so i’ve been using these stencils for the last 6 months and i love them,
been getting a lot of questions about them so thought id make a little video to show you all how they work, enjoy , any questions drop a comment and il try my best to reply


Life914 Petersen says:

This product seems amazing and revolutionary has anybody been using the same printer for more than six months I’m interested in knowing the cleaning and upkeep process

Jason Beck says:

have you tried this with detol…. im interested.. i might be buying one of these

Vincenzo Vitolo says:

hello you’re very good brother, what kind of paper you use for the stencil

margot THinc. says:

Why fill all of the ink tanks of the printer equally when you only need a print in grey scale using the black ink tank? Isn’t it a waste to fill all the tanks? Also: does the ink dry up or clog the printer when the printer is used less regularly – when just “free hand” tats as well :p / Cheers Chrissy!

Liam Ryan says:

I guess that printer is only good for that ink from now on, right?

nestor briseño says:

si pero lo sacaste al revés, tenias que imprimir en modo espejo

ErdbeerTattoo says:

Thank you Chriss. I use this stencil since 3 months since I saw one of your video. It’s the best investment I have done! And thanks for the trick with Photoshop.

Mr Mom says:

So why is it you have to use all the tanks rather then just black and convert and print only grey scale?

Corey Nichols says:

What type of paper are you using here?

Julien Silva says:

Excelente tu trabajo me gustaria comprar los mismos insumos pero en mi pais aun no llegan saludos desde colombia

Frank DiMarco says:

Sooner rather than later, a china copy product will be released on the market for a cheaper price. At a Liter price of $ 1800 certainly many chemists are already mixing.

Devon Wroten says:

You did a pretty descent job of pretending to not be sponsored by Inkjet Stencils, anyone that rode the special bus to school or anyone on hallucinogens or methamphetamine would be easily fooled.

jaaahLord jaaahLord says:

Already subscribed. Thanks for this bro. Much love From Philippines

Thom Macy says:

Just got mine in today and trying to figure the best settings for the printer to be set to….BTW, this might be the best printer to get because the tank openings are nice and big I got the ET-2750 and they are tiny AF! Also, I did not get a tip with my Inkjet Fluid…NOT COOL, lol.

Pedro Barrios Jr says:

Is a epson et2650 compatible to use also????? Its has a ecotank

Mr. J says:

Do you use this for small tattoos as well? Is there a lot of waste paper? THAT part doesn’t seem efficient if you have to use a whole sheet for smaller tattoos, or is there way to print on a different spot of the paper?

vasya lom says:

work with Epson L130 , Epson M105 ???

Osman Montenegro says:

I’m buying this printer and stecil. Now my question is. Doe the inkject stencil liquid dries if u stop using for a few weeks or so? Or is good quality that won’t dry put in your tanks? Please some one help me. Like to know bc I travel and don’t tattoo too much .thanks christ

Matheus Mello Leites says:

Um Salvee muito bom o video

rakhiv_tattoosalamandra says:

Здраствуйте! как можно приобрести ваш товар?

gutogsm says:

Brother, do you have any discount coupom for this product?

Jens dieter spaeing says:

or Kallifornia

BunTheng Official says:

where i can buy that

CL Hampton says:

Dog, chill with the rubbing wtf. Just let that shit sit for 5 min and get a little tacky. Over here rubbing the mf raw before you even tattoo him

Thunderbird says:

You’ve done a great job there are some other videos that cover this topic but you are the best. You did something that they couldn’t do even after talking on their videos. You kept it simple and straight to the point. Also thanks for sharing your photoshop tricks. ..I have a question ….does this stuff dry out in the tank if not used for a few days or months?

Artistique D says:

Very useful , thx Chrissy !

赖正康 says:

中国的纹身市场很乱 只有在这里看看各路大神做图

G-Snype Beatz says:

hi buddy I think you got tricked this is the original ink they used

RemuxDE says:

hi ChrissyLee why to use not only the tank black? why to use all tanks black and color tanks, is there a difference?
you are a very good artist and make nice videos THX 🙂
Greetings from Germany <3

Luis Mariano López says:

@ChrissyLee thanks you, brother….

Frank Montoya says:

This was beautiful your an amazing artist but could you do a video on old school stencil application or is it the same way minus the stencil machine

Jens dieter spaeing says:

i see you only use UK killerink i now this equipmentdealer butfor europa is long for wait.GREEN SOAP HAHHAH

Changing Tides. says:

I like that it’s really detailed. But I feel this would hinder me more than anything through the process. I’ve gotten so accustom to my dot and hash mark mapping.

William Iacobucci says:

good evening I can ask if I can use another model or brand that does the same thing and that costs less? thanks good work


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Fernando Cardoso says:

cara lento nuu

Jens dieter spaeing says:

were do you from chrissy (England)

mrbigg7255 says:

Time is money. Sometimes you have to spend money to save time. Well worth it. Thanks for the video man!

Tân Nguyễn says:

how much Lee ?

Ahmad Bidmeshki says:

You are the best honestly for share this idea…really you are right…its game changer…true…NICE idea man.

My Tattoo Life says:

where to get it in india and what’s its coast ?

Ram krishna Shrestha says:

Where can I get this printer

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