Print Film for Screen Printing – Canon Pixma IX6820 Film Printer Review

If you need a printer to print out your film transparencies for screen printing, then I think I found an affordable option for you. This is my review of the Canon Pixma IX6820 for printing film.
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Canon Pixma IX6820:
Fixxons 13″x19″ Waterproof Films:
Refillable Ink Cartridges for the Printer:
Third Party Ink Cartridges:

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Fergy D says:


Carlos Casarez says:

+Start Screen Printing Now what are your settings? Gloss, matte? Premium. Any tips for super dark positives would be appreciated. I assume you have been experimenting.

Rezy Ramos says:

Hi Casey, just wondering if you leave your printer on all the time?


Another plus to this printer, when the ink runs out in a certain color, you can still print. This printer will lay down more ink from other ink cartridges to make up for the color that is out. With my old Epson, if any of the cartridges went empty, printing would come to a halt until the empty cartridge was replaced.

hector barrera says:

I bought my printer
  Thanks to this video, save lots of money. 🙂

EZ TEEZ says:

also, what is the 3rd party website that you used to buy the ink and film?

Nkosi K. Akinlabi says:

I bought this printer but when I print my transfer using illustrator cc my images have a line running thru them. Any suggestions?

Shaun Brown says:

Nice man!

Mike Kiske says:

Mine is Canon Pixma IX6810. I belive same model but for Brazil.Really good.

Isaak Castro says:

I had a question about how you created that design. What software or app did you use to create it? I have been looking for months on the best software’s to design and create my own logo. Thanks for the help if you do have a chance to respond!

Daniel Mullins says:

You are a funny guy !

Kathleen Stubelek says:

Thanks! Is this the film you got? CISinks™ 100 Sheets 100micron WaterProof Inkjet Transparency Silk Screen Film 13″ x 19″

Tim Racey says:

can this print halftones? What RIP software would I need?

Nathan Deganis Librera says:

Coffins tee!!! I rock all the time! Great vid

John Malloy says:

Thanks for the video. I bought a used Epson and of course the ink is empty. I may just buy a new Canon and start off fresh. Thanks for the detailed info. Your film looks great!

Point 4 Designs says:

Question, in looking at refill “inks” I noticed some are “dye based” and some are “pigment based”?
Which is better for screen printing?

jacklagreg says:

Do you know of any RIP software, that can be used with this printer?

Shaun Brown says:

Hey hows the Pixma still holdin up after running a lot more films???

John Malloy says:

Thanks again! I went ahead and bought this printer and it’s awesome like you said. Really opaque blacks on the first try. Anyone want to by a used Epson off me? haha. BTW, Best Buy did the price match so it was $128 with tax out the door.

Laëtitia Dulac says:


EZ TEEZ says:

You saved me a lot of money with this video! thank you so much!!!

Daniel Kapla says:

even if you wanted to produce HUGE prints. Like poster sized prints. You can simply block your design out into multiple 13×19 images in photoshop. Print them out on this printer and use clear scotch tape to bring them together for exposure. It’s more work but it’s actually kind of fun. It’s great for producing bigger prints.

Luis De la Torre says:

Nice video, your awesome! Did you use a special black ink instead of the CMYK ink?

Juan medina says:

Has any one that bought this printer had issues with it printing borderless or expanding the image beyond the paper

ExposedRoot says:

Sold my professional shop off 6 years ago. Dcided to get back in with a tabletop unit. Pulled out mt old Epson r1800 which is clogged and just spent $18 trying to flush it. NOt sure if it’s completely flushed because now It’s telling me I need ink of course. NOt to mention I would have to $150 of new in in it anyway if it works. Just saw your video. Dude you just sold this not a newbie a printer!! Won’t work with my old Accurip but that’s fine for now. Just want to get me feet wet!!!! Thanks!!! Used your link so hope you get a few bucks!

Ricardo Carrera says:

what about the Epson L1300?, do you use the complete color range of ink or if possible change all cartridges to black ink?

Jammyn says:

11% of the reviewers gave this printer a single star. I will pass on this one.

michelle quinanola says:

hello, can I contact you on facebook please? thank you for this review, hope you consider my request..

Shanika P says:

Hello… do you know how well this printer prints in color on transfer paper

No Place Like Maui Clothing says:

yo , i got my canon. and u were right bro. its dark opaque. solid . glad i saw you here . im gettin rid of my epson w7640 wasted $249 lols

shreechan chitrakar says:

place where i live i only have canon 9500pro… is it good for flim printing for screenprinting??? help me out plz

Ricardo Carrera says:

Can you upload the link for the 3rd party refillable cartridges?? thanks

Leo Stewart says:

Outstanding. Thank you Sir.

Start Screen Printing Now says:

Since a handful of people have been wanting some links to some of the things I mentioned:
Canon Pixma IX6820:
Fixxons 13″x19″ Waterproof Films:
Refillable Ink Cartridges for the Printer:
Third Party Ink Cartridges:

sik304s says:

Now that you have been using this printer for awhile, how is it holding up? Any settings or tricks that you have learned to get the darkest possible prints?

888Xristos says:

I want Casey to help me with my dark, black artwork

Jose Avina says:

Great stuff.

Nkosi K. Akinlabi says:

Thanks for the heads up. I was actually pricing the epsons and I’m glad I ran into your video. Great advice. You saved the day (and my money). I also modeled my washout booth based on your video. Thanks again.

r8gue says:

The epson 1430 is trash, the ink always splatter everywhere on the print and sometimes it mixes the yellow and black smh

Marissa Chang Flores says:

Thank you, Casey! This is helpful! You rock!

Leo Stewart says:

Hey I went out and bought this printer and i must say its been one of the best buys for my garage printing. I need to step up my exposure unit game now.

EZ TEEZ says:

do i have to print straight from photoshop or illustrator or can i save as a pdf and print? i am not getting really opaque prints even though i am using the same settings as you showed

Nkosi K. Akinlabi says:

Im using this printer with Adobe Illustrator CC and I’m not getting the darkness you get using photoshop. When I do my print settings I’m not able to make any adjustments from the printer but have to use the settings from adobe. I’ve been on the phone with them but they insist it’s my printer and not the Illustrator software. For now I have to put two transparencies together to get the darkness I need for my screens. Any suggestions. My fill in is done using cmyk @100%

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