HP Deskjet 3755 All in One Review – $69 compact printer / scanner / copier

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/7fj2x (affiliate link) – The HP Deskjet 3755 is a small form factor printer that also has scanning and copying capabilities. See more printers: http://lon.tv/printers and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:45 – Hardware overview
01:04 – Instant ink
01:41 – Front controls
02:25 – Wifi Configuration
03:11 – Black and white print test
03:25 – Black and white printing speed
03:45 – Print quality
03:57 – Color printing quality and test pages
04:32 – Document scanning
05:04 – Windows 10 / Mac network scanning
06:08 – Scanner output
06:34 – Web based configuration
07:11 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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The HP Deskjet 3755 is a low end printer but it adds in decent all in one functionality for around the same price and physical form factor.

The scanner is one sheet at a time and a bit slow but it does accomplish the job. Print quality isn’t great on the faster settings but passable when running in higher quality (and slower to print) modes.

Overall this is a good choice for students looking for scanning capability without having to give up much desk space.

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Jonathan Domenech says:

Looks to be a decent alternative to that $200+ portable HP printer reviewed a while back.

Jorge Garcia says:

Too bad it looks like a maxipad and a bathtub/toilet fused into one thouggh :/

Sharjeel A. says:

thats actually really good. I bought a Canon for around 130 dollars and it has less features than this.

ManFromEast says:

My family lives full time in an RV. I was looking for a cheap, small printer for the rare times we need one. This fits the bill, the scan/copy is a huge plus! Keep it up, Lon.

Brittany Morley says:

Can you make copies of smaller items, such as a check?

MrEvilWasp says:

Scanning single sheets is fine but booklets, magazines or anything like that without cutting the pages out are impossible. From what i understand companies don’t make any money on printers themselves and rely on ink sales thats why the stuff is so expensive.


Mike Weaver says:

Although I don’t need a new printer I love when he reviews newer printers because it lets me see new features that I don’t have on mine.

Ralph McMahan says:

been a while since we had a printer review, thanks Lon

Mr Objection says:

This 9 minutes video was released 5 minutes ago and have a dislike… haters gonna hate….

kikkurd says:

Ugh, printers. Hate them, especially the cheap ones. They work for a few weeks, then u dont use them for a while and they messed up. Either head is dry or just other issues that u cannot fix, so u have to buy new cartridges, just to rinse&repeat in a few months.

Sir Nigel Cogs Gaming says:

Wireless printing and scanning works from Ubuntu Linux with most HP models as well.

Herbalistics 9 says:

This is a GREAT video and teaches so much about this GREAT little printer.
I recently bought this and it is just fantastic.!

Michael Webber says:

I prints out really good color photos, from 4×6, 5×7, to 8.5×11, if you use good glossy paper and the highest quality settings on the printer (via the desktop app in my case). At 6 cents or so per page via the Instant Ink program, you can’t beat it – on my Canon and Epson inkjets, ink costs run about 80 cents for 4×6 color photos, all they way up to $2 or more per 8.5×11. It IS incredibly slow with photos at the highest setting, but feeding is pretty reliable so I just walk away and come back to a stack of color photos … that evening.

james bradshaw says:

Great Job with the review as always. I just have one question, Can It print out the envelops etc?

alupihan says:

Unfortunately I cannot use this type of scanner for often I use our old 3-in-1’s scanner for scanning IDs, old photos, government service documents, magazines, books and ledgers. Good for people who only scan paper documents but its not something I could use. Pretty affordable, though.

Razor2048 says:

I never understood while some companies will request lower cost items back after a review. I have seen some use fedex next day shipping both ways. the shipping in some cases will cost more than the product.

dave4shmups says:

Looks fantastic! My Dad has a Canon Printer that’s twice that size and is a complete ink hog. And it can’t copy or scan anything.

TheProjectX3 says:

Why is it so that when we have 4mm TV’s, printers are still crap, offline, out of ink, frozen, queue stuck, prints calibration page in the middle of the night, like WTF future… I wonder if printers ever evolved since 95′

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