HP Envy 120 Compact All in One Printer Review – A printer you want to show off.

Available on Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1fduDJh (US) http://amzn.to/1gT0L5q (UK)
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Ashley Prater says:

routine auto-print would be really, REALLY handy for laser printers… stop the toner from settling too much.

Roxann Bruce says:

can it copy legal size documents

Monacomaverick says:

I really liked this printer until the ink leaked out inside and the touchscreen stopped responding just weeks after the warranty expired. I wonder if Matt’s printer is still working.

dorbellbuster2011 says:

I still have a Cannon Mp140 from 2009, looks about 20 years old compared to yours Techmoan!!!!
Very nice printer this. very fancie indeed

Asad Baig says:

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Kentucky Ranger says:

I haven’t seen a new video on a printer. Does the mean you’re still using this printer?
With such a popular channel I’m sure I won’t hear a reply, just thinking out-loud…

Flying Karapet says:

the video ended because he ran out of ink.

Aleatha Vogel says:

The only thing that worries me about this printer is all the moving parts. Generally the more moving parts, the more things to break down. I counted at least 3 items that didn’t need to be motorized: the paper tray, the touch screen panel and the printed pages output tray. Of course, it does add to the “coolness” factor. 🙂

Tony Dunn says:

The old all in one printers could use compatible print cartridges I have some left from an old HP printer which gave up but cannot use them on my HP ENVY 4507 a lower model than yours, yet it still knows theyr”re not genuine HP

gptsx jr says:

its 2016, i watched this video 3 years ago now i am still fascinated and envy about your printer!

Lou Amo says:

Still using my HP 710c Deskjet from1997.  Works great for basic black and white with occasional color printing.  I do have a Canon B&W laser printer that is much faster but I love my old printer!

dj PeK says:

why is there a Tin-Tin app on a printer? I dont care but now I must have it

Typical darth says:

I want it

satanclaw says:

So, going on 4 years, still got this? And is it working perfectly ?

DeckedGlobe2199 says:

I could see someone pull a prank on a friend or family member with this thing. Find a reason to leave the room (or house) for a moment and leave them there then send a creepy email through the printer and fool them into believing that it printed the message all by itself.

NotAtAllInteresting says:

But does it run Crysis?

Aleks Photolab says:

The rich man will never buy himself any rubbish HP Envy 120!

Samuel Hiorns says:

I think they discontinued the apps. They did on mine I think

Matthew Dieck says:

Just FYI: The cartridges that you get in the box that come with the printer are not actually full size normal cartridges, but sample ones. They have about 1/3 the ink stored in them as opposed to a regular cartridge. That’s not to mention the XLs.

Edit: I worked at Staples for a time, and always mentioned this to customers so they didn’t have any false expectations.

xnox says:

It’s so shit. My dad bought it me a couple years back. touchscreen went black, unresponsive. always not working. bought a canon pixma, very large and bulky but prefer one that lasts more than a year.

tomtom vicky says:

Mine always needs to support ‘duplex’

Drunk AF says:

Holy shit do NOT buy this unit. All it takes is one google search of “HP Envy 120 Scanner no longer working” and you will see why not. It is all but guarenteed to fail. Some are even on their 3rd replacement before finally going out of warranty and getting the shaft.

Doug Scott says:

HP is the biggest load of crap out, the term “User Unfriendly,” comes to mind, I’ve owned an HP scanner, what rubbish, slow, it was like watching paint dry, my wife has an HP printer, nothing but problems, works only when it feels like it. Give me Epson every time, well built, very reliable, fantastic quality.

Aleks Photolab says:

Is it a shame to print photos on a four-color printer? For photos not less than six color printer, you need to take for example Epson L 805, and not this rubbish …

Asad Baig says:

hi there

kulgan96 says:


Donaciano Sandoval says:

can it do double sided printing?

Glumfish says:

The email address feature is like a fax!

Neko Suki says:

did it spy on you?

BaconKiller360 says:

Only mat would go into a Costco and not get a cart. Bravo, bravo

Csongor Fehér says:

That automatic newspaper printing is like something out of a 60s sci-fi story. Awesome review by the way!

Merotina1 says:

No need for an Ink Printer for me. The cartriges woulkd dry out because i don´t need it to often so i stick with my Laser Color Printer.

Kentucky Ranger says:

Did I just watch a 3-year-old video about a printer? All the way through?? And Like it???
Yes! Yes, I did! And I liked it!!!
The glass top is unique!

fhhsvnggbh says:

Looks good but as with all hp the ink cartridges have timer chips as well. So that no matter how much you print it will say the inks empty before really empty. But you can download hack tools and buy chip reset tools off ebay for fairly cheap.

LeoInterHyenaem says:

Beautiful design, but an inkjet? No, thank you, I’ll pass…


Did you know that Costco refills ink cartridges? for about 30 dollars

Randgalf says:

Now that I think about it, the one thing that I’d want from a new printer is that it’s able to last longer than 3 months before it starts to falsely claim the cartridges are faulty.

Nick Burgnon says:

I got one of these second hand for around 95 USD. One of the best wireless printers I’ve used. I like that I can create an email exclusive to my printer, send a pdf to that email and it will print. My one complaint is the auto sliding drawer. I wish that there was a dedicated button on the front to open the drawer. The scanner is super quick and the scan can be sent to multiple emails at once.

konfolut says:

How many 15x10cm prints of photographs I can have on 15ml black ink? I had absolutely new black ink and it run out after few pictures. Yellow run out during printing one pic (in the middle) and black was just gone I don’t know when. My printer is printing now all in blue. Is this possible? If yes then thanks for such printer :I

Afrocanuk says:

This printer is too mechanized. Way too many things to go wrong in the future.

Some Guy says:

1:06 All that TEXT

opopo says:

You dont even get standard inks. Ypu get test inks. Filled to a fraction of a std ink cart

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