Why the Form 2 is worth $3499 – SLA 3D Printer Review

Today we’re checking out the Formlabs Form 2, a SLA 3D Printer promising incredible detail, reliability and ease of use. But does it live up to expectations? Watch to find out!

Get one here – https://formlabs.com/

Rocket model by Tanya Wiesner -https://www.myminifactory.com/object/guardians-of-the-galaxy-rocket-raccon-28645

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Chris Anderson says:

Very helpful and well made vid man, good job! Slammed that Sub button so fast!

Sterling77 says:

Tailgating DLPer’s – Form 2 amazing but the market is moving very fast in the DLP direction – Wanhao D7 / Photon / Phrozen all capable of super accurate results. you could buy 8 Photons or Phrozens for the same price.

Jeannie Doe says:

I find it highly intriguing how every review of the Form 2 shows a perfectly fine, flawless printer with no failed prints or errors whatsoever. However, Formlabs forums are full of customer help threads describing an incredible amount of failures of all kinds. I myself have had the second replacement Form 2 within a period of 4 months and this one is acting up again after less than 2 weeks of use (with an average of not more than 2 prints a day). About 80-90 %failed prints on every machine so far and Formlabs have no clue but to replace the machines.
I can only assume that the general customer gets whatever they can cheaply produce, whereas the high profile reviewers receive the few flawless machines which apparently really exist.

Иван Василевич says:

Hope wanhao d7 will be affordable for home use

Roger Wellard says:

Great review, I must say that the only thing preventing me from buying any SLA is the rapid growth of the tech around it, buying one now only for it to be greatly surpassed by the form3 in a years time.

Hunter Scott says:


Bob Stubs says:

Great video

MFeinstein says:

You didn’t mention that you are supposed to prime paint the parts so they can achieve long term life, or the environment UV would damage them, making them brittle for long time exposure

J Mc says:

The Form 2 prints look exquisite BUT one can get a lot of prints done by service providers for the price o a Form 2. I used to get SLA printed parts done for my model business and for me owning one didn’t look cost effective since I usually got 3 day turn around time from my service provider. For more time critical printing the Form 2 looks like a great machine! Wish I could justify one for my retirement hobby shop.

David Herron says:

Well I just saw a £200 printer make better miniatures with the correct settings using the alternative cheaper tech. So for board games mini,s its not the right choice

Legend of the Stormlord says:

OH MY GOSH! I was getting kind of excited about this printer despite the high price. But now that I know that a liter of resin ranges between $150 and $200…ummm that’s prohibitively expensive! 1 kg spools of filament for traditional 3d printers are only $15 at Micro Center… I have to wait until this company has some serious competition before I can even think about getting an SLA printer.

Matthew Plotas says:

Can I read the whole dissertation? Sounds interesting.

Peter Istrate says:

Awesome review.
It really helped me make a decision. I’m going to go for it for our small design office.

Daniel Pierce says:

Form Labs opened up their system so you can use whatever resin you want, it just won’t use the autofill feature, also they just came out with a new resin vat that lasts 50x longer and only costs $130

Konstantin Fedorov says:

Thanks for your reviews, your Moai video inspired me to buy one. Can you get the same print quality/resolution on the Moai as on Form2? I just ordered a Moai; I was looking for a high resolution printer for jewelry work.

Doug Golden Golden says:

Can I design in zbrush then move the object to formlabs software

James Dunn says:

I need more money. 🙂
Thanks for the info and opinions. Out of my price range, but who knows? These might become much cheaper in a year or two.

john d says:

I owe form2 for over a year and they even a lot more expensive in South Africa then in The US but worth every cent of it. I use the castable resin for jewelry making.and had very few printing errors.

Michael S. says:

They need to change the printer height from 17.5 cm to 40 cm and eat the product cost to drop the price down to $1000 or $2000 which will vastly increase customer base. The company can recover the cost once ppl buy more resin needed for larger projects. That would increase revenue for the company fast.

Tahirusa says:

Rather than iphone x

Richard Gallerno says:

One important detail that you didn’t mention in this video or the one you did for AnyCubic Photon: with non-FDM printers (laser or UV) can completely fill the print bed and NOT add time to the print job. That means that you can print multiple copies or even completely different models if they all fit on the print bed without adding extra time. If you did the same thing with an FDM printer, the time required to print is multiplied when you add more objects on the print bed. The time required to print on a laser or UV printer is determined by the height of the tallest item on the bed, not the number of things being printed. I can print 6 different minis at a time on my Photon in about 2 hours. It would take much longer on an FDM.

Seth Kauffman says:

Just for future reference, only so you can use the phrase properly, its not “defice it to say”, its “suffice” lol. Just wanted you to know. Great video!

LowRange says:

Mega LIKE!

Artourious says:

This may be the future but at the moment plastic resin, or 2 part resin in a rubber mold cannot be beaten for speed and cost of process.

gymkhanadog says:

1: Extremely expensive. 2: Locked in to proprietary software. 3: Locked in to buying only their expensive, highly toxic resin. 4: Toxic resin. 5: Painfully slow print speeds. 6: Incredibly messy. 7: Required post-process using more toxic chemicals. 8: Hazardous final print due to resin splinters.

Doesn’t seem to be much in the way of redeeming features after you go through all the negatives. And for $3.5k you’d expect that you wouldn’t have failures. Not a feature, just an expectation for the ridiculous price. I’ll stick with my FDM printer for a while longer until something better comes along!

RobitTheRobit says:

Cant wait to see the Anycubic Photon Review to see how much Formlabs is sweating now 😀

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