ZYYX+ 3d Printer Review

Well…we’ve had a chance to print, print, and print some more on the ZYYX printer, and we are finally ready to share our thoughts. Stayed tuned to find out what we did and didn’t like about this printer!

Check out the ZYYX+ Printer: http://www.zyyx3dprinter.com/.

Please note that we did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. We were sent the printer from ZYYX for our use and asked to provide our honest opinion of the experience.

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JAT.MN says:

Great review you guys~

RJ_Make says:

Great Review!

Practical Printing says:

Very good, through review! Great job to both of you for hitting all the different points.

Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer says:

Good review, hope to see more printing video’s

Magnacad says:

Great review. I am curious, what were the settings you used for the support structures for easier removal? Thanks. Tom

AspireDesignInc says:

AWESOME REVIEW GUYS non biased and informative

John Christensen says:

Great review…. Man I really wanted to like this printer, but unfortunately, as soon as I heard that it had no heat bed, I had to look elsewhere. It’s crazy not to offer this feature. If they would have spend an additional $50 for a bigger 32 bit board, and another $100.00 for a heated bed, they would have had a slam dunk. Hopefully ZYYX v2 will have that.

Travis Laws says:

You guys did an awesome job! Very informative and touched on everything I would want to know. Keep up the awesome videos, can’t get enough.

kazolar says:

Too much money with no heated bed. The groot head is not supposed to be bumpy, he is supposed to have striations vertically for wood grain, that’s extrusion/speed issues. I had those problems with one of my machines until I switched to a 32 bit controller and groot head came out much better. How fast is this printer capable of printing reliably? How fast are you printing? The website says 200mm/sec, I doubt that. Reading their details, I’d be worried to print anything more advanced than ABS since it has a PTFE liner which will burn at higher temps needs for PETg or Polycarb. They say they’re capable of reaching 265c, PTFE will burn at 250c, so a PTFE lined heatbreak is not safe at those temperatures. There is zero chance to print Nylon without a heated bed either. Good review, but you gotta ask tougher questions, and go into the pricing a bit — $2K for a printer with no heated bed is honestly a joke.

Chaos Core Tech says:

Great job on the review! Learned a lot about the printer. Keep up the great work. 🙂

Print 3D Channel says:

Most excellent and very detailed review of the ZYYX+ Printer, great prints are an understatement, those are super wicked smooth and very clean. Nice work Travis and Heather on this, keep these types of reviews coming. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

ExtraBase says:

Nice review. Looks like a good printer. Personally, i would have loved to see some more technical details on the printer, but i’m an engineer and built my own printers before. So i always like to see more about what kind of controller board, display, stepper drivers, firmware, extruder,… a printer uses and if it’s some proprietary platform, open source based design or a mix of both worlds.
By the way, the results really look very clean, but in my experience, if the mechanics or electronics are not totally whacky, having the right slicer profile/settings are what makes or breaks your print quality. Definately good to see that the provided profiles work pretty much perfect out of the box. In the end, you could of course always bring up the point of the elevated price (>2k$ for a single extruder, non heated bed printer), but if the service from the company and quality is good, it can justify that higher price to someone who buys a printer to just print. If you buy a cheap printer, you usually spend a lot of time just tweaking, fixing and improving the cheap printer, and that is time and ressources not every user can afford or wants to put into his machine. Anyway, looking forward to see some more upcoming reviews from you guys. Maybe you could even do a video comparing all the printers you have used so far and boil it down to some simple pros/cons for each of the printers?

Michael Phelps says:

Great review. I see the slower 1st layer speed for Simplify3D works good for you too. 🙂 Love the filament warning systems. Prints look fantastic!

Jimmy Shaw's Tidbits says:

Great review guys!!!! please tell me you get to keep it?

danzca6 says:

very glad you were given the opportunity to review this printer. with all the printing you do for logos, filament reviews, and special projects I believe you were able to discover the pros and cons of this printer for a well informed non bias review. well done pointing out some of the innovative features of the printer. I ended up going to their website to see if I could learn more, but you hit everything explained on the site. well done. if I had a vote about the future of the printer, I say you should be able to keep it. looks like it would be a great workhorse for your projects.

Agustin Flowalistik says:

1000x better review than anything I will do now or in the future! Congrats!

A Pyro Design says:

Hey all! We are so thankful to the wonderful people at ZYYX for giving us the opportunity to review their printer. Please let us know here in the comments what you think of the review as well as the printer! We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

MetalGearMk3 says:

great review! what’s that matte blue filament?

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