HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Printer: Unboxing & Review

Pricing & Availability: http://bit.ly/2c0sGII

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 is an affordable printer for any home office or small business that can order its own replacement ink cartridges and connect to all your mobile devices for easy wireless printing.

Thanks to HP for making this video possible!

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Jose Moanińho says:

Printers are ok but don’t do a cnet by reviewing coffee machines and cookers and stuff

endres81 says:

Does it take 11″ x 17″ paper?

Tjita1 says:

I personally prefer laser printers, at least for documents. Sure, an inkjet is usually cheaper (not the one I have though, it’s a $1000 pro photo printer..) and the quality is better, at least in color, but it gets expensive really quickly when you have to replace your 75% full dried up cartridges. That never happens with a laser, as the toner is already dry. The photo printer I have is insanely ink thirsty too, that’s the main reason why I eventually got a b/w laser for documents. I changed all 10 (!) cartridges about every other month at probably $150 each time (and I don’t print that much), and at my rate I recon the toner cartridge should last me in excess of year and the drum probably upwards of 3-5 years…

Miguel Angel says:

So this will be a good printer for small office and for students in highschool and college… ?

Jagan Joseph says:

Nice video, something different from others

Jerry Meng says:

There’s a cheaper alternative other than buying ink from HP, get a generic one.
A full set of hp 950/951 ink cost AUD$200(I paid the printer for less than that), and a set of generic cost AUD$31.5.

Trusteft says:

I am so sick of phone “apps”.

Shervenia Pettigrew says:

Can you review some “All-In-One” printers that include fax machine ability?

Benjamin Wells says:

Hi pal! ! ! basic This is amaznqg concerned

Ayala A. says:

Thank you for the HP printer video , no fax? i need all in 1 HP

Omar Gutierrez says:

So it doesn’t scan?

Theta says:

I feel like if HP provided the product for free, and you have nothing bad to say, it should be made clear that this video is an advert. I thought there was a rule about that anyway now.

Ishtiaque ahmed says:

I love your video

Sujit Oraon says:

Please note 7 full review give us.

Josue Quintanilla says:

Do yo wanna send me one of those devices next to the printer

koenn kemp says:

i justkept staring at the phones at 00:03

Some Day says:

The thumbnail looks like you ultimately regret your decision lmao

game com says:

a re you really playing pokemon go

Svit Glavan says:

giveaway iphone 7! thank you:)

Scott Freeman says:

what a wonderful review of this printer. right after seeing this review i went and bought one and this is the best printer i have ever own

Mousa Al-dalou says:

nice features

James Ludra says:

discipline and pattern and patience (and a ‘lot’ learning from the channel) are crucial in what you are doing

Andy Tolentino says:

Nice printer..

jacky leong says:

So many phones.

Vit L says:

new black colors!

Jake Finnegan says:

why are we still unable to print from bluetooth? its not that hard.

Tom Sasson says:

Hope to win the iphone
thats my dream <3

Vatsal Bagri says:

DUDE A 3min video??? What happened to your 16 min vids 😛

Wout Vermeulen says:

mandate past found gather profession

Brennan Ball says:

Nice video. But I would buy that printer. Why spend that much when it can’t even scan?

Aroosa Akhtar says:

cool x

Marin Angelov says:

How good is it for printing pictures? I wish there was a demo for picture print quality. My Galaxy S7 and my iPad Pro take awesome pictures, but when I print them, my hp printer spits out very dull dark images.

Hau Dang says:

guys please take your time to help these family and donate to them.

Chester Shahriar says:



great for responsible students

jigglemankiller says:

I freaking hate HP.

Lewis Khan says:

entire knee track.

WTF says:

If this had scanning I would’ve instantly bought it.

Maverick M says:

You look like you finally upgraded your printer after having it for 10 years to realize it doesn’t have drivers for Windows 10 yet.

Taj Caterer says:

Galaxy s7 note

John J. Sasu III says:

Note 7 video? If so…….ETA?

Guibz D says:

Hello, Does it have a fast startup?

Peter Hades says:

nice VID. Keep up

HowsaBowsaYowsa says:

Does this model add spyware to your computer when you download the software like a few other HP models are known to do without letting you know they are doing it?

Celine Rey says:

everything that DetroitBORG reviews are always good. so..

Caleb Boateng says:

please do a q and a video please the people want to see it

motaro OO says:

give me iphone even if it was 4s hahahhahahahahah

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