HP Officejet 4650 All-in-One Inkjet Printer and Instant Ink Review

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00:02- Hardware overview
03:09 – Printing demonstration and print speed
05:43 – Printing from an iPhone / iPad / Android via the mobile app
06:32 – Scanning to an iPad / iPhone / Android device
08:43 – Overview of Instant Ink subscription program
13:43 – Comparison to Epson Ecotank
14:10 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The HP 4650 is a good and very inexpensive (less than $100) all-in-one that functions well and is very, very easy to configure. Print quality is good for the price point although print and scan speeds might be slower than more expensive printers. It does include full faxing capabilities for both sending and receiving which is something getting omitted from other low cost devices.

What might be most interesting isn’t its hardware, but a new subscription service that HP is rolling out to reduce the cost of ink for users. For a monthly fee HP will automatically mail ink cartridges out to the user with the printer ordering new cartridges when it runs low.

Because HP is charging by the page vs. coverage many users might find this to be less expensive way to operate. You’ll need to do the math yourself to see if it makes sense.

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Andrew Malcolmson says:

Can you scan to Google Drive from the printer’s control panel?

David Stringham says:

Will this printer allow non-HP cartidges or are you enslaved to HP?

eggo says:

where’s the Minecraft performance test

sharroac28 says:

special effects machine if you wanted to use an online service which one would you I am looking for a good one

Chàn D says:

I just need a printer to print documents for college. For example, I need a printer for Microsoft office, PowerPoint, and spreadsheets. Will it work fine for those applications?

creekesl says:

Only 30 pages on the bottom! Ridiculous.

nick romano says:

can you refill the HP 63 cartridges?

Michaela Brasesco says:

Thank you! That was so helpful. After reading many reviews, this put it over the edge, I will purchase this model. Thanks again!

iFayt9034 says:


vidm96 says:

Would it be possible to move the disclaimer to the video description and then refer to it in the video? I know you’re a reliable reviewer. It’s great that you’re clear about sponsorships but the disclaimer is getting somewhat repetitive and distracting.

MsChocolat Devine says:

I brought this printer last Wednesday. I love it.

Muhammad JWbD says:

Well done! Just a great review. You recap much information about this fantastic printer. I think Hp will try to get in touch with you to let you make some of their products official tutorials. I have a quick question for you How often shall I change the cartridges? I mean if I am not using the printer a lot can I use ’em for a year or so. or I have to replace them after a certain time pass while using them? Hope you got my question. Regards,

richardpatrick32123 says:

Very interesting about the Instant Ink. I’ll definitely bear that in mind next time I get a printer. Great review, Lon!

paperboy says:

Better this or 5740? this costs 59€, the other 74€

Jay H says:

Some people are saying “If you run out of 1 color, the printer will refuse to print and you will have to replace the tri-color cartridge, even if the other colors are full”. Is this true or false? I would rather be able to print with a missing color, than to throw away ink.

jamiu sosanya says:

thank bro this actually help me lol

nafolo says:

c’hai la bocca impastata.

Gabriel Villasenor says:

does it print and copy good quality photos

Morgan !!! says:

my parents got the 4655 for $40

59seank says:

If the color cartridge runs out, can you still print using the black cartridge? Most of my printing doesn’t need color.

James B. says:

Thanks Lon for the review.

vgamesx1 says:

I admit that it’s an interesting compromise however, I would still rather they just offered better pricing on cartridges… I mean seriously, ink is incredibly cheap for example if it wasn’t then you couldn’t buy a pack of say 10 pens for $1 at any general store or third-party ink manufacturers couldn’t make money from selling bootleg cartridges at around $1 each, so if it were something like $10 for both black and color then I’d totally get behind that, $10 isn’t too bad even if third-party ink or refils were still cheaper as it would be worth the added convenience at that point.

Pl NR says:

They have a problem with scanning with Sierra

krishna bala says:

Should check out Huawei’s MateBook

pointlessfailure says:

Modern printers are so slimey. When did printing become a service? My printer won’t even print in black and white if one of my colors is out. I can’t imagine having 1 cartridge for all the colors. Such a anti-consumer business practice.

My printer was 55 dollars and on the website, 1 ink cartridge is like 10 dollars. Luckily amazon sells bootleg cartridges for 25 for 10 dollars.

amaranthine firestorm says:

If cartridges “call” HP servers to check if plan is valid before printing, does that mean printer is a useless brick and won’t work at all without net connection?

Subhajit Saha says:

Hi Lon, I have been a subscriber of yours since 2014. Each and every video you release gets better and better! I was wondering if you would be able to make a video suggesting possible tips to prevent computers losing connection with the printers over the network. Thanks and keep up the good work!

ritamix33 says:

Great review

Eric Rodriguez says:

Hey Lon, thanks for taking the time to make this review. Clear and concise. Really really helpful!

Sayian Royalty says:

do you have a video how to use the fax machine. I installed that printer in my friends office and we still can’t figure out how to work the fax

mahbub alam says:

Can show how to send fax with that printer

David Esotica says:

Lon I haven’t bought a printer in over 10 years, firstly because I try to run paperless when I can, and secondly because of the blatant price-gouging they do for ink cartridges. Could you review the newer Epsom cartridge-less printers where manufacturers make the effort not to be a-holes?

Nishant Kumar says:

amazing review bro… i need your help bro , could you please help me in selecting the which printer i should buy among
Canon PIXMA MG5770 vs HP DeskJet 4535




Thanks in advance bro.
do tell me detail which i should prefer or any other choice by your recommendation.
From Delhi , India

theman7431 says:

great video :0)

Cameron Nielsen says:

I assume with the tray it will do batch scanning and can email them to me (IE scan 20 pages and email them to me)?

IraQ Nid says:

Interesting way to adapt the notion of cell phone minutes to metered pages printed. Have you done a review of chip pullers? They are used to defeat the built-in chips on inkjet cartridges so that you can use things like continuous ink feeding from external tanks, or defeat those chips so that you get the full print amount from each ink tank. A dummy chip is put in the place of the one(s) that was removed with the chip pulling tool. That dummy chip simply tells the printer that you have a full supply of ink all the time. For external applications you can just look through the semi-transparent bottles to see how much ink remains.

Paying a monthly delivery fee has its merits. You return the empties to the manufacturer, they send you more supplies, they take care of recycling, and probably drain the unused inks into new carts for other people to use. Not as wasteful as tri-color tanks used to be.

SUPERSS90 says:

Looks good to me I’m getting one ty..

Collin Eichinger says:

Is pages an application on the Mac that is purchased from the Mac App Store? If I purchase it on one Mac, can I still download it for free on another Mac?

nakayla moore - white says:

How do you fax

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