Canon Pixma MG7720 Review – Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner – Air Print Google Cloud Print

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – This is a very feature rich and very user friendly printer but consumes a lot of ink.

00:02 – Hardware overview
03:10 – Photo printing from an SD card
04:52 – Printing a double sided document from a computer
06:43 – High cost of ink / consumables
07:56 – Printing photos from an iPhone or iPad
08:59 – Printing photos from an Android phone or tablet
09:44 – Scanning wirelessly to a phone or tablet
10:50 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Their mobile app is probably one of the best printer apps out there at the moment when compared to their competitors. It supports every major computing and mobile platform out there, including Google Cloud Print for Android and ChromeOS devices and AirPrint for Apple devices.. Wifi set up was easy and there’s also an ethernet port on board.

Printing is fast and very high quality. It has a six ink system for enhancing photo contrast and image quality. 4×6 borderless prints come out in less than 30 seconds. Text is very sharp and /almost/ laser quality even on cheap paper.

But those six inks come at a high price – about $86 or so to replace the entire set. And it devours ink – especially when printing photos where ink covers all of the page. The ink cartridges even have a light built into them which adds unnecessary cost.

We are beginning to see alternative consumable models being developed by competitors. Epson has a big ink tank on some of their new printers and charges a reasonable price for replacement bottles (although the printer itself costs more). HP has a new ink by mail service that requires a monthly fee but costs less than buying ink cartridges through retailers. It would be nice to see Canon start experimenting in a new business model as well.

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DavixDevelop says:

Does anyone know a affordable color laser printer?

cindi brady says:

Don’t print photos much. What about using it just for printing with Black Ink? What is the cost of the Black cartridges and how many sheets do you get per cartridge?

Zebedee Rotten says:

i wouldnt buy canon ever again
ive had 2 neither done
more than 40 sheets before it started jamming up

cholak says:

does this work with windows, pc’s?

Andres Garsia says:

hii I would like to know how can I print hd pictures using a laptop windows 10 they don’t come out clear and it doesn’t print full page can some one help me.

Priscilla Vallejo says:

Can this printer print on sublimation paper?

Duke Nl says:


Bill Angelopoulos says:


Blaming a “PHOTO” printer for using a lot of ink is tantamount to admonishing a baker for using a lot of flour. You didn’t mention print resolution, or the number of nozzles, or the dpi (which is twice what the competition offers at the price point) relative to the goal, which is quality “PHOTOS”. If you walk into a Best Buy, and I’ve done the research, every printer on the shelf is maximized to 4800 dpi, where the MG7720 is 9600 dpi, not to mention the added gray scale. And the scanner scans at 4800 dpi, where all the others max at 1200. So if you find and average Joe that wants to enlarge the pictures from the 70’s, this machine will help in that regard. My point is that it’s a photo printer. Is it a lab quality unit that costs thousands of dollars, no? For the home photographer with small goals, it’s an more than an acceptable solution.

I’m not saying that your review was disingenuous, but you could have disclosed data relevant to the point.

mr2aniac says:

Hi I just bought this printer and the photos it prints has very faint lines where the printhead overlaps. does your printer have this issue?

TechWizPC says:

Can you do a review on those printers with CIS? Any brand will do. Also, do you think those printers can compete with Laser printers in terms of print output?

LusoryPrime says:

Printer ink is a tremendous rip-off, verging on a scam by these manufacturers. As you said, use a good service (make friends with some photographers, they usually know who is good locally) and skip the printer ink money drain.

Great review as always, Lon!

carl sherman says:

how do I scan

Zoe Welch says:

Does this print on legal size paper? The specs say so, but I don’t see anything about how to load and print 11×14 paper.

Roos I. says:

Tnx for your info

Paolo Pizzi says:

You forgot to mention NFC printing with Android phones. No need to start the app (MUST be installed though), just touch the aptly marked NFC spot on the top of the printer with the back of your phone and voila, instant printing. Of course you can’t do that with an iPhone, since it can only use NFC for payments. Wait a couple of years and I’m sure they’ll –copy– “invent” NFC transfers and all Apple fanboys will hail it as the best thing since sliced bread… 😉

Ergo Proxy says:

Well, I won’t be getting this printer. Thanks for the review.

Jamie Norton says:

You made no mention of the “on DVD” printing capabilities and how that  plays out and looks like. Does this not have that feature? Cannon’s website says it does, which is why I ended up on this Youtube link.    hmmmm

Chike Mordi says:

How do you connect the printer to your network?

Long Giraffe says:

I would buy this but ink is really expensive

Mized Apples says:

Hi Lon, will this printer do a 190gsm mat paper print? Thanks!

Sonja Blalock says:

an it’s canon ink cartridges an not knock off

Carmen Nooner says:

I have the Canon Pixma MG6120 and not only is it an ink hog, it’s the slowest printer on the planet! I also no longer buy ink cartridges from any retailer but have a separate source that serves me well. Getting ready to replace it soon though. Going to go with HP!

J Trager says:

Why can’t they make a printer that doesn’t have to waste so much ink to “prime” the ink, and slop up the inside of the printer???

kikiskollection says:

thank you so much for the info

Isaiah Carlson says:

What’s the difference with this vs HP? I was super surprised when buying an HP to see how nice they are.

N.Y. Pigskin says:

Are you basing the ink consumption percentage shown on the screen for the reduced capacity starter cartridges that come with the MG7720? They do offer standard or XL cartridges with more ink in them.

Simopr Dev says:

He said it supports WiFi but he connected his USB cable from his Mac to the printer. why?

Rem Nant says:

Thanks for posting this review! I was wondering if I did 2-sided printing and fax. Yes 🙂 and no 🙁
The hunt continues.

Sung Hong says:

does it fax?

sl7293 says:

Your review does not present a realistic picture of the parameters that determine the cost of ink when using a printer like this. Sure if people use this printer the way you do, the costs would be as high as you suggest. However, many if not most people print significantly more “text” than anything else and I suspect that this is true even for people who generate a lot of color graphics prints and photos. By simply changing the print mode to “greyscale” when you are printing text, ink costs go down by 2/3. Indeed PC Magazine points out that the ink costs for someone printing greyscale on an ink jet printer are just 1-2 cents more per page than those of a monochrome laser printer. However, unlike a monochrome laser printer, an ink jet gives you the option of printing color graphics and doing photos if you wish. Certainly laser printers have their advantages, but those turning to lasers for color output will find that multi-function (copy, scan etc.) color laser’s are typically very large devices, often too big and heavy for home desktops. They are much larger than the MG7720 and generally quite expensive. Additionally the ink cost of COLOR laser printing isn’t that much lower than color printing on ink jets, but the color quality is typically much lower than the MG7720. As an aside, Canon does make extra large cartridges for the MG7720 that contain twice as much ink as the regular cartridges for much less than twice the price. That further reduces the cost of using that printer.

It is also worth noting that according to PC Magazine, the MG7720 produces prints that are superior to what the typical drug store or mass market print services generate. Certainly professional quality labs will give you better print quality than this Canon. However, I like to view prints before sending images away to the pros because the work they do isn’t cheap. I’ve found that what looks good on a screen doesn’t always translate to looking as good on paper and the ability to view prints during the course of processing makes me better able to produce images that are optimized for the print medium.

naman jain says:

what’s the difference between this and canon pixma mg7750? does this printer support double side printing from iPhone airprint?

jdmikeg4 says:

How do you print borderless? I can’t figure it out. Thanks!

DreadInNY says:

I am curious. Which Epson printers that print on CD/DVD have the larger inkwells?

Jessica Lin says:

You keep emphasizing on the ink being expensive and mentioned it costing around $80 for a 6 pack but I see many sellers on Amazon selling the XL cartridges for around $26/6pack. Also, are you judging the ink consumption based on the starter ink that comes with the printer or the regular/XL ink cartridges? Other than that, great review, it’s on sale right now for under $100 so I’ll be buying this printer.

GetofFenris1 says:

$80.00 at best buy right on sale 12/16/2016

Amee Hassa says:

Thank u for video I am looking for printer for photo and my own document I hope advice me which printer is good

SuperGuntaro says:

Die eingebaute Obsoleszenz schränkt das Produkt auf 2,5 Jahre Haltbarkeit ein.

Godordained Davis says:

What are the different size photos that it can print. list them please.

Jeddahlyn Pankow says:

can you print from a chromebook using this printer?

Fatass Puppy says:

Can you review or i dont know if you want to the Canon PIXMA MG2920? I have been looking at this one for a long time but something about it makes me not want to buy it. i dont see any reviews on it. If you see a review can you link me to it?

Marzen says:

I have the older 5200 series all-in-one model. It consumes ink at a ridiculous rate so I just buy in bulk from Monoprice. I’ll be going back to a laser printer after my experience with my Canon.

Jammin Dave says:

This is an excellent review for this device. However, I’m looking for the same detail content on setting up the printer. I was using a Canon MP530 and I deleted all of its settings out of my laptop. I wanted to start this new printer from scratch. The printer is setup to a point, but cannot be find on  my network setup, nor is printing anything. I think a driver needs to be installed. There is no instructions in how to add the printer to my network nor instructions to download and install the driver. I followed the instruction supplied for the setup but the instructions does not address drivers nor network install.Thank you for the above excellent review.

Eric Brunhammer says:

I don’t know, I just can’t seem to justify buying inkjet printers anymore. My last one was a Kodak ESP 3.2 which I bought because of the lower ink costs, but if I didn’t print for a month, the cartridges would dry up, and if they didn’t I was lucky to get 4-5 pictures out of the cartridges. Right now I run 2 laser printers on my network, I have a giant commercial grade Ricoh colour one and an old school Brother one. The Ricoh costs about $170 for full set of toner, but claims 7,700 full colour pages out of it, and my Brother one is about $22 for the toner and claims 11,000 pages. I don’t think I’ll print that much in my life lol

Sonja Blalock says:

I bought this printer for Christmas this year an i bought it off of hsn for 69.95 an then turned around an bought the ink cartridges off of Amazon for 24.95 with free shipping.

Jammin Dave says:

I have the same printer, do not go with Canon Ink, I recommend second hand ink (Amazon) instead at less than half the cost. Well, my printing preference consist of black and white or fairly color documents for school projects. No biggie…

CyclerJim says:

I’ve been using Canon printers for 12 years and never have purchased OEM ink. I have been refilling and have absolutely perfect results. Currently I have been printing less and started buying NON-OEM carts with close to perfect results. I like refilling better, but buying carts from the right place can be almost as good. NON-OEM carts are really cheap and refill ink even cheaper. Because of that, I never have to think of the cost of printing.

Currently I have 3 Canon active printers, and have had so many more in the past. The first thing I do when getting a new printer is print a set of test photios and make notes on the back. Now I have a basis of comparison for when I started refilling. Not all NON-OEM ink is created equal, and that is why it is important to buy from the right place.

ian stuart says:

where can I buy this in Germany?

ahmed rufai says:

The scanner requires a USB cord, no way around it.

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