Canon MX492 Printer Review

The Canon MX492 Printer is one of our favorite printers. You can get one here: It’s efficient, inexpensive, and has many of the best features people care about like wireless printing, the ability to print from an iPhone/iPad, scanning, copying, document feeder, and fax (for the 3 people who still use a fax).

So why do we love this printer? The biggest reason is price. At under $60 and with only two ink cartridges (instead of five!) it’s one of the most affordable options out there and has many of the features people care about.

Need Extra Ink? Get a combo pack here:

Another key feature is that this printer has AirPrint, meaning you can print from your iPhone or iPad without the need for a computer.

Setup Instructions (From Printer Side)
Go into settings (tool icon)
Press “OK”
Press the right arrow.
Press “OK” again.

(except if you have an Airport Extreme, Time Capsule or Airport Express)
Look for a button on the top or back of your router that says “WPS” you’re going to press and hold that button for approximately 5 seconds. From here you’ll pick back up on your computer.

For Time Capsule, Airport Extreme, and Airport Express Owners:
Go into Airport Utility on your Mac (or PC) and enter the password to your router. From here go to the menu bar and under “base station” click “add WPS printer”

Once you’ve linked up your printer to the router you now simply have to go to System Preferences…. Printers.. and click the plus sign to add the printer.


Patrick McAuley says:

David, I can’t believe you are recommending WPS as a way to connect to a router. Any security expert will tell you that WPS is a seriously flawed way of securing a router and should never be used. WPA2/Personal is the best method.

XSevenSonata says:

Your name lol.

Dilip Goel says:

Add an extra USD105 if you want it shipped to Sweden. Looks like a neat printer though!

Trusteft says:

I am sorry man, but, how was this a review? At best it was a setup guide.

joed596 says:

Thanks, David. Will save your video for future use. Thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe 🙂

crazyguy84 says:

can this print on translucent film

Sandra Fisher says:

Sometimes some of the simplest videos are the most helpful……Thanks

TheMasterOfAllStuff says:

i’m sold

Pamela Porter says:

After I painfully tried to find how to type numbers in COMCAST technical support actually connected me directly to Canon and told me the * is what changes the letters to numbers and vice versa. After that it was smooth sailing. I just needed the passphrase, which I knew but did not know how to get to the numbers. Thanks for the scanning, I love this feature.

Charles Jones says:

Two quick comments. I appreciate your coverage in clear, concise language on various subjects.

Regarding the review of the Canon MX492:

I actually found an organizaqtion still using FAX, which will NOT use scan/email. That’s our fine US government, at least the part of DoD which handles military IDs.

Second, worth noting: Windows XP won’t handle WPS setup. You can set it up with USB cable to USB.large plug on the back. Presumably, it will then allow wireless operation, as did my late Lexmark X9525.

Thanks again for your efforts and grammatical accuracy (Yes, I’m a proofreader…)

Hendersonville, TN

Alan Klughammer says:

Never buy a two cartridge printer. It will cost you a lot more in the long run. Individual ink cartridges are better… And if cost is your thing, get a laser printer.

Nicki LovesDogs says:

I have a Chromebook. Can I set it up with Canon Pixma MS 492?

deeandfamily says:

Thanks for the review and the link. I have been considering a printer at 5-6 times the price to scan multiple, and irregular sized documents and photos from the pre-digital era. I didn’t see on amazon the abilities of the document feeder; can you tell me if i could slip in handfuls of irregular objects or would i need to babysit the scans?

Kaushik Sarkar says:

Canon is not at all reliable printer.Canon Printer stop working after 50 pages of print out and scan together. Giving P22 error according to service center guy it means changing scanner unit which almost price of the printer. Beware before trusting the brand Canon.

Tim datoolman says:

Great printer review, thanks for the info, very helpful.

tj is a blind Call of Duty player says:

nice video, would you consider discussing accessibility features in our modern technology?

rockprinsess15 says:

The price is low because this is a low-quality printer. I was hoping this video would help me out, because I actually do have to send a very important fax, and the fax machine is impossible to figure out.

Sharon Grays says:

Open the printer …pls !

Henry Persoon says:

Hi David, I have tried all the printers out there. : three different HP, four different Cannon, Brother, Xerox. Finally Now for the last 18 months, I have bin using a Brother HL- L2380DW Just Black/White It uses Toner ,no more horrible cartilages.

Carlos Lugo says:

Does this printer has good quality photo images?


how i can scan and save a PDF??

Will Adam says:

I looked at other reviews for this printer. There were lots of problems listed…

Sana Fatima says:

can i print order from andriod phone

Angel Mist says:

No, I’m sorry but the ink is not ‘really inexpensive’.

ashresearcher says:

Why don’t you print a PAGE next time!?

Elias Monroy says:

can you recommend an economical printer that prints double sided?

Artbookends Meyer says:

how do I fax on a Canon MX492?

Daniel Hagerty says:

Where can you pick one at will STAPLES have it or walmart ?

Bob Marsh says:

Well done vid thanks. I have the Canon MX922 and have been happy with it. Didn’t know about the Image Capture utility. Thanks for the tip on that.

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