Epson Artisan 1430 Review In Depth

I use this printer EVERY DAY. See why!
Artisan 1430
CISS System:
Printhead Cleaner:
Refillable Ink:

The model above this is the Epson P400:
Given the cost and capabilities of the 1430 printer, you really can’t go wrong.
Let me know if you have any questions about printing on this printer or installing or using any of the products I mention.


Tshaynyb Bo says:

what kind of transfer paper do you use?

Tshaynyb Bo says:

what’s the brand you most likely use

Kelly Crossley says:

Great review! I’m a graphic designer and I’m looking for a wide-format (13 x 19) printer that I can use to print double-sided, full spread brochure proofs for client presentations. Will this printer work well for that application? Also, will this printer do duplex printing automatically or is it a manual process? And finally, do you have any experience with Red River double-sided inkjet paper? Thanks!

John Forte says:

Hi, very informative video. Do you think this printer would do a good job printing large format restaurant menus? I’m thinking of this printer as a short term solution to a longer term and more expensive color laser printer. thanks

Lalala says:

have you tried printing on paper bubble mailers?

Melissa Claridge says:

is this printer capable of printing on 140lb paper? 300 gsm

Stephanie Smith says:

What are you talking about CIS continuouss ink system? Just guessing.

teflonprimate says:

Have you used this printer to make transparencies, i’ve been having some problems making transparencies with the 1430.

Mick Digger says:

it’s spectacular

Addae Mawusi says:

How good is this printer for card stock, 350 gsm gloss. ??? i really need to know before i purchase. +HBT

Sebastian Tajtelbaum says:

Great job, thanks! Can you tell me what kind or brand are you using for the CIS ink?

Pamela Merrick says:

Pleaaaaaase tell me what type of canvas you successfully print on. I just purchased this printer and I can’t find any info about what type of inkjet canvas I can print on for gallery wraps. Thank you in advance

Garry Marta says:

Thanks for the review! Because of this video I bought the printer, the CISS, the printhead cleaner, ink etc. The only thing I’m still curious about is the bypass system you set up? Can you elaborate a bit more on that sometime and how you set that up? I feel like with all the printing I’m going to be doing that it’ll be essential, I’m already getting the occasional small black splotch on my prints when I feel that the pads build up with ink…then again I’m still rather new to this so it could be something else. Either way, if you could explain more I’d be very grateful. Thanks again!

Eduardo Duran says:

is their a way to add white ink to the printer? I seen dtg with this printer using white ink

Tshaynyb Bo says:

plastisol paper is good for this printer

ZachAttack84 says:

I want to get one of these for screen printing and making prints of my artwork, but my regular printer broke and I also need something to occasionally print regular black and white text documents like letters, shipping labels, etc. Will this printer work for occasional everyday “regular” printing or should I get a separate printer for that?

Fran Christy says:

Please help! I think there’s something wrong with my 1430. I have a ciss as well as an ink potty and nozzle cleaning fluid. Every time I print on different days the colours are never consistent even when printing the same image with the same settings, on doing nozzle checks it always has missing parts in the coloured lines no matter what I do. Its inconsistency is driving me mad.

A.W.O.L Filmz A Way Out Da Life says:

how is this for transfer paper for heat press t shirts

Ana Carolina Castro C. says:

Hello, i am using this printer for sublimation with cis from Inkxpro. I have a lot of trouble trying a good print. First the pin wheels from the printer (somepeople calle pizzawheels) got marked the paper, even if i clean the wheels before printting, i just like the ink doesn’t dry and the wheels stain by that ink. So i try to take out the middle wheels to stop that, cause any setting i make works, but now i just have problems beacause the ink leak
when is printting and the problem goes wrong every time i try to solve. Do you have any idea can i do. i am just loosing my mind.

Technicolor Beast says:

You are seriously the best for putting such an in depth review online.

Josette Blackburn says:

I’m in the market for a new printer. I’ve had my eye on this printer. Thanks for the review. It answers a lot of my questions. I do a lot of wide format printing and this review is easy to understand. Bravo and thanks!

Art by P.Geier says:

I own a stylus photo 1500w which is afaik almost the same model just renamed. And I do have a CIS too, but what is the thing called you used to fix the ink tubes leading to the cadridges. That big white/gray thing. My tubes are so darn loose.

ernesto he says:

Thanks for the video man. Loved it. One thing, what do you do for loving that you do have many inkjet printers? Y dont u use laser printers instead? Thanks for your comments.

Jonathan Gar says:

is this a good printer for full color flyers?

Sean Mendoza says:

can i use this printer with dye sublimation inks? i mean like right out of the box with out running the oem inks …… i figured i could save money instead of paying 1500 for a sawgrass gs800 printer lol

Johnny Khamnoy says:

What are your thoughts on Epson Artisan compare to Canon PIXMA Pro-100?

Samuel Kim says:

Can this printer print double sided? Thanks

wax meter says:

What to use this printer for sublimation printing but the links you gave is just for normal ink refill.
DO you know of any good third sub-ink out there

Clara Ezcurra says:

I have used this printer for a while and love it, but i am having trouble now that it ejects most of the paper sheets when tryng to print, have you experienced this? Can you give me some advice? Thank you for your help!

Rob Young says:

Thanks for the great review, great detail! I’m looking to get an inkjet for prints and making digital negatives on inkjet transparencies. Have you ever printed transparencies with these printers?

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