Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 “Real World Review”: Worth $1300?

In this “Real World Review” of the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 I run this printer through it’s paces to see if it’s worth the $1,300 price tag, how much each print costs and if it’s better than prints from a lab.

Is this the BEST home Inkjet Photo printer in the market?

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Mark Smith says:

I’ve been trying to make up my mind on whether to go to a Pro-1000 pigment printer from a Pro-100 dye printer. This is not only a well put together balanced review but also provides excellent advice [from start to finish] on whether one should buy a printer with this capability or simply order prints. Since I print strictly for myself as a hobby — Jared provided the common sense that my practical side was looking for confirmation on. Bottom line: I’d love to get the printer but I’ll try 17×22’s from a commercial printer first.

floppycalf says:

I’m strongly considering buying this, and one of my biggest concerns was ink cost.

If I buy this printer, I’ll use your link, since you effectively answered my questions through this review!

aceblackbird7 says:

What is the software for telling the cost of the prints

RealestRealist says:

I can’t even believe I don’t have enough for a sandwich I wanted awhile ago and I’m sitting here thinking .. wow I can’t believe that these are so cheap …… especially the PRO4000 at six dimes!!
But I see so much value for the money there for sure
I swear this guy is Bob Ross`s son if you ask me .
I like this guy even though hippie looking types usually annoy me . this guy is awesome !
I am so old

Shalu Nah says:

Nice printer, the 17 inch is the problem for me. Would they consider up to 35.

Christine Slusser says:

I’d really like to know the cost per print for 4×6 or 5×7. Those are my most popular requests.

Sergio Sorrentino says:

Does the provided plug-in have a “Nesting” option?
I need to print many images in different sizes in a row.

eric cooper says:

Crutchfield has a $200.00 mail in rebate right now

David B Cossini says:

Great review Jared!

NorthernLightss says:

Thank you Jared, this was the final review before making my mind up. Its on the way and should be here before Christmas. 🙂

Edwin Rivera says:

Can you print Canvas?

Alan Sparks says:

thank you. i learnt a lot and agree totally with you.

Thomas Anderson says:

Replacing it will still costs less than new ink.

Gary Hamilton says:

Where can we get the costing software Jared

sophrapsune says:

Very helpful review, thanks.

Chien Ong says:

Hi Jared,

Thanks for the awesome review. I would like to ask if the canon software for the cost per print has it been release yet? Thank you so much.

Fredrik Svanholm says:

This is the best printer-review I have ever seen! 😀

Fiona Snaddon says:

Jared. Great review. thank you.

private private says:

I guess if you’re consistently selling prints for a hansom fee, then you can justify the cost of the ink, but my God, two full carts of ink cost more than the 1300.00 dollar printer. That’s just unreal. They’re in the ink business. They should just advertise, buy two carts of ink, get free printer, this doesn’t pencil out for the hobbyist, but I digress. Nice review, Jared. Well done. Liked.

Andrew Burkholder says:

I do 10 to 15 weekend art shows every summer and this is EXACTLY the type of review that is extremely helpful when it comes to thinking about bringing my printing in-house. Thanks, Jared!

Jim Keener says:

This is very useful. Thank you.

Tovarizer says:

this was an infomercial! no question. this is not a real world review, because this isn’t what he is about. he only shoots raw,..sending his stuff to be printed, that what he is and that’s what he does. “not home printing”. it’s not a well-balanced review. dude give it up. thanks for the info, but next time try being a little transparent. I still like your show…

Frank Torres says:

Wow! fantastic review. I’m gonna open a photo studio and you have convinced me to get this printer. Your info was very informative. Thanks bud. Cheers. frank from LA

Charles Spearin says:

If the printer isn’t used for a period of time, is there a risk of the ink drying, or going bad, in the printer?

Eric Peltier says:

Are the inks UV stable? Did you do a shoot with Misterwives??? Jealous!

Samuel Masini says:

Would this printer be suitable for double sided prints?


prejudice but this printer can print panoramic photos 2 meters long ….. thanks for your reply ..

Shannon Wimberly says:

Wow… impressive review. Thanks Jared.

James Young Photography says:

70lbs of printing magic

Tamim Aflah says:

I can afford this printer but you’re right, it doesn’t make sense to buy it, I don’t earn a dime from photography but sometimes I participate in art show, so quality is essential. Would someone recommend a printer? Epson P850 was recommended to me.

rhykko77 says:

Is the neutrality of the B&W image stable when viewing the images under various light sources ?

Steve Franklin says:

You know what I love about Jared Polin? His apartment.

mnash3 says:

Cool vid…. I was hoping you were going to answer the question of ‘how many prints can you get out of the printer’…. It’s cool… I like the concept, but I was really hoping for a desktop that can print 24 x 36. Once I have the loot, I don’t mind ponying up for for the printer and I am not selling anything. I just like spending money on expensive toys… lol… hey…don’t judge me… Some spend money on cars and fashion… Others spend on gaming and jewelry… I like spending on my photography projects. I was thinking to decorate my home with my art and was trying to see if it was cheaper to print and frame myself compared to sending them off… So far, I might have to send off as I want 24 x 36 prints. I am still thinking 17 is too small for my project. In either case, thanks for clarifying how to print borderless photos with the 1000 as I watched other videos that said it could not be done. Thanks again and happy shooting….

Nathan Garza says:

Any opinions on the Epson EcoTank printers for somebody starting off and on a budget?

hakam soufan says:

i love your video ,,, thank you

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