Epic Office Tech! (HP OfficeJet Pro 6978)

Epic Tech – Printer style! Mobile Printing with the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer is pretty dope! Connect your smartphone or tablet to the HP OfficeJet Pro 6878 and use HP’s All-In-One Printer app for easy printing and scanning. Print and scan to USB and much more! Check out the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer for yourself! http://bit.ly/1UUVpZ1

Thanks to HP for making this video possible!

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Marie Nagle says:

I have an officejet pro 6968 we recently replaced or wireless router, when I tried to change the Wi-Fi setting on the printer it said I had been locked out, any suggestions?

SuperCM says:

Clean video! like it

Judy Knee says:

I have purchased a HP 6975 from Sam’s Club. Is this the same printer as the HP 6978. You know the stores change the numbers.


Does this printer allow for inkjet CD/DVD printing? Thanks

Satyam J2011 says:

You (and your videos) are damn awesome man. That room of your’s awakens the intruder inside me.

åñdÿ says:

All I need is a printer that’s WiFi enabled.

BudsName1 says:

Can you tell me if this 6978 has soft wear that will allow me to down load and use with a new HP Desk Top and my old Dell with Windows XP SP3 ?

Sabrina Elise says:

hello, i bought this printer (HP 6968) but it can’t print on 45 lbs/170gm photo paper it always jam.. can you please help. thanks

Waqas Muhammad says:

I have not use OfficeJet yet but please help me in Buying how many pages it copy when it ink full, both black & color.

Margaret Selli says:

I am correcting the right model is hp6968 How to open rear access door to unjam a paper?

XaNer says:

sub to me plz

H Robinson says:

I have a desktop computer without wifi. How easy will it be to use this printer with a computer that has no wifi?

GiGi says:

Your video is from 9 mos ago, but this printer sounds like what I need. On sale now for 79.99 and I definitely will add the Instant Ink deal…sweet:) Thank you for your review.

Marshall Walker says:

HP has it listed at $179.99 on their website.

Janhouu says:

Didn’t I just skip the ad?

RedMotMan says:

it looks kinda too big

Muhib Khurram says:

what’s your daily driver?

Amber’s Life says:

Any videos on errors? I just got this and omg the same error keeps coming up!

x_Mystiic says:

You know the top part where it has a paper sign with where you put paper in it? how does that work?

falsifoo says:

This video is just a good ad for HP nothing more. It doesn’t tell us anything about real life experience with the printer.
Are the running costs low or high? Is it slow or fast? How durable is it? You know…stuff like that.

Tom Larkin says:

Show me how to replace ink cartridge.

Steven Shipler says:

No test pages wtf?

Vince Tetuan III says:

I got one. I’m pretty impressed. but I don’t think this printer has the capabilities to print wallet sized photos.
Cool video though

Why Hi says:

U have the same use people have been trying to resolve but u don’t address it. The screen should not be stuck on copy control tips. Hp sux and their support is useless. Tried their so called tech trouble shooting and it resolved NOTHING. Any suggestions?

pronabol says:

When you by the replacement ink cartridges can you pay in installments or do you have to pay upfront?

Hemal Nakarani says:

Nice one

Faith Onyambu says:

I spent forever trying to figure out how to do two sided printing. It only works on safari but the option is not available to pick for pdf/word documents. Idk if it’s complicated because cause i’m using a mac

Renee Tward says:

How to print photos on my HP Officejet Pro 6978 – how to put in the photo paper, how far in should it go, can you do a 4×6? etc.

mamser55 says:

really enjoyed presentation it helped me make my decision to purchase this printer.

krina625 says:

I was just looking at this printer!

Bill Allison says:


Poison Paradise says:

YASS at a video which you appear in. Handsome devil with a golden voice and love for all things tech = GOALS

Hmongkie Yang says:

okay ive read that this printer eats a lot of ink. Anyone find a better option? Let me know.

Joseph Masnyy says:

Using the force? 0:42

Cameron Gallagher says:

Even though this is a paid Video….I still like it and think it looks great!

RMSG says:

I got this printer for $99 plus $25 for a 3 year Square Trade at my local Staples.

Yash & Harshi says:

Damn Dom you really have the force. Teach me your ways

Brian Anderson says:

Does anybody know if this scans multiple pages at once or does it only scan 1 page at a time?

PenguinDropings says:

This review is bullshit. Besides wireless connectivity it doesn’t offer me any information in which… what most people are looking for.

Brandon Thompson says:

Please mark product commercials as such. I can’t believe I just wasted two minutes watching an ad masquerading as a tech review. WHAT DIDNT YOU LIKE ID THIS WASNT AN AD. UUUUGHHHH. 🙁

Garcia Suarez says:

Does it save more ink than the regular 2 ink cartiage printers. whats the diffrence between this printer that takes 4 ink cartidges compared to hp officejet 4650 that takes 2 ink cartidges? Which would you recommend this ?

Arunpreet Singh says:

I am really impressed with this printer and want to buy it. What if I take print out only once a month using this printer…will it affect the printer in anyway…I mean if I need a printer but my usage is very very low…like one or two prints a month…which printer should I purchase?

The Bullock Family Stories says:

What’s the print quality like ??? I’m glad u covered the connectivity but a few up close references of print quality would be nice.

Izak Freud says:

That printer looks sick!! Never thought I’d say that…

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