XVico Pioneer 3D Printer Review

XVico is new on the 3D Printing Scene. Have they done well with their Ender 3 style 3D Printer, the XVico Pioneer? Watch to find out!

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CrazyCoolGuy10 Gamez says:

Review the Tronxy X5S or X5SA. Both are good printers 🙂

5x green tv says:

You have a Prusa in the bring round your not using so can I have it

john bryant says:

Sick of this crap printers. Ended 3 and all it’s clones are crap they just done care about safety

Technology89 says:

Nice backfire II 😉

Megabeni Iss says:

Hey Angus! I am thinking about buying a CR20 or a CR20 Pro, and had a hard time finding some high quality reviews like yours. Do you have any thoughts on the CR20 and do you plan on reviewing one? Thanks!

zxxyz says:

MicroSD is super annoying. Manufacturers, please put a full sized USB port on your printers. So much easier to use a USB stick instead of fiddling around with SD and microSD cards!

Angus, what’s your opinion on vslot/roller vs direct screw drive transport designs? Seems like the vslot designs are more fiddly (and can have wear issues on the rollers over time.)

michael thomas says:

Love the hypno toad tee !!! The printer kinda cool too.

Parker Russell says:

That’s like an ender3 but with extra steps

Mr. Boogabaga says:

Sounds like you found the performance of this machine to be SHOCKING. Liking the new setup in both background choice (previous setup had too much depth, literally) as well as video quality.

Norm Caissie says:

I use a DS stylus

Lost Cloud says:

12v? no heated bed? RIP

Quentin Campbell says:

…and that concludes the last Ender 3 style printer I’m going to review….

Thank you.

Falk Kyburz says:

Dear the internet, please look up the terms ‘tolerance’ and ‘clearance’ on Wikipedia.

BlackboardIdeas says:

Hi, can anyone help me? I don’t have that slider to preview the extruder path in my cura. (I mean that one on 6:43 on the bottom of the screen). Btw nice video, thank you, Angus. 🙂 Do you have the Cura profile for JGAurora A5 as well? I’d like to find out if my filament or printer is wrong or if it’s just my settings. Thank you.

Ian Bellamy says:

Hi Angus,
I had a flashforge finder and it had this type of removable bed.
It was ok but had to put blue tape on it to get the filament to stick.

RobinHood says:

the have the same bed design as FlashForge Finder

k2OS says:

wait.. a printer sent to you that actually works?? what has the world come to 🙂

3DSage says:

I just need 1 more subscriber to get 10,000 subscribers on my birthday today so please help! Thank you.

Isaac Kvasager says:

Good video, but the Ender 3 prints better, is cheaper, and has more community support. I don’t see this as a difficult choice.

suraj bhawal says:

Flashforge finder have this style of removable bed.

Flutterdrive says:

hm…. lets see, from many years of research and millions of government funding spent, i have come to a conclusion! Angus will reply with a response if you say this one word, “Shantae”
(ps: 3d print a shantae model in one of your videos, lol)

andre loyer says:

great video i have a question in slicer programe i cant find in other, threds and what they are can you help thank you.

Greg Kourakos says:

Angus can you review the xyz da vinci color and/or the m3d quad crane? Full color will hopefully be the next thing coming cheaply to our homes like the SLA printers have…would love your expert opinion on where the tech is at and where it will be in a year or two…

Ben G says:

Another Ender 3 review!?

Do R/C! says:

Now that I’ve been printing for a while and have experienced the flexibility of printing with different materials I wouldn’t ever recommend a printer without a heated bed. Unless you already have 3d printers that can print other materials and just want one strictly for pla it’s just too limiting.

Adrian Magni says:

If you want to use mmd or xps models as a source, there are blender plugins to import them along with textures and armature. You can then apply a subdivision modifier to smooth out the polys before applying the normal texture as a displacement modifier. That’ll give you an insanely detailed model with minimal effort.
Check my thingiverse (amagni) for examples.

Shyam Devadas says:

Hey Angus, what’s the deal with the Pepe the Frog teeshirt??

Zackary Levi says:

Really at this point, I only see Delta style printers being the future of FDM printing. Personally, I would love to see more educational videos from the channel, maybe a series on explaining the terminology of slicing software, and 3D printing in general. Thanks for the vid!

Evo Labs says:

Thanks for being done with these style of printers. They are boring as bat poo to me on account of their lack of features and clone of a clone design. Not having a cover over the electronics connected to mains wiring shouldn’t be tolerated, no matter the price.

Justin Emerson says:

It looks like an Ender 3 had children with a Flashforge Finder. Interesting.

Jeremy Livermore says:


Medyk3D says:

Cool bed design.

A kind of legacy says:

Hi Muse, love your videos! Can you tell me if there’s any other printers I should be looking at like the Creality CR-10 5S, I need a large bed because I want to print an ATX sized PC case I have an idea for? Thanks!

Bruno Bruno says:

Finder came up with the bed removal thing 🙂

Luke Ashley says:

Hey! For the weird triangles, is the 32 bit board loaded with Marlin or smoothie?

Mark Giblin says:

Too much Slop (poor travel from over and under speed) in the axis, can be loose belts, loose rails, v-wheels…

oliknow says:

wheres the nerdpale skin?

nimajneb94 says:


Nerys says:

I would not be surprised if they designed and had those parts made. it BLOWS MY MIND the level of injection molding they are able to achieve at the price point they can achieve it.

many times you will get 3d printed parts not because they can’t afford the molding but because they want to release the printer “NOW NOW NOW” and the molded parts are just not ready yet.

truly blows me away. if you ever get a chance check out the pxmalion mini. its not a great printer though I think I can eventually make it good. but the level of quality and injection molding and creativity in their designs really is pretty cool and its just freaking cool looking. I don’t know why but I am enamored by that printer and they did not even send me one. I bought it 🙂

Bryan Ho says:

Is it possible that we can have higher quality 3D printers? Machines like this are flooding the market and it’s not what 3D printers should look like.

danian91 says:

PLS review the anycubic i3 mega……………… dude cmon it is a so important printer ^^

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