XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0 3D Printer Non-Review

Unfortunately, my first experience with an XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0 3d printer wasn’t a good experience. Plus, in my opinion, it suffered failures way before it made it’s way to my house.

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Aryamann Marwaha says:

High Joel,
I have the XYZ DaVinci 1.0 3D Printer and it has issues every couple days. I am not exaggerating, I had a similar experience to you. The print wouldn’t stick to the bed. The printer needs constant maintenance and I absolutely hate it!

Jayden Downes says:

Software is absolute shit (you can only use theirs and can’t change filament temps or anything, literally just a print button on the slicer), board is a pain, NFC filament required from xyz and all round bad printer design and the printer is LOUD

Yuan-sheng Tsai says:

Guess I am lucky! Mine works great. 🙂

Daren Lim says:

Near similar experience with xzyprinting. I bought a da Vinci Pro 3in1 last week. Spent a morning doing print bed calibration a
but keep failing. Then i realise one of the points are off the mark,just misses the metal plate. Very disappointed. Goes to show that the company does not perform any OQC inspection before shipment to user.

Derek Tombrello says:

I’m just curious.. why apologize for an HONEST negative review? You told the truth. You should NEVER apologize for that, nor should you ever feel that you need to.

Adove Stark says:

i had the XYZ DaVinci Jr 1.0 and my experience and the beginning was bad the bed level was wrong so any way after all the tings i dit to fixit finally print but someting make te filament to stuck and not ben fed to the extruder and fail the bad part was i have full spool of filament but the nfc on say empty at the end but other spool and print really good

Darth Vader says:

Joel, I own a XYZ da Vinci Mini w and it is ok. It has a lot of over excursion and it has a problem with in consistant tempatures. It also doesn’t bridge well. I am also having an issue with filament building up inside the excruder module. This hasn’t been quite an issue since I got build Tak for it but the problem still happens. It is a good printer though. Do you know how I can fix any of these issues? Thanks

TheCarLovingSwede says:

My XYZ printer is great!

Dadeo of 4 says:

i just returned my xyz d2 today unknown to me it came broke. after trying to work with the CCR and them never calling back, i went to the Internet to look for sulutions.1) tightened the belts. 2) tried glue,hairspray,magic goop 3) extruder 1 would lift up any print of extruder 2 figure it was 1.5microns lower (digital calaperp) 4) unless you only want to buy xyz fillement or do some type of hack stay clear of any carteradge type fillement containers they have chips to prevent you from using non xyz fillaments

Chad Williams says:

Hey, Joel. I see XYZ has a DaVinci Color Mini on IndieGoGo. Did you ever get a working DaVinci Color? Looks like an interesting technology but I would rather not invest in the new machine if they haven’t gotten their act together yet. Thanks for your videos! They made me want to get into 3D printing!

Sam Dixon says:

I have an xyz davinci 1.0a and the print quality is great. I have the original firm ware and software still on it but the printer works fine. The only negatives are the expensive cartridges and the fact that I had to replace the X-axis cable as it broke. I believe this is a common problem. Other than that the printer is great and you can use an arduino to flash the cartridges to use 3rd party filament

coolman7437 game says:

Thay need to work on there hard ware

anfiach says:

Can’t find a follow up on this video. Did you even try?

Tony Giovino says:

I have a xyz Da Vinci Mini W+ and it works great. the only down side is you have to use xyz pla. it has a chip reader. But the pla is great.

Ganesh Neelagandan says:

whoa..harsh bro

Gary Carone says:

XYZ is the “Apple” of 3d printers. You’re locked into their filament and their software. They certainly are not for someone serious about the hobby. The only reason I looked for YOUR review, is because when looking for a reviews online, they were obviously being paid off. I was reading “superior machine and quality for the price”, BS my 200 Monoprice mini has better quality than what I saw in the reviews. Also they said the price of the their filament was comparable or just a tad higher than 3rd part. At $28 for a 600gram spool, thats a flat out lie. The only people who should buy this are the same people that should stay away from sharp knives, bc making it that it won’t work without the doors closed is just dumb. Seems like a printer that trys too much to protect the user from himself. It also seem like it could be for someone who wants to distance themselves from tech, but still use it for it for the novelty aspect of it. I know ya don’t like negative nancies, so sorry about that. I just got into 3d printing and there are so many better options out there for someone who doesn’t want to pay a lot and just want to test the waters with their new hobby.I kinda feel bad for people who got this not knowing you are locked into their software and their filaments.

Robert Halliday says:

I just bought my first xyz davinci pro. first thing I did was put buildtak on the bed, so never tried it stock. they send a full sized piece of tape but didn’t use it. this is my third printer overall, and I like it so far, getting the z offset was ok. everything seems to work and the hardest part about printing with it so far is getting the print to come off the plate.

jason west says:

joel their printers are good their customer service is terrible!

recomend the aio. mother board died they replaced it. now all is good

AdWasPlayingMC says:

Xyz mini and color Is amazing the color if you get it cheap has auto leveling and is bloody brilliant if your able to get one You may like it

All About 3D Blog says:

Hopefully you will get working printer soon. The full color printing strategy seems to be very interesting.

Adrian Beer says:

I have watched pretty much all your 3d printing videos.

I am an xyz printer user. I have now got 3 (1.0 aio and Nobel 1.0) with a
recent addition of the Pro 1.0 aio.

Until now, i did not realise that while both da vincis can connect to a p
c xyzware can only be used for one printer at a time when printing. Do
you know of a work around other than connecting to different pc’s?

Seabass says:

could i have the outro song? its awesome

Rachel Neal says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I bought this printer in November 2018. I have been trying to print with this XYZ printer and have done everything from using glue, to calibrating during each use, and nothing would work. I am so frustrated. The cover was damaged when I received it and finally XYZ sent me a new cover. The printer still doesn’t work. I bought this printer because everyone was raving about it. Ugh! I am going to write XYZ. This printer is Horrible

5150HAYN says:

I also had problems with an XYZ product. It was their 3D Scanner. They kept saying that my laptop couldn’t run it. After a long process they told me to send back my scanner and they were going to fix it. After sending it back they sent me a bill for a replacement and I flipped out. After a long time going back and forth I was finally able to get a new one at no cost. But it still doesn’t work right. I don’t think that I will ever get another product from them

Tony Blair says:

I had the exact problems with my pro

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