Brother HL-2230 Laser Printer – Unboxing and Review – Budget Printing Perfection

Unboxing, setting-up, and reviewing the Brother HL-2230 laser printer.

Paid about $69.99 for it brand new. Easy to set-up and get running, plus it is capable of printing very fast and cheaply.


tmitchable says:

Hi there I try to looking for one good cheap laser printer too, but how much it’s does cost for the toner ?

Felix Burke says:

Avoid anything wireless. I know that it’s easier and more convenient but we are already drowning in a sea of electromagnetic energy and Folks, it just ain’t good for us. The Earth pulses at the same frequency as the human brain and if this is upset or altered all sorts of problems can arise.

Lorrin Barth says:

I’ve owned 2 Brother laser printers. The last one, a HL-L2320d, didn’t live long enough to empty it’s starter cartridge, 61 days from purchase to failure. The other, a different model, lived a little longer than that but failed in the same way. So, something is wrong with the cheap Brother laser printers. Avoid.

amon says:

wtf is an inch ?

Kala Kata says:

Found these procedures online to reset TONER for this printer

Open the front cover and leave open while completing the following steps.
Turn the printer off.
Hold the ‘go’ button while turning the printer on. All lights should be on.
Release the ‘go’ button (or “start’ button).
Press the ‘go’ button (or “start’ button) 2 times.
Pause. All panel lights should be on.
Press the ‘go’ button (or “start’ button) 5 times.
The toner light should be off. (error may be flashing)
The paper light should be on or flashing.
Close cover. The ready light should be the only light on.

wilber guzman says:

that is really fast for the price!!!

Fenrir says:

There is a door at the front of the printer where the brother logo is. What the hell is it supposed to be for? lol

Steph W says:

You ever lived in a huge hotel in Colorado?

snaprollinpitts says:


didi ND says:

So I would need to buy the usb cable separately?

Andy Shrestha says:

it’s Brother TN450 High Yield Toner Cartridge is 45.74. OMG. almost the cost of a printer.

Elyas Assaf says:

true !

Vendetta Clan says:

Can You Put The Link to The Printer? And Stuff xD

Elyas Assaf says:

its still a good printer man ! comparing to its price…

heyitsablackguy says:

They’re some slicksters! I went to Best Buy and the same printer in this video cost 59.99 dollars. So I’m thinking,” WOW A STEAL! ” The sales guy or clerk told me you’d have to buy a usb cable in order to operate it. But the 360dw version was 99 bucks, ONLINE 120 dollars + shipping. So I did get a good deal out of it, plus it’s WIFI so not a huge loss.

Sidde Ch says:

Hey do we have buy USB cord separately for this printer to connect to The laptop !? Plz reply asap

MegaTheftV says:

theres a slot under the brother logo on the front, what is it used for?

TechWizPC says:

Do you need to replace the drum? Because on the website it says the drum can yield 10000 pages? What’s up with that?

Aditya Bhardwaj says:

dose it print legal size ….

pinkie09999 says:

Just saw this on Amazon and it’s still on sale! I really need a printer at home for school documents and notes.. There are some bad reviews about this printer which make me kinda hesitate to buy it haha are you still using this printer and how is it working now? Is it true that the toner is out really fast??
Thank you!

furmal86 says:

so how did you like it so far? how many times did you replace the toner? is it expensive to replace them i saw on internet they cost more than $50. i am about to buy my first laser printer after using all my life inkjet printers. so it would be a great help if i could find a printer even my parents can use.

bluetech7753 says:

I’m pretty sure it does 24 pages per minute once it’s warmed up and ready to go diffusion roller has to warm up that can take a few seconds especially when it’s a cold start

Luke Bennett Gaming says:

Do you recommend this printer?

Bounty hunter says:

howmuch times we can fill cartrige and what is cartrige number plz mentain it

AdelinaSaves says:

Actually you need to start counting at 4:56 when it starts printing the first page. Then it is one minute.

Glaidzel says:

So I don’t need anything else,I can just use this printer to print?

TechWizPC says:

Do you need to replace the drum? Because on the website it says the drum can yield 10000 pages? What’s up with that?

1zeagle says:

how does it print envelopes – does it chew them up. I’d like to see other details of ownership problems of that sort. perhaps you could add to this review

Stehpen Brothers says:

Just one toner cartridge?  How much is the replacement?

Zintkala says:

this helped me decide whether i should fix my kodak inkjet printer or just go laser. LASER is way better! toner last way longer then the stupid ink cartridges!!

Aaron Moore says:

Where did you find it for 79.99? i payed $130 for mine at Microcenter lol

SurpriseU26 says:

How long that toner cartridge last you or estimate of how many pages can it print ? thanks

Andrew Else says:

this printer is on Amazon at $40 with free shipping and I WANT ITTTTTT

jacob bunch says:

u wont eat it no balls

Shume Begum says:

How much is it

Blake Griffin says:

How do you tell how much toner is left?

magicguitarpedal says:

I have one of this, I regreted not bought another brand, it saves much ink don’t get very dark, sometimes don’t pull the paper, it hots thin paper to much bending it, the tray don’t set the paper very well (it sets to large with to much space at the sides) then when it pull the paper it never goes very straight. also gives a lot error message. Now I have to stuck with this and be unhappy, but that is my problem of being poor. At least if I could have some money to go to factory and set fire there! I could go to the jail happy.

Tasvir Mahmood says:

Wow only 70 dollar ! Nice

Shume Begum says:

where did you buy it

HawK Haze says:

you gotta go brother 5:30

Lawrence Mok says:

smell of ozone in the air lol

KDmami says:

Do you know if this prints double side? Also how long lasted the toner/ink thing?

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