HP ENVY 4500 Printer Review | E-All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier, Photo Printer

This video: HP ENVY 4500 E-All-in-One Printer Review. HP Envy 4500 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier:

Regular HP Envy 4500 Cartridges: http://amzn.to/1Id6p2j

XL HP Envy 4500 Cartridges: http://amzn.to/1eGJBMT

Today we’re looking at the HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One Printer, Scanner and Copier. This is one of HP’s most popular wireless inkjet printers. As its name suggests, the HP Envy 4500 prints, scans and copies in both black and white and color. Additionally, the HP Envy 4500 can also print photos on photo stock.

The HP Envy 4500 has this sleek understated design, with all its controls neatly laid out on the left hand side of the front face. There’s a power button, a monochrome LCD screen with buttons on both sides. The monochrome LCD screen is easy to read and the menu options are easy to access and navigate through, using the up, down and ok buttons. Hitting the Home Button also takes you to the home screen which has all the main options.There’s another row of buttons right next to those and the wireless button has a blue indicator light next to it. The HP Envy 4500 connects to computers and devices through both Wifi and a wired USB connection. The USB cord is sold separately and doesn’t come with the printer. Setup through a Wifi router is very simple and pain-free. Once connected to your wifi router, all devices on that network can now print to the Envy 4500. You can also set the printer up as a web-based printer, so you can print to it from practically anywhere in the world. HP also provides really useful Printer and Scanner Software for both Windows and Mac.

The HP Envy 4500’s paper tray pulls out so you can load upto a 100 letter or A4 size sheets at a time. You can also also load additional sizes of paper and envelopes using the adjustable paper guide. The paper tray has a fold out paper tray extender and a can be closed when the printer is not being used.

The HP Envy 4500’s scan bed can be used both to make copies or scan documents. As a scanner, it can scan as a photo or as a PDF. The PDF option is really useful and works extremely well. With the the HP Software installed, scanning to PDF is almost perfect- absolutely no annoying errors or glitches. It can also make both color and monochrome copies in the copier mode.

Print speed is about 30 s for detailed color pages like this one and 5 secs for black and white prints . Pretty quick by inkjet standards. The print quality is really good, as you can see here. This picture was printed in the highest resolution color mode and the results are pretty impressive, considering it’s a very affordable printer.

The HP Envy 4500 uses two different cartridges. The 61 Black and 61 Tri-Color. The Standard cartridges produces about 190 black and white pages, and about 165 color pages. You can use the Extra-Large cartridges which will almost double your print yield in both color and black and white. I’ll put links to all these cartridges in the description below.

The HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One Wireless Printer, Scanner and Copier is one of the best inkjet printers on the market. It solves most of the common gripes with inkjet printers. Its super simple to set up, doesn’t have any unusual errors during printing and can easily produce high-quality prints from almost any device in your house. Its an extremely well-designed, refined and sleek All-in one printer. Hope this review was useful. If it was, please hit LIKE and, subscribe for more reviews. Thanks for watching and see you next time.


Steven Torrey says:

I can’t seem to print on cardboard stock for business cards or photos… What am I doing wrong?

7arbi Gamer says:

Review the surface book plz

Diwanshu Reddy says:

can this printer print on photo paper?
i need printer which can print on both side and type pages (standard pages and photo pages)

Fred Perocier says:

How do I enable scan to computer hp envy 4500

Landaux says:

I can’t get it to pick up my chrome book or read it

ashley voong says:

what app did you use to print stuff off your phone?

XLolitaXRoseX says:

Thank you! I Just bough this and it helped me so much to understand how to use it

Colin Pook says:

can this printer print a5 photos on a5 photo paper

mcleod55 says:

Nice review. I just ordered one.

Mike Kalasnik says:

Fantastic video. Well done, easy to understand and gives you everything in under 4 minutes.

Uyvonne Akoma says:

Thank U Sir, very helpful I’m so buying it.

Rohan Jerath says:

Is this inkjet printer? and is this latest version of printer from hp?

R Bofill says:

Hi reviewlamp! Im just new to this wireless printer, my question is- do you need to install the driver of this printer to a computer first? Or is this a “play-and-go” kinda printer thing where you dont need a computer to set it up? Hope for reply!

Paula Judd says:

I couldn’t find the little plus sign. I ended up copying and pasting into 1 document. Thanks for the help though!!

Kerrie Quesnelle says:

I love this printer! I print from my PC laptop with windows 10, My Android Tablet, and my iPhone 5c. Ive had it about a year or less and have pretty much done everything. I take tons of photos and would love to get them all settled into albums and scrapbooks BUT all of a sudden the printer picks up the 4×6 photo paper and jams :0 it doesn’t rip the paper, and will print pictures just fine on regular paper, just seems to be that size(?). Please help as i need to get some pictures printed for a friend.


where is the cancel button on this printer?

gerry ménard says:

Does it work wireless with Windows 10 ?

gabikit says:

HI!!! My name is Bob, this printer is freakin awesome. Finally something that works. Ironic that this video was delayed to show an Epson commercial…we wont talk about that.

Jtru says:

I’m planning to get this printer for printing greeting cards. I hope it prints well…

Muhammad Iftikhar says:


Randee Mayo says:

I need to edit my scanned Dox with it going to PDF it will not allow me to edit or copy and paste. HELP

DayDimGeo says:

how do you reduce or enlarge on this printer? I’ve had this for about a year now and in the beginning it printed the actual size of the document, now it prints everything so much smaller than actual size.

Chris Norlund says:

Very clear demo, thanks!

7arbi Gamer says:

Review the surface book

Lovely Green Sky says:

can this printer print all the way to the edge of a paper if I choose borderless option? Thanks

Arlene Vigilone says:

How can I change the printer settings from 100% to Actual size? Thank You

7arbi Gamer says:

Review the surface book plz

Leanne Dent says:

Does this work with mobile wifi ?

sharon anderson says:

Well thank you very much. All the years I have owned this printer and haven’t printed any photos as I was worried about how to print 4X6 pictures and how to load the photo paper!!! I feel like such an idiot now. Thank you for showing me that the paper feed tray pulls right out and adjusts to hold my photo paper. I really am happy about this. I’ve had a project to do for the past 3 years and have kept putting it off. Thank you very much for the review. I am delighted now.

lewandlo says:

Can you enlarge or make pictures smaller for copying? is it in a menue?

Jose Vattakottayil says:

very good , I will by soon !

Fuwa says:

which printer has better quality, this or hp envy 4520?

Austin E says:

can you enlarge images?

TheDigestivo says:

how much does it cost to print 50 small photos with this? The photo does not have to be so good quality

Jen Turner says:

Hi, Does this printer print ok on card? I want to print my own wedding invites but can’t find anything about this printer being able to print/feed card. Thank you

Charlie Brown says:

I have this same printer. I was wondering how can you make this printer private?

Mark Warren says:

Can this printer scan multiple pages?

cathy denson says:

can anyone tell me how to two side print my greeting cards? it doesn’t feed half way through the printing and on most cards it reverses the two inside pages and I have wasted so much card stock and ink its not right. I cant seem to find out any info. on the help info for the printer itself and no help on the online hp help. someone please direct me to a helpful video or site.

Fara Marie Justin says:

Just wondering if the thin foldable tray bothers you? Or do you think it is stable enough?

ShiaGirl18 says:

Can this printer scan legal size paper? That’s very important for me.

Paula Judd says:

Is there a way to scan multiple pages into one document?

bbo0oy says:

If i have an A4 paper and want to minimize it, how can I do it? It’s not working with me

famous love says:

When I print the paper is not complete only 1/4 is cover with ink why help me

Derek Dymond says:

many thanks. a clear description and review of the product.

Donna W says:

Can you explain multiple page scanning? I have tried everything and cannot figure this out. I do not see a + sign or option to print additional page. Thanks.

TLT Enterprises says:

My brain hanks you for a simple, yet educational walk thru review. Your awsum!

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