Brother MFC-J775DW All in One Printer Review – Low Cost Multifunction / MFC

Find one at Staples : (affiliate link) – Brother’s lowest cost copy/fax/scan printer surprised me with its text output and low cost of ownership. Find the other one I mentioned in the video here: . See more printers: and subscribe!

00:55 – Hardware overview
01:17 – Requires driver install
02:05 – Scanner
02:27 – Scans to cloud services without a computer
02:59 – Not a duplex scanner
03:28 – Faxing and Copying
04:13 – Cost of ink
05:29 – Borderless printing
06:17 – Intrusive drivers
07:11 – Paper handling
08:13 – Printing options
08:51 – Print speed
09:27 – Supports duplex printing
09:41 – Color document settings and print speed
11:12 – Mobile app
11:23 – Scanning to mobile phone
12:47 – Photo printing
13:29 – Chromebook support
14:06 – Final thoughts
14:37 – Comparison of consumable cost to Epson, Canon, HP

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Stephen Feger says:

Great review as usual. Very pleased you covered the Chromebook capability with Google Cloud Print. It’s also worth mentioning when printers are GCP 2.0 instead of GCP 1.0 since 2.0 eliminates the need to print using the “cloud” and allows you to print through the local network instead. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to identify if this uses GCP 2.0 since it’s not listed on Google’s list of GCP ready printers (though it clearly is at least 1.0). Keep up the great work Lon!

charlie brownau says:

Is this another win only printer or actually has proper Linux/BSD drivers ?

pointlessfailure says:

I have the J480DW I think I paid about 60 for it last year. Looks exactly the same. You can buy third party ink for really cheap. That’s what Brother won’t mention. I bought a pack of 20 (5 of each color) ink cartridges for about 15 dollars.

Mister H. says:

laserjet is always a better way to go, to be honest.

M47H7D MHD says:

Happy holidays

charlie brownau says:

1:27 – this is why you should NEVER EVER use built in OS windows drivers for ANY hardware, always download vendor drivers, and install them by hand

AesirCorporation says:

A printer review? The views are gonna roll in. And I mean that non-sarcastically.

CPSLondon says:

FAX ? The 1980’s called and want their technology back !!

Jason Matthew says:

I actually have the printer, great review Lon I got it from staples as well it works great. The ink well costs alot but well with it.

xXxProkiller5000xXx says:

Hey can you take look at the gamesir t2a controller

charlie brownau says:

Gday what Ive found over the last 5-10 years is ALL cheap “budget” printers end up costing more in the long term due to massive OVERPRICNG of ink . If your in soho/business your better off spending over AUD$300 on a printer and just going direct to a laser instead

Mason Parker says:

Brother really does make great multi-printers that “just work”. I’ve had Lexmark, Canon, HP, Dell, and Epson. They all eventually mess up or inexplicably quit functioning. I’ve had a Brother printer for like 2 years now, a similar model to this one, and it genuinely kicks ass. Printing from any device on my home network has always been painless. If you need one, get a Brother. r/hailcorporate rant over.

The Grand Bastardo says:

But how many frames per second does it get in Minecraft with the OptiFine performance enhancing plug-in?

ryan range says:

What is the difference in quality of the flatbed scanner and adf scanner? And what is the use of each?

Michael Garry says:

After suffering with a terrible Canon MFC I finally snapped and swapped to a Brother – not this model, one of their cheapest all in one Lasers and I have to say its great, nothing flashy but everything just works from both Windows and Mac. I won’t be going back to Canon for a longggggg time!

Mark Z says:

This was an excellent report.
My 10 year old Brother MFC 240 C just died. Mechanically, it never had any breakdowns or faults.{Software on this early unit was marginal and didn’t like working with a Mac, but I was able to get around that.) I suppose if I can get close to the same lifespan out of the J775DW my home /office will be happy. Yes, Brother is ahead of the pack on ink useage allowing you to replace just one color as it runs out not all 3 like the HP’s.

charlie brownau says:

Why havent they made fax to transmit to internet instead of dialup ?

Ishraque Chowdhury says:

Can you please do a review on the asus vivobook f510ua

Richard Berube says:

I have an older model (MFC-J650DW) and found that the best way to go is really to look for a printer that support custom cartrige ! I need to fill out my cartrige each time I ran out of ink, but some include ink tank that sit (or even attach) directly beside your printer, so you never ran out and cost WAY less than paying original brand cartrige 🙂

saturnotaku says:

I wish this review was published a couple weeks ago because I was looking for a new AIO to replace an Epson Stylus that had finally given up the ghost after nearly 10 years of faithful service. I originally went with an HP Envy because Instant Ink was looking like it would be a good deal. While the printer was detected on my network and assigned an IP address, HP’s drivers were unable to detect the printer. After two hours of troubleshooting, I took it back (thank goodness for Costco’s excellent return policy) and exchanged it for another Epson, this time a WorkForce Pro. I had it out of the box, connected to the network, set up with AirPrint and Google Cloud, as well as got the drivers installed on all the other PCs in the house in less than 30 minutes. The print heads needed alignment, but after getting that configured, it’s been working great. It has a crazy high paper capacity (500 pages IIRC), output quality on prints and scans is surprisingly good, especially for a printer that only cost $100. The only downside is going to be replacement ink costs. Both the standard and high-capacity packs are more than $100 a piece, so more than the cost of the hardware, and Epson only provides a starter pack in the box. Still, we don’t print a whole lot, so while the ink is pricey, it should last us a good long while.

Mallet says:

Lon, please do the cannon tank printer review! My roommates bought a $30 printer from HP and each refill is $50!

j k says:

I love my MFC-L2740DW. For under $200, it does full duplex printing, copying ,scanning, faxing and everything else. Aftermarket cartridges are cheap.

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