Epson P600 Review: Make Prints at Home!

We’ve been making prints at home with the Epson P600–we review it and give some tips. You can buy one for about $750 on Amazon

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Patrick says:

How do you get custom frame sizes? I have a lot of 16×9 photos I want to frame but it seems those are very hard to come by.

Faiz Baabbad says:

!What is the name of the application in the app Store
Thank you for the great information

Eric Haney says:

I don’t have this particular printer, but I only use Epson scanners and printers for the most part. I have had many other brands and I just keep coming back to Epson. I will look into this one but not sure if I have the space, It does look pretty big! Thanks for the quick review!

James Lynch says:

you said sheet paper , then you showed the roll paper adapter . I want to know how long the roll can be , I think it would be max 50 feet ? Am I correct ?

Vaes Joren says:

The only thing I somewhat dissagree with is the printer taking up desk space being a “downside”. I haven’t had a printer on my desk (well, I kinda still do but my desk is 5m long and it’s not on what I consider the actual desk space – hard to explain) for ages. Why do so? I right now have all our printers on the network anyways, too much machines running in the house that I/others would need to print from. Not to mention I often like my printers in other rooms since as you will probably know, printers can make a lot of noise.

Dan Swan says:

For 800 plus bucks I’ll keep going elsewhere :/

Jesus Antezana says:

will you be doing a review for fractureme printing? I have being experimenting with aluminum printing its not too bad 🙂

phoneyjoe says:

I’ve seen a few comments about the ink drying without regular use. This printer may be overkill for a hobbyist like me, I don’t crank out prints every day for business. On the other hand, whatever prints I make, I want them to look great, and I’d like to be able to do canvas and other specialty paper. Full circle, the ink drying is a killer. Is it any less so with Canon printers in the same class?

dandantoronto says:

Dear Tony hank’s for review. I bought p600 last week. and I’m loving with the printer.but I hard to choose the right paper.and on youtube don’t have any review using the epson signature worthy paper. choose one photo and print on diferent paper

Casa de Chrisso says:

The advantage and main reason for buying a pigment-based inkjet like this one is that the prints don’t fade like dye-based ones do. When I bought my first pigment printer many photographers still prefered dye-based for the little more color punch and pigment was mainly chosen for archiving prints that don’t fade. Nowadays I don’t think it matters much, although some still prefer the quality of, say, the Canon Pro 100 over the Canon Pro 1(0), even though the prints of the latter should last longer. Anyway, I have a lot of prints on my wall under normal glass, partly exposed to sunlight and they haven’t faded over years.
That all only applies to prints made with original ink by the way. I’ve only had horrible experiences with third party replacements especially for Epson pigment printers. More cleaning than printing, the colors shift and it appears as if the replacements are often indeed dye-based and do fade faster.
One last thing about cost – I think the “trial and error” time only applies to the first few weeks or so, depending on how much you print. After a while you just know where to click what and rarely waste a print anymore, especially once you found your favorite paper type.

VariformZaftig says:

While I see an advantage to the 9 ink cartridge set for color and B/W
rendition, the price of OEM set $287.91 is nearly 1/2 total cost of
printer, add the other consumables of various papers, I see no price
advantage compared to sending out to Professional printer service and
several cost and repair disadvantages.
I will never buy another inkjet printer.. Epson especially, as printer
head isn’t part of replacement cartridge. If printer head dries up
which happens often in very low 8% summer desert humidity conditions where I
Have an Epson multi function printer I would be happy to give away, w/dried
out clogged printer head. Same with HP multi function with dried out cartridges, but a $60 set of new cartridges would remedy the dry head problem.

em.fotografik says:

Inks play an important role in the printing process. Epson professional Ultrachrome K3 inks are advertised to last up 100 years for color and 200 for B&W (under normal glass), so to say you can use generic inks is a little misleading as it is always better to use the professional Epson inks with these professional Epson printers and a main point for buying one of these printers in the first place. These inks are engineered together with the paper and print heads to produce professional level prints. One without the other defeats the purpose of this printer.

Geekanoids says:

Awesome video, really helpful. The P600 looks pretty good.

User says:

You guys should do a compilation video titled “best of Chit Chat 2015” where you showcase the funniest comments and moments during the Chit Chat segment of all the live shows in 2015, it would be so great!

SkidRowRulles says:

Hey im watching you and you guys are great. Helped me alot, but i do have a question. You were doing a video with telephoto lenses the sigma,tamron and canon. You were reviewing the sigma 150-600 Sport. And it is to heavy, but sigma has the contemporary version that is lighter. So whats with that? Is IT good? Im interested in the contemporary and It would help me if you say something. Thanks Northups 🙂

friður says:

Hey can anyone recommend me a lens to buy? i want to use it for portraits, landscapes, and city architecture

John Miles says:

Great review Tony.

rousie7377 says:

what size paper is the largest for this printer ?

TheKnut says:

Thanks Tony!

Zura Zura says:

What you think about Costco print ? Thank you

aj coyle says:

By tony I need a good printer is Epsom that good as I give photos of my family my printer canon only prints one size mate is that full name of the Epsom please help cheers peter.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup says:

⭐ Get the Epson P600 on Amazon

Peter Moore says:

I think these are fine in a household of photographers but if you’re a hobbyist who might go for months without printing, the heads clog and you end up throwing the printer away. After the second printer had terminal clogging I won’t buy another.

Yansen Haryanto says:

for me cheapo $60 epson t13 produce okay quality for me..

M. Robert Marks says:

Hey +Tony Northrup I have a few questions for you. Sorry they aren’t related to this video.
First is about lenses specific for APS-C cameras, are the focal lengths relative to full-frame, or APS-C?
(I have the 7DM2, and the sigma 18-35 f1.8, so, at 35mm, am I shooting at the 56mm FF equivalent? or am I shooting at 35mm FF equivalent? *has that conversion already been calculated into the stated focal length on the APS-C specific lens?)

Second question, How do you prevent a lens from fogging on the inside of the lens in the winter?

em.fotografik says:

I own the larger version of this printer and I can honestly say it is the best printer I’ve ever owned. The prints from it are amazing and pretty much hassle free. It’s much easier than any printer I’ve ever used to get it to accurately reproduce the colors on my monitor. In the past my biggest gripe with Epson was how much ink their printers throw away each time you fire it up, but it seems this printer manages ink a lot better and the cartridges (albeit more expensive) are absolutely huge, so I find myself changing them out a lot less often. Overall, my experience with this class of printer from Epson has been flawless. But be warned, these printer are large. The P800 is massive! I wasn’t prepared for how large it was when it arrived. Fortunately it connects very easily to my office network so I didn’t need to keep it on my desktop and found space in another room in my studio to store it.

Hillwood Lam says:

I currently hold a 16 mpxl fujifilm xe2. does anyone know if that is enough data to print the larger prints as seen in this video with this printer without a huge loss of quality?

Andrews Arcade says:

I have a question about borderless printing on the P600. When you select borderless printing does it force you to expand the image? Like on the Epson 1430 it forces me to select an expansion of “min”, “med” and “max”. Does the P600 include a “no expansion” borderless printing option?

joel cleare says:

Nice review. Printing at home is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It’s also a lot easier.

William Santiago says:

I’ve used Epson printers and Lightroom for many years, and I have prints that get sunlight on them on a daily basis. These prints have very minimal fading and some of them are over 8 years old. I had to move from Aperture to Lightroom, mainly because printing from Aperture was an absolute nightmare. Adobe software has always been a breeze to print from. As for paper, Epson paper is the best, and I have tried many brands of paper. Thanks for the video, my current Epson is coming to the end of its life and I am looking for a replacement.

N Pet says:

Tony , Is it possible to do a print-test-strip / small print first , before committing to a large one that maybe “off” on your expectations ? I’ve no experience with this equipment . I quit printing when I bailed on Dark Room B and W years back now ……….

fredofoto says:

Cost of the ink? OEM vs 3rd party

Dacrete says:

Hey tony, I have trouble with my t6i. It has a sound recording option but it only switches from on to off. So now i don’t know how to turn on my external mic. Please help :(.

cylurian says:

It’s funny how you said “I took this picture with my iPhone”, but you have your pictures in a Samsung. Perhaps we are now getting to a point when we say ‘I took this with my iPhone’ and it’s synonymous to any smart phone camera.

glendor2 says:

Being a Nikon guy I hate to refer a Canon, but they do make awesome printers. Have you tried the Canon Pixma iX6820? The prints are so darn clear they look almost 3D.

MrKdr500 says:

Tony, get yourself some “ILFORDgalerie” paper. It’s the best photo printer paper, so much better than epson paper.

Gheorghe Falcaru says:

Thank you

Arm Head says:

I feel that if you’re going down the route of printing, you’re better off with either an instax or zink printer, and leave the pros to print the best ones once in a while.

Greyhound Rick says:

Excellent video Tony. Thank you. Question….ive noticed at times when I print that small white dots will show up on the print (usually just one or two). I believe that is dust blocking the flow of ink. Have you ever had that happen and if so, what have you done to combat this? Thanks again Tony.

MisterProtocol says:

You don’t mention whether this printer uses inkjet or pigment ink. I’m guessing pigment. I have the Canon 9500 Mk II pigment printer, which is about the same size, and I like it fine, though pigment ink sure is fussy! Printer is always pausing to shake up the ink tanks to prevent pigment particle settling.

One thing I really like about the Epson as opposed to the Canon is the roll paper add-on. The Canon 9500 Mk II only prints sheets. It has a rear feed in addition to a top sheet feed, but that’s just for feeding through heavy art papers and burlap and such – no roll capability.

Happycat Design says:

I am digtal drawing artist who makes very detailed drawings. I was looking for a printer for a long time but the search was very difficult. There are not a lot of video’s of drawing artist. This week i order the Epson sc p 600 and i am very curious how it prints my work. I really like your video btw.

Basic DLSR says:

I would use if Epson would send me one 🙂 But its about 750 Dollars in Denmark… I can get a lot of prints for that price… 🙂 For me… it’s just to expensive…. and thats without carts…

Greg Viger says:

love all of your video, I have learnt so much and still learning. thank you for what you do to make us better on what we do

perfectforehand says:

Where can I find the exact technique for your high resolution stitched panorama?

Oleg Sobakin says:

Shit man… This printer costs like 3 regular salaries in Russia. I envy you guys.

Aaron Lucas says:

There were a few misconceptions and statements that just weren’t true in this video. The biggest one is about the prints fading. Epson actually put a protective element in the ink that makes the prints last for a crazy long time. I think it was like 100 or 200 years. This review felt kind of bias to towards the print service that it seemed like you were trying to sell. Honestly that kind of took away from my long standing belief in this channel and it’s product ratings.

Joseph Zoe martin says:

I honestly wanna buy an epson printer, but unless my schedules packed full of customers theirs no point
it will eat more money than it would bring in sadly


God jul 🙂

nikxoom says:

Actually, due to physics. Every normal glass will filter out UV-Rays 😉

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