HP Tango X Review – Compact inkjet printer with IOT Features

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/hf1wz (affiliate link) – HP’s new Tango printer doesn’t offer anything significantly new from a technology standpoint but is being marketed as an IOT device. See more printers : http://lon.tv/printers and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

01:07 – Hardware Overview and Price
01:32 – WiFi Only
01:38 – Configuration Through HP App
02:50 – Uses Regular HP Ink Cartridges / cost consideration
05:08 – Printing Photos and Paper Capacity
05:21 – Paper capacity
05:27 – No duplexing
05:52 – Using the Printer with Computers + Printing Samples
07:24 – Print quality samples
07:35 – HP Smart App
08:10 – Printing photos from the mobile app
09:38 – Photo print quality
10:19 – Scans and copies via app
11:14 – Using Voice Commands to Print (Amazon Alexa)
12:27 – IFTTT Support
12:50 – Remote Printing with Computer: a little more difficult
14:20 – Final Thoughts

One of the things I liked about this printer is that the user on-boarding is a lot simpler: connect to Wifi and that’s it. No drivers to install or tiny screens to navigate.

That said this is a very basic spartan device that relies a lot on your smartphone. Print quality isn’t all that better than their lower cost versions so it’s really a matter of aesthetics and whether or not these cloud features make a difference for you.

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Ralph Ross says:

Nice review. Right away I see a bad design point involving the footprint of the device which requires the paper be removed if you want to use the fabric cover (which I do like). But the engineers forgot that now most people will put the paper on top of the fabric wrapped printer thus negating the purpose of the fabric. A better idea would be to put the paper in sideways and keep the footprint about the same. I realize you could put the paper in a drawer or some other solution but they should have thought outside the box on this design point. I do like the cell phone setup and most printers are now doing that.

LifeOfMikey says:

So do I need internet at all times in order to print or do I just need to turn on wifi? Currently in my RV I don’t have internet. Can I still use this?

Brenda Walter says:

Do you know if HP has since made an updated version or if there is a scanner version? I was interested in the Tango but need a standard scanner and contacted HP to make sure I could in fact scan directly on the printer and they told me I could. I was about to purchase it but figured I should watch some reviews before I jumped on it, glad I did!

DHH says:

Beautiful dog, Lon.

im2crafty says:

I had an old dell 725 which came with my CPU, only had black ink, was noisy ….the ink cost $30 a month.

Jonathan Domenech says:

I don’t see this selling all that well. $150 for an inkjet printer is a bit much these days, regardless of how nice a device looks and the IoT features may not be enough to win some consumers over.

Roy Li says:

they took out all the important features of a printer and jammed in a bunch of cool but not very useful features..

Michael Webber says:

I have the 3755 which runs the same series 64 cartridges (cartridges determine the quality since they contain the print head). Photo quality IS “casual” on standard settings, but if you specify highest quality (and use good photo paper) the photos are suddenly quite good. Glacially slow to print, though.

CantankerousDave says:

I bought one of these for my mother to let her print out recipes from Pinterest and Facebook (yes, she’s the sort who prints out emails, too) from her iPad while sitting in her recliner, but it refuses to work with either app.It seems to be a known problem, with the “fix” being to copy the URL into Safari and print from there. My supremely tech-unsavvy mother is going to have trouble with that. I hope you incorporate more source types into your printer reviews in the future, not just document files. Given the nature of the printer, it seems like an obvious thing to check.

rockapartie says:

whenever i hear hp and inkjet in the same sentence, i run

atm94404 says:

Who is this for? $150 is pricey for a casual use device. If you print more than this you’ll want high capacity ink. The 400 pages quote is if you print those 400 pages in one shot. If you print just a few times a week, most of your ink will be eaten up by starting up your printer. They want you to subscribe and that gets to be costly unless you print nothing but photos. A laser printer would be cheaper and much better value over the long run since it doesn’t waste toner just starting up.

usmale47374 says:

This printer doesn’t interest me at all. The only times I want to hide any of my computer equipment is when it doesn’t work.

micglobal says:

I think you’ve coined a new meaning Lon for the term “voice-printing”. Time 0:39 It used to have a different connotation. Maybe I watched too much “Mission Impossible” in my youth.

Michael A says:

I see something wrong with that printer. You cant keep the paper in while closed up. That book cover is nice but so not cool and spending another $50 is dumb crazy

Exquisite Home Services says:

your link is for the tango. not the tango x that you reviewed in the actual video. difference is the fact that the x has the cover that makes it look like a book. that’s a $50 difference in price

dave4shmups says:

Great printer! Lon, how much do you use Pages, compared to Microsoft Word?

GetaHinsh Productions says:

Thank you SO much for this video! I work at BestBuy and you video helped me sell one!

Michelle Tennant Nicholson says:

Thanks I really appreciate this review. I bought the Tango and didn’t even know it works with my google home device. Awesome.

Michael Brown says:

I don’t understand Lon… you say ink is expensive and two 64XL (600 page yield) cartridges are $40.  You also imply HP is pushing their Instant Ink program on its’ customers. A Tango with Instant Ink can print 600 pages and/or photographs a year for only $36. Additionally photos printed from my mobile device are free. The Tango is intended to reside in a location where a big ugly noisy chunk of plastic isn’t desirable.  I love my Tango and Instant Ink.

Keith Keller says:

Lon. Would you mind testing it with Ubuntu? You don’t have to rebroadcast for that, however it would be nice to know for those of us who use Ubuntu.

Cyber Valdez says:

Looks like an ice cream sandwich

Nooooooooooooooooooo! says:

Why would they make photos free. That’s what uses the most ink. I’d see people abusing the crap out of that. There’s gotta be a catch (besides 5×7 or lower). I wanna see the fine print.

Hugh Dinwiddie says:

Hey, Lon. It’s been over two years since you published that video on printing to Chromebooks via CloudPrint and you need to go back and take another look. Although Cloudprint is still around, HP has come up with a much simpler method via a Chrome Web Store app that will look for HP Printers on the network you’re on and allow you to very easily print to them. Go here to check it out. I find it works great! http://bit.ly/2P0KkLa

John Tierney says:

Why not get the HP Envy 5055 for $70.00. Or better yet the older Envy 4520, use to find them on sale for under $50.00. $150 for a once a month use seems pretty high. Looks like they are charging a huge premium for styling.

NO NO says:

Nice video, as always you have covered pretty much everything. Based on my professional experience as I own over a dozen inkjet printers mostly from Epson and few from Canon, ranging from large format professional printers to A4 desktops. Based on that experience this just an overpriced gadget, $150 for an inkjet is ridiculous, the cost of ownership seems pretty high as well. Yes it have WiFi printing, but that is pretty much it. There are several other better printers with same features at a far lower price point. My day to day inkjet is a Epson 310, 4 colour inkjet with ink tanks, great print quality at an affordable price.

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