Brother All-In-One Printer Review!

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Baconface McGee says:

Almost no difference from our Epson WorkForce WF-3640, which has AirPrint.

Abhrajeet Chakraborty says:

Awesome one. You really make awesome videos. Keep it up Jack…

dev_ 7 says:

I use to have one but the top housing broke off so I couldn’t use it anymore

Anth.Tech says:

Nice vid! Also, congrats on 40k!!

Carl Lewis says:

We have the older model of this one at work. It has been trouble free for over 5yrs.

Adithya Kingdom says:

Nice printer

Jon W. says:

D: The unibrow on that iPhone… 😛

I really like the way you review things! You demonstrate whatever you are reviewing very well where most reviewers spent more time talking about the device and talking about the functions instead of actually demoing them. The printing and scanning from your iPhone shows how easy it actually is instead of just taking the reviewers and manufactures word for it. Great job!

I have been using a MFC-9330CDW for years.

Saya says:

Hi, what’s the price of Tuner? Also how many papers I can print per tuner?

Deepak Sundar says:

Nice vid, ‘Grats on 40k

Brandon Martin says:

This printer is dope

Cooleo says:

That thing is huge

Akhmad Fadli says:

Jacklyn, do the budget version of best AIO Printer. Also make other budget series like best budget wireless mouse, best budget wireless keyboard, etc.

Baconface McGee says:

I didn’t know she did printers.

BigK250 says:

Was in the market for an all in one like this. Might just go with this one. Great presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Chinmay Dhumal says:

That’s a pretty cool printer, and great video! Liked the presentation.

sharafatul alam says:

Wow.Same printer I bought on yesterday at amazon

Bridget West says:

Iphones no no no nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo they are overpriced crap jac no

smallworld77 says:

Suddenly printers are SO interesting… Am I a perv? Definitely

Shami Arshad says:

yo yo queen of tech!?,&:^”%”

DoggmanKrazy says:

Quickest printer I’ve seen

Mario A says:

yay new video

Nithin tech talk says:

Great 40k subs mile stone was done and mile stone was 100k subs congratulations

Ryan Miller says:

Anybody else come here from Krystal’s Key?

Deepak Sundar says:

Nice vid, ‘Grats on 40k

Carl CIFER says:

Rap Goddess 00:00

NothingButTech88 says:

Thank you guys for all of your love on the past videos lately. Got another video coming I think you guys are going to be hyped for. And some other exciting announcements coming soon hopefully. Thank you guys for all of your support. 40,000 subscribers and 2,000,000 views is hopefully just the beginning. I appreciate all of you:)

Cristian Federico says:

What model is?

EpicMango says:

I’m actually looking for a printer cause I’m thinking about selling on eBay. Good video

anthodote says:

Great video. Thought it was a bit long but ended up being okay. It’s a real cool printer fo sho!

Techion says:

40k subs Whoa jack

Bandhan Jha says:

Excuse me but did you used to be an angel before coming to earth ?

Mr Tech says:

Awesome video. Sounds like there some kind of echo in the background or is it just me? However your vids are always exciting to watch.

Alfred Baig says:

yo this is the shit i was looking for hell yeah fuck that iPhone and Anker review shit

@nothingbuttech69 r u single and in the capitol area

Edit: bro or are you lookin for a sexy fat brown roommate pls respond

Uchiha Madara says:

Ayee!!! Congrats on your 40,000 subs! Well Earned….

Bridget West says:

Jac thanks for another great video

Hype says:

This is a monochrome printer. I feel like that’s a really important thing to mention in the title

IRONJAY Retacco says:

Jacky is So Amazing such a Great Tech Nerd She is. Not A Fan Of BROTHER

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