Epson WorkForce WF-3640 Review after 4 months

Talking about the experiences I made with this printer.
Setup and Demo video:


Angel Gomez says:

Cassette #2 is can be used for legal papers 8.5 x 14

BlueSky says:

Thank You for the review.. This is a nice printer, but after two months is not working as well. I changed the ink and still printing pink lines on my color documents. Do you know what can I do to fix the problem please?

STIZEN9 says:

“press ok” lol! Sir, thank you for your review. Having to press ok for something obvious is very irritating to me.

AlternativeDesign100 says:

I just bought one as my HP1515 laser died on me. I needed a printer asap so had almost no choice (never again HP btw as they BLOCK your print out if it “sees” the cartridge is “out of date” and refuses to print, even if there is clearly still enough toner(!!) which I find outrageous). Anyway, the biggest problem so far I have with my Epson 3640 is that I simply couldn’t pair it with my PC using wifi. Totally impossible. Hyper frustrating. It also wouldn’t initially work with the USB cable either!! These days the two devices really ought to fall back on standard protocols and connect ready to print (hence the expression ‘plug and play’). I plugged and didn’t play at all, but spent HOURS trying get them to work. It also then simply stopped working after a set of docs. Only when I powered it down and back up did it spring to life again linking to the pending prints in the queue of the spooler in the app on the PC. So far it has been impossible for either device to “see each other” at 2.4GHz or ‘wifi’. I managed to print in the end, but only with tons of frustration. I too would prefer it to print a little slower and spent a few more seconds on producing a higher quality print.

TornadoForceMidget says:


I have question about ink.

What is the fifth ink bar that excludes black, cyan, yellow and magenta?

MariahYanez says:

Was the alignment set up easy and did it come out right? Cuz, I had trouble setting up my HP all-in-one printer a couple of years ago and the alignment still is not quite right.

Hal Hunter says:

Hi DrCassette… Re: Scanning using the top document feeder. Is there a way to use the top document feeder on the Epson Workforce WF-3640 without downloading Adobe software? Have extensively searched Epson manual, online youtube etc… to no avail. Your help is greatly appreciated!! Great videos… thanks!!

Derrick Webb says:

Can it print from android phone or tablet?Thanks.

Skylar Esmon says:

Hey doc how can I get it to print better quality pictures right now it is kind of hazy

Nikos Polichroniadis says:

I give you a lot of credits for this video. It is extremely useful when a product it’s been reviewed after a few months period of real usage. Especially at printers!

Tools In A Box says:

the way you speak you make it seem like its a bad thing your about to point out but it ends up being something good, you should work on that if you want to be a good reviewer you should get people excited about the small things instead of giving them false hope with your tone of voice. it gets annoying. in my opinion. hope this helps you in the future.

nelop fish says:

does it work windows 10?

M.N Wilkinson says:

Thank you . Ive seen this printer and Canon Pixma MX922. The Pixma is $75 less than the Epson so I will debate on which is a better purchase

maggs mum says:

hi can you fax through your computer without using phone line

NG HH says:

Can this print photo? How is the quality for photo printing?

Nigel Fuss says:

Mine died after a couple of months with a scanner error. I don’t use the scanner EVER but that error prevents anything from printing.

Susana Godinho says:

Good review. I like how you got back to it after some time of use.

I am not very happy with the color printer laser I bought last time. Its a pain to print double sided (no duplex) and I’m pondering getting one of these to replace that and the black multi function laser (which works brilliantly and has duplex).

So a couple of questions you dont seem to have put on your video:
What yield are you getting from your cartridges? I know the lasers do keep up very well with the advertised page count, last time I used a inkjet the yield varied greatly as the printer used some paint to clean the print nozzles
Those lines on the fast print mode, I’m guessing the printer has a default mode. Using it, rather than the fast mode, how long does a page take to print? IS accuracy good or occasionally you also see some mismatch?
I noticed on your last video that scanning was painfully slow. Has this improved? Have you tried a wired connection?
Can the print software output directly to PDF or to a flash drive?

By the way, its been a long time since your video, how are things going, you still own this printer?

Many Thanks

Vintage Electronics Geek says:

About 3 years ago, my back office HP all in one died, after reading good reviews of Epson, I took a chance and have been very happy with that decision!  With these all in one type devices, you must realize they will never compete against higher end single duty devices…however they don’t do to bad for what they are!

For my high end clientele (retired celebrity photographer) I use a large format printer, when my HP flatbed photo scanner died, I bought an Epson photo flatbed scanner, again, very happy with my decisions, hope you have great success with yours as well!

M.N Wilkinson says:

can this all in one printer print CD labels ?

Ann Snowgren says:

Need a demo on using the single sheet feeder

Richard Rodriguez says:

Did you configure the printer when you installed it? that would be perhaps why the lines didn’t line up…

DOSBoxMom says:

Epson printers are on sale at all of the office-supply & electronics chain stores this week. My 6-year-old Brother MFC-6490CW is no longer printing true colors from all 4 cartridges (despite a couple of cleaning cycles and replacing the cartridges), so I’m planning to replace it with an Epson this weekend — either this model or the WF-3620 (which has just the one 250-sheet paper tray, but seems otherwise very similar). I won’t have a tabloid/A3-size scanner any more, but I’ve become comfortable with using a smartphone for eBay product photography over the last few years, so I’ll just be using the smartphone instead of the scanner more often for that purpose.
Thanks for posting this!

Mary Scheib says:

Please how do I scan a page to my computer?

John Freisen says:

I appreciate your review. You covered it very well. I purchased this model and loved it. Easy to set up, quick copy, wifi, lots of functions. But Extremely load when operating. I got over it. I have used all color cartridges and replaced the black with a XL in 4 months. The machine took a crap on me. The heads need to be replaced with only 580 copies made. My neighbor had the same problem with only 240 copies made. So this unit is not for long term. I have noticed in 2 months it has completely dropped in price to liquidate. I have now purchased a Brother MFC L8850CDW laser. I wish you the best long term with the Epson. But to costly for me to warranty every 4 months, not to mention having nothing to print with, waiting for the factory to send it back.

The Internetwanderer says:

Hey Doc, don’t you ever sleep? Thanks for all the interesting videos.

TerrellTeaching says:

I don’t know, i bought this and it prints photos on glossy paper with so much ink that it doesn’t look like anything but Picasso took a crap on the paper. All other things with this printer is great, the photo printing is retarded

Grittystreets says:

nice review.

Super Pony 3 says:

Recently bought a WF-3620. From using it the past week, I’d say it’s reliable as well.
Prints pretty quickly and the wifi is easy to set up. It should have all the features/specs the the 3640 has, but with a smaller paper capacity.

So if you’re on a budget, I’d recommend the 3620 which is priced around $90 at this time.

smaror says:

HI, So in your opinion after using this printer for months, would you recommend this product to a friend? thanks for posting your videos are very helpful

EastAngliaUK says:

I have never had or used a  printer or copier before.  
Though  Epson most people must know so it cannot be to bad at all.

Tom Louwell says:

laughing too much on ‘Asking too much’!

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