Zortrax M300 3D Printer Review

It’s big, it’s bold. It’s the Zortrax M300! How does this huge 3D Printer perform? Watch to find out!

Zortrax M300 Purchase Links:

(US Amazon) http://amzn.to/2B5L2D0
(UK Amazon) http://amzn.to/2BUCkVf
More Info – https://zortrax.com/printers/zortrax-m300/

Zortrax sent the M300 3D Printer free of charge for purpose of review and all opinions expressed are my own.

3D Printing Models:

March Hare – https://www.myminifactory.com/object/march-hare-24657

Skyrim Inspired Hammer – https://www.myminifactory.com/object/steel-warhammer-skyrim-battle-mops-5289

Gayer-Anderson Cat – https://www.myminifactory.com/object/gayer-anderson-cat-at-the-british-museum-london-4010

Lattice Bunny – https://gumroad.com/l/nVlYp

Tolerance Test – https://gumroad.com/l/OxKwn

Lattice Cube Test – https://gumroad.com/l/CMqrm

Budget Makerspace Project – https://youtu.be/Kb_vepMcobk

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Hyss says:

I’ll pay $4000 if they make it open source on the software side and add all the features that you would expect for the money (Linear tracks, autoleveling, filament detection, bluetooth, wifi, etc)

Peter Adlam says:

I can’t imagine why anyone would buy this rather than several ultimakers and a prusa!

Infinity Google Productions says:

I’m getting an anet a8. It was the cheapest printer I could find…

ms3bani says:

severely overpriced for what it is. inability to print pla and petg is just silly. closed source and terrible slicers are just the nails in the coffin.

raise3d n2 over this dog.

Kevalino Picks says:

Watched it to the end and waited for the price…….really???? Who will spend that on a machine with so many flaws? Great, honest review as ever.

Marco Freire says:

I only ear bad thing about this overpriced piece of machinery. I have an Updated Anet A8 for a fraction of the price and I have no issue at all with it.

SrgntBallisticGaming says:

Thumbs up for the Simpsons reference at the end.
Do you have much experience with the M200? I’ve seen quite a few Cosplayers like Kamui Cosplayers using it to great success with ABS. They do usually do quite a bit of post-processing on their work after.

Are the only differences the print volume?

Nebojša Kamenčić says:

That’s rediculously expensive printer that offers medium quality experience over all. I feel like my Anet A8 with few mods on it offers much more user friendly experience. It’s so easy to maintain and control. There are dozens of helpful tutorials online. You can use whatever material you want and so on. Now, I’m aware that we can’t compare the print quality of these two but 4k dollars (or 6500). Man That’s overpriced.

smokeydops says:

450 grams? That’s reasonable; I’ve had parts of my PC Case take 700 grams.

Bitplanebrother says:

i have the same problem with my replicator clone..(ctc bizer)…
after trying a new filament it stoped extruding…disassebled the whole extruder and cleaned all parts but still have underextrusion (with other filament) …next il try to change the nozzle..thx
greetings from germany

flomojo2u says:

Great review Angus! Any thoughts on the Creality CR-10 as an ultra-low-budget competitor to this printer? With a similar build volume (Particularly with the expansion kit) it would be very interesting to compare such different machines, just for fun.

Nabi A. Dastaran says:

Hello, I know that you answer this kind of questions a lot and I know may be you mentioned it in your previous video
But as I find you recently and I cannot check all of your past videos please answer it again :
I need a 3D printer to producing fountain pen (body) and the surface of products  should be smooth and layers shouldn’t be visible. I don’t need big printer because pens are not big. But quality is important.
What affordable printer you recommend and if you have any suggestions for material would be nice of you to tell me.
Heavy material is better because when you hold fountain pen you don’t like light pen like a cheap BIC pen.
Thank you so much

greggy weggy says:

Angus, Its Zed, not Zee.

Joslyn Jordan says:

I have an m200. Been printing with it for years with very few failures. Print in ABS all the time. Slicer is definitely slow, print time is slow but I still don’t have a printer that equals the print quality. I never had to post process prints until I got a CR-10, which is a nice printer but not in the ballpark of quality. I don’t have ringing, or tuning or anything. The one thing that is overlooked is the Zortrax is really designed for businesses that don’t want to spend money paying someone to learn how to 3d print. Figuring out slicer software, correct temperature etc. They just want to print the product and get on with business. 30 min out of the box and your printing models with no issues. I will say I don’t print PLA on it. I know it really wasn’t designed for it. I do know people have been printing PLA for years on it before they even opened up the software.

Ben Van Den Broeck says:

Super happy with my Raise3D N2+ after watching this!!

Sam T says:

Angus, I think one of your lens filters might be cutting off the top left, or was it a cable hanging down?

orbitalair says:

Do NOT want a locked down system.
Their slicer appeared to be faster than Cura 2 !!
Cura 3 was supposed to be faster, but its not that much better.
Back to building and tweaking my own reprap clones.

Theressa says:

When did we change to dollary doo’s?

Ben Gruver says:

You lost me at “proprietary” 🙂

Decimus says:

GARBAGE. $4000 Garbage

Romulus Creative says:

Great video.. I have an off subject question nobody has been able to answer.. All of my prints start out well at speeds picked. but they tick off by 10 till it goes down to 10 .. meaning it starts with a 100% speed im assuming of the speed you decide. but 4 hrs into the print it may be down to 70 something or so.. and by 6 hrs or 7 its down to 10 crawl speed?? Im using cura with teh Cr10 S and I even did a test print of all speeds set to 60 and same thing happened? is there something i can do oh master of 3d? lol

Ashton Coffey says:

i just want this dude to get short hair

David Meister says:

you got a backfire v2! when did you get it?

Jum Bo says:

A very reliable machine. Unfortunately, the zortrax ABS is unsuitable for large prints. If you really want to print ABS should switch to a warping optimized ABS like the Urbanmaker ABS WO. You can simply use the standard ABS profile for Z-ABS. Just adjust the extrusion temp to 240C °.

JAYTEE Tompkins says:

I have had confirmation from the Australian Department of the Treasury that ‘Dollarydoos’ have not yet been released for general consumption and that Angus is probably in breach of an NDA 😉 Cheers, JAYTEE

Apostolos Katsanis says:

I like your channel very much and I also value your opinion very much. I am in the process of acquiring my first 3d printer and my options are either tevo tarantula or flsun i3 metal wich looks like a tronxy x3. Building a kit is not a problem but getting a good one is a challenge. What is your opinion. Thanks

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