Review of Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Color Inkjet Printer

Get a tour of this wide-format color inkjet printer and see how it prints firsthand. You’ll see samples, the printer in action, & an overview of use. Full review here:
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CraftTestDummies says:

If you click through the link in the description, you can see the best price Amazon has to offer at the bottom of the post. The list is $599, but there is a significant discount via Amazon….

Nixy Pixels says:

Great review! Thank you!

Robin Schaefer says:

EPSON SENT YOU A PRINTER FOR FREE???!!!!! Holy cow! How do I get into this?? lol

Mediks X says:

сучка не русская

bendietrees says:

I’m considering one of these for making art prints. The epson phone line wasn’t very helpful for information on which printer is the best option for me.

Joyce G says:

I don’t want your job .. free printer or not. giggle. I didn’t catch the price. Thanks for sharing.

Kartik Ail says:

Thanks for the review. But hey can it print a good negative for contact printing for Platinum palladium or Albumen.

mike mun says:

Does it have white ink and dose it use sublimation ink

CraftTestDummies says:

Well, MC, first you blog 3-5 times a week for 3 years for no pay and no product. You sink 20+ hours a week into creating over 800 blog posts, all the while building your social platforms until you thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter and you have over a thousand pageviews a day…..and then companies start taking you seriously and offer you products to review. Easy right???!!! LOL!!! ; )

mendebil says:

Your voice and attitude are really hot. Nevertheless Please don’t stabilize videos in the future.

Special Agent Oso says:

My WF1100 died, used it to make T-Shirts. It was nice because it has 2-blacks + 3-colors.  Was considering either R2000 or the Artisan 1430 (for 13×19 format).  All those inks seem unnecessary though :/  Artisan is 6 color, but R2000 seems to be even more overkill.  Wish I could find something newer than the WF1100 (wifi enabled) but also uses 2-Blacks… and compatible with cobra ink carts.

groovyvirgochick says:

I just discovered I can print from my ipad and iphone which is great as I was going to purchase on of those selphys air printers but now I don’t have too. It is a great printer although I am confused what setting I have my scrapbook paper on anyone know the size paper on the printer I should use?

warbread says:

Pro tip: using a photo quality inkjet printer for coupons will eat away the savings you make by using coupons.

Chris Malinger says:

Your “tisk, tisk” is very annoying.

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