XYZ-Printing – Da Vinci Mini W : 3D Printer for Beginners! – REVIEW

With wireless connectivity to your home network, the da Vinci Mini, by XYZPrinting is a great beginner unit for those looking to take their first step into 3D Printing.
The Da Vinci Mini filaments are made using PLA plastics derived from corn starch, making them biodegradable and non-toxic. XYZprinting filaments are tested extensively and are guaranteed to be DEHP-free and heavy-metal free. This filament is safe for the environment, and your home!

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TheCarLovingSwede says:

I’ve had this printer for a couple of months now, and the problem you say when prints don’t stick to the surface is easily solved with just going over the surface with a glue stick. I’ve never had a problem, my prints can instead sometimes be hard to remove when finished!

Valperci Nabanalan says:

well at that price range i rather go with the JGAURORA A5 Desktop

julian moreno says:

I don’t know where I have to put the chip it is really small and I don’t know where to put it please help me

Dragoncraft says:

It’s time to bust out Tinkercad again.

Nikz says:

outstanding review, extremely informative

Matthew Dirks says:

This is how instructional video is done. A+

adkanya says:

Anet a8 3d printer is probably the best bang for the buck at $170

Gray Groves says:

It is a good printer, but does not stick a lot of the time

Friedel Majoor says:

I’ve recently got one myself and I’m very content with the quality. To prevent the product to detach from the printbed I use pritt glue. Just rub it over the printbed and use the spatulla to see if you mist a spot and smear it out right before calibration and printing . No more lose products

GMO-1974 says:

I love your accent.

TheReborne says:

for 300$.. no

victor van grim gamming says:

Ok I have used 3D/cad computer software wares before so can I load CAD drawings and outher file types that are 3D related? Or use a 3rd party software to creat a 3D model and send the file to the Da Vincis print ware and print it?

nunya your business says:

ty this might help my wife into letting me get one..i can only hope

Mickxal says:

Anet a8 is till the best for begginers with a nozzel upgrade to 0.2mm

David Franso says:

hey i am looking into buying this printer but just before i did i wanted to ask, i am going to be printing fidget spinners and will the prints fall off the print bed

ericbazinga says:

Anyone having trouble connecting the printer to a computer? I’ve tried for hours and i’m ready to take it back to the store.

chubby gamer says:

for the non heated bed problem I just use double sided sticky tape

Zach attack 187 says:

I was thinking about getting this printer but when you said I can’t use third-party filaments I was like nope

Dragoncraft says:

This could be genuine it’s not sponsored.

Trizlet says:

Should I get this or the mp select mini?

TheDutyPaid says:

I don’t like the fact you have to buy their own filament at high prices as the reels are chipped.

samljer says:

as soon as you said proprietary pla… i lost interest, fuck that.

Tom Sharpe says:

I have it for 3 weeks and find it is not as user friendly as advertised. Expect to waste a lot of the expensive filament. Items with solid base and not so intricate parts do fine if glue is applied to platform. Others require supports. Glue is key. Be sure it doesn’t dry before starting print. Interesting concept, but I just am not feeling it is something I could recommend. Already had a filament break and a filament jam.. software is pretty simple to use.

yarisTSk04spec3ringtool says:


Qyuubi786 says:

I’d go for the Geeetech Pursa I3 as it can print with wood polymer, nylon and abs. It’s only £4 more on Amazon. But you do have to make it yourself. :/

Anthony Mata says:

Most thorough review of a 3D printer.

tlj24 says:

Does anyone know how to connect the plastic tube back onto the nozzle? I’ve disconnected mine and cannot reconnect it. I have a different printer than in this video. Mine has a metal thing on the end of it

Jeff Krecic says:

Use a glue stick on the bed tape and you won’t have a problem with your print job.

Ben jamen says:

why does my printer shed slits of plastic? like there will be little strings of plastic coming off of my prints. Any idea how to fix this?

Krank is de Eerste says:

Replace the mobo with an off the shelf one and you can print any filament.

Obese Hank says:

Please review the monoprice select mini V2! It’s only $200 and it comes with a heated bed

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