Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless All-In-One Printer Review and CHEAP INK

Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless All-In-One Printer Review. I don’t use a printer every day, but when I do I expecty it to work! This is the Canon PIXMA MX922 and I’m thankful it’s been working as it should! Easy to setup, don’t even need to plug into your router! Prints from your phone or tablet, pictures look pretty darn good to me. For every day office or home use I would def. reccomend this guy. Get the printer here: Get the cheap ink here:


bellesmom2012 says:

I hear you about the printer situation. I’ve been virtually unable to print for around 15 years give or take little bits of time during which I had bought a new printer & it hadn’t totally junked out on me. This thing is a bit loud, chunky & the ink is definitely not free but it WORKS!!! I was so excited I think I carried around the first printed sheet for a few weeks after I realized that this printer was going to work. I had really felt cursed! Bought one at “Worst Buy” and it quit the first attempt of use and even though I had the receipt & box, they wouldn’t give me ANYTHING! They said it was a display item & non returnable because the had nothing to exchange it with. That was just 1 Part of a 15 year dry spell so I ADORE this printer! If I listed all of the ridiculous things that blocked me during the first couple years of my drought people wouldn’t believe me. I actually just told people that I just didn’t print for a long time and it is so wonderful to be back at it! It’s been quite a few months now!!!

Raymond Hernandez says:

I have this printer and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get it to scan the pictures to my laptop with the usb cable. i selected it on the printer but i dont know why it wont work, would it be possible to do a video on step by step instruction on how to scan and upload pics from this printer to the computer or laptop. thank you

Chris Rubei says:

I used to own to HP printers the absolutely a piece of junk 🙁 and the HP ink is very expensive for the black and cyan/magenta/yellow $100.00

Tzar Kizitski says:

The cheaper inks are definitely the deal maker for me. Going to get the MX926 (updated model) now! Cheers!…

Ucim 2cute says:

Not a paper jam. Lol. The area where you load the photo paper, pull that out and turn it upside down, it holds a cd tray that you can print CDs and such. Take off that cd tray and insert it in the area you thought was for paper jam. Now you can make CDs with pictures or whatever, and print label or picture on the cd itself. It’s pretty cool.

alex14469 says:

I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to make this printer out of glossy plastic but they should definitely get fired.

Carol Ward says:

How do we scan and save to Word doc file?

Nolan Castro says:

Dude! You just saved me $16 by getting the Blake Printing Supply Ink Cartridges (from Amazon)! I was getting the five pack for $43.00, but the Blake 20-pack is $26.99 and it’ll last me most likely the rest of the year. Thanks much!

Alex Moore says:

Just picked the MX922 for $74.99 @ B&H Photo. Really can’t beat this printer for the money. There is no printer “utopia” for under $200.00 I’m in sales so the incoming fax machine get’s a workout (yes…people still fax) The ink cost is around what every other manufacturer is (HP, Brother, Epson etc.) I liked the fact it has an ethernet port for wireless. I’ve owned it now for 6 months & it’s pretty solid overall. It’s @ the tail-end of it’s lifespan & the sell price shows it. I’ve read many negative reviews from people on different websites. That’s the case with any printer. Nice review BTW.

socialbenbrown says:

I read on the product description that it does CD printing, but it is unclear if it actually prints on to the disks directly or if it just does labels. In your review I didn’t see that the CD printing was covered at all. Do you have any feedback on this?

Vintage Western Productions says:

This printer is a piece of shit I couldnt even return it to the OFFICE MAXX they told me I have to ship it to the company FUCK THAT

yaddii.f_ says:

I need help

angela sheppard says:

do you know what I can do since my password isn’t working?

Donosaur says:

that printer is SOOO UGLLYYY

Noah Wyverkens says:

you are the best reviewer . you deserve a million subs

yaddii.f_ says:

My printer keeps saying no paper on upper plate

Angeelo Gov says:

I use the same ink too. I actually use sophia global ink but they are very identical

Makinja says:

Does canon do the deterrent “software push” which hp does, to discourage non original cartridges in their units?

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