Epson Ecotank ET 2550 Printer Review 2017

In this video I review my Epson Ecotank ET 2550. Thank you to the ladies of Junk Journal Junkies for participating in this video! I definetly would have missed some important info if it was not for your help!

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Special thanks to Buddah Jones.


L. P Redflower says:

Have you used the scanner and if does it print true to color of what you scanned? I don’t remember seeing if you printed on vellum or not? Thank you so much for doing this!! I’m seriously leaning towards buying one, I’ve been with out a color printer for quite a while because I just didn’t know which one to buy. Thank you for your time, Linda

cooloox says:

Hi, that was a great review of the printer and really good how you answered people’s questions. Great job!

I have the model before yours called the ET-2500. The 4000 pages B&W and 6000 pages colour they refer to is simply pages of plain text without images. I have no idea how accurate that is, but you’d definitely get way way way more than 500 pages of text on an ink bottle. I’ve had mine for 18mths and printed several hundred A4 photos and I’m not even halfway through the original inks which came with my printer. These are amazing printers. The ET-4550 is even better because it has a document feeder for scanning and copying and prints much faster.

Sofia Serrato says:

Thank you for this review .. Just what I need to know when I upgrade

Nancy WaterFall says:

Thank you so much for the review. I bought my machine yesterday after thinking that I could not afford to make journals because of printing costs. I use it with my Cricut and it works really well because the black box around what you want to Die Cut is always strong. It doesn’t fade like cartridge printing does.. or make skip marks. Also I had an all in one cartridge so if say the yellow was low.. I had to get an entire new cartridge for 30 (Canadian) An entire bottle of yellow here sells for about 18.
If I want a really crisp high quality print I set it to the high quality and it comes out really nice. For normal use I just use the standard.
Love your work!! I have bought some of your designs which I really love. TY! 🙂

Sharon Rodriguez says:

I bought that exact same printer last September… I have just recently been mailed a whole new replacement printer which was actually not new it’s refurbished. With in like 10 months I got error message stating I needed some ink pad replacement so when I called the customer service number they stated it was under warranty still so they mailed me another one . Not happy about just needing a whole new replacement printer in less than a year. Only good thing about this printer is that it saves a huge amount of money on ink. I use for business and before with a cannon I was going through ink once a week but with this Epson I replace ink maybe 4-5 months or so and sometimes not all colors. All in all good printer but not happy I needed a replacement in just 10 months.

Mary Almsberger says:

Thanks for the review! This is definitely something I want.

RocPaperJourney says:

Thank you for the info.

Kim Leon-Guerrero says:

Just bought the 2650 model and Love, Love ! Love this printer !!!

roxycar11 says:

great review hun Thanks so much for taking the time to do this video : )) I may have to consider this one – I need a printer right now – but I will need to save for a bit longer if I decide to buy this one : ))    God Bless     rosanne

SunshineLeclair says:

omg I’m so happy I found this video of yours!!! I want to buy a printer now and was looking at so many and different reviews … no I think this is the one I should buy … thanks so much!!

arachnipope says:

You said ” no lines” but I can clearly see the lines in the photos you are showing. Can you explain this? Thanks.

Bev Pisko says: has all 4 inks as a set for 34$ Canadian

Karin kemp says:

We went and bought this.. best damn printer ever

Serene Bookworks says:

My old epson is a work horse for sure, but it does go through the ink. This is definitely something to look at when I get a new one. The tanks on yours at $13 is waaay cheaper than my cartridges at $9 each. This is good info!

neldacnm says:

I have this printer as well and really do like it but Epson came out with newer models..and oh my goodness, I am drooling! The ET-7750 does borderless prints, auto duplex, prints on CDs, as well as 11×17” prints! It has a photo black and is considered a photo printer. I am so, so, so wanting one but my ET-2550 is still going strong so I cannot yet justify getting a new one (sigh).

Nancy Beebe says:

Thank you

Teresa Lizaola says:

Hi thanks for this in depth review. I am considering buying this for college. I was wondering if this printer is a duplex printer (prints two-sided Pages automatically, no need to flip the page manually)? Thanks

Debbie Cooper says:

I wanted to know about this printer also and appreciate your tutorial.

SunshineLeclair says:

does it print on cardstock?

Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to says:

Great to be able to just fill the inks


I will sell my ecotank 2550 for 75$. It is only 6months old. I am just sick of having to clean the heads to get a good print. email me in san antonio, texas

Joseph Cacossa says:

Will the printer print 8.5″ to 20″ hand fed paper sheets? My old Epson did.

Creative Thoughts says:

Thank you, Daisy, for such a detailed review of thi printer! I have seen this around but wondered if it really would be and do all they said it would . Now I know it would be a safe one to purchase. You did a great job of reviewing it.

pureforce56 says:

Don’t think you know what “basically” means or know how to use it in a sentence.

Denise Rivera says:

Have you printed pictures?

Ray Burns says:

Walmart, about $39.00 for a set of ink bottles for this printer.

Lorri Nichols says:

I love your review Daisy! That printer is definitely a keeper! I just stocked up on ink for my current printer (to print YOUR kits : ) But when this back of ink runs out I will be looking for a mo’ better one (love my printer, it is the cost of the ink I don’t like)! Thanks for showin’ us your printer!

Cheryl says:

TFS Daisy. You have answered many of the questions that make the difference between a beautiful print and an OK print. Many of the papers accept ink in different ways. I love the paper that gives a depth and 3D effect to the colors. Great tutorial.

stephanie junebug says:

What is the highest dimention that you can print from this printer, if anyone can answer I would appreciate it. Thanks

Jessica Lamont says:

Hey Daisy. Thanks for the video. It sounds like a really good video. Definetly a printer to consider.

Paper Play with Julie K says:

Thanks for all the info!

seriouslyscrapping says:

Hi im in australia and i can only find the 2500 model, have you heard of this model and is it much different? thanks irene xx also can you print on fabric paper with this? or handmade fabric paper the one you iron fabric to freezer paper and plain paper would you do that?

Hali Chambers, Labyrinth Gal says:

THANKS SO MUCH for your review! I’ve been wondering about this printer and was also thinking about HP with their monthly ink program– but this looks more appealing. 🙂

Dave Balsom says:

Thanks you for not just showing the good points but the bad as well. Will get one soon. Dave from the UK.

Tim S says:

Thanks for the review

thaddeus buttmunch says:

I can’t get my 4550 to copy. I keep getting the $%@! “page source invalid” message. I don’t know how to convince the thing to print with borders. I will put the disc in my Mac and hook it up.

ielcraftymom says:

Thanks for sharing!

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