brother HL-2270DW printer. It has worked flawlessly for me for several years. I recently had to replace my router and I am stymied as to how to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi with this new router. I do not have the set-up disc for the printer. Can anyone help me?

Tay Julia says:

How do you change the printer settings to “colour”?? 🙁

Mastran77 says:

Thanks so much for this video! i´m looking to replace a shitty HP Photosmart c4780 and i think this will be the replacement

Ryan says:

Its about 1,000-1,500 pages for $40-$50 and 2,500-3,000 pages for $70-$80

Kush Patel says:

So even if you pront one page, it still will suck it back into the macine as if it were a two page doc?

Mr1bonecrusher says:

you can do it through the driver when installed. !!

Yanilza Gonzalez says:

Can you print business cards on this printer?

phototristan says:

For me the fan runs maybe about 7 minutes or so after printing.

Grant Haas says:

What’s your meter say when you stick it in your ear?

badmts says:

if you print alot and need/like color ink jet but i print 10-15 pages a year and my ink was drying up costing time (it sucked having to buy ink in the middle of the night) -the powder lasts a long time.hard to beat 113 bucks on amazon

Francis Marzuq says:

that is less than 1 watt

Paul Ryan says:

If you need to buy special paper, a toner cartrige and something else to print color? Wouldn’t it be easier, and cheaper in the long run to buy an ink jet printer? Or is the savings over a standard printer make it worth while?

Leon Allan Davis says:

My GF says “Auto Duplex” is a two-car garage. I agree…(she’s a redhead)…

Barah M. Tarabein says:

no colour printing?

Chris Samurai says:

Why watermark?

Nancy Macri says:

I forgot to say what a great printer this is!

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