What’s a Delta 3D Printer, a Delta Go Review

I was always wondering what the point of a Delta Printer is, and reviewing Delta Go (http://deltaprintr.com) made me do some research which you might find useful.

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


shadow studio says:

You doing comedy on every video people enjoy it

Şemsi PAŞA says:

Get well soon for fingers

Lt Lightning says:

i have the same wireless mouse as you

nrdesign1991 says:

Been using a Kossel 3D printer for a few years now – overall I’m happy with it, especially since I put “silent” stepper motor drivers on it. It does have its quirks but has been working reliably.

Naveen Jain says:

Hey Mehdi!
I m a huge fan of yours and guess what I m studying EEE and will become an electrical engineer one day too :’)
Can’t wait for that day 😀
Anyways, I found a video on YouTube in which a person makes a Tesla coil gun and shoots it and it’s too freaking cool :)))
Could you explain the working and tuning part and help us understand it so that we can also make such super cool stuff.
The link to the video is – https://youtu.be/_fTC_Ud_k3U
Thank you 🙂

Jo eL says:


C3epy says:


Tamer Ursavas says:

Mehdi, do something with lasers or fireworks

Mario Avila says:

whi didnt understand I sure didnt

Skunzie Road to 0.6K says:

Hello, do you speak french ? Mon frère

Hydrodragon28 says:

Your videos are professionally unprofessional and that’s why I subbed

Rimelight says:

You wouldn’t download a car.

SuperTN A says:

Too many ads

7catstied2gether says:

“between the million of us…”
must feel good to say

Russell Teapot says:

Please Mehdi, could you put author and commposition title of what is played by your daughter in the description of the videos? It would be really nice!

Hansbald says:

Don’t buy Delta printers they suck balls, in reality they have zero advantages and bring nothing but trouble, hardware trouble, firmware trouble, printing trouble, just so much trouble. Even my 200$ Cartasian 3D Printer can print at 120mm/s without a problem

陳堃垣 says:

I love this . so wonderful .awesome printer~~~

Exodarion says:

No buying link? But why!

Jeronimo Saettone says:

But you said WE are the 3d printers!

Oswald Rayleigh says:

0:27 jokes on you Delta Go, this man is a full bridge rectifier

yukineswan says:

He didn’t electrocute himself… I am shocked.

Capt. Sum Ting Wong says:

I had a shifting layer issue with the printer I build that was easily fixed by tightening a skipping belt. Maybe while you’re printing upside down a belt skips?

Steven Duckworth says:

I would love to see you get your hands on a Tiko 3D printer and “review” it. And by review I mean “destroy”. I gave mine away to someone for free and still feel like I ripped him off.

Wolfgang-Grimmer says:

If all of your arm hair was on top of your head you’d have the longest hair ever seen

memesthatdankTV says:

Mehdi, I watched all of your videos like five times. I’m convinced you are one of those YouTube channels I will never unsubscribe from

Anh Tú Play says:

Gg credit to ur daughter for the piano play

Exodarion says:

Hahah between the million of us XD

Dank Beetles says:

Heh youve got quite of big tummy there bud xD

Smmmile:) says:

can you print a flat earth 🙂

SuperTN A says:

Your video is marked as spam because of yellow dots

Roman Matkovic says:

Please build a electro magnetic levitator.

gregistopal says:

I love how you hurt yourself in every video

Harambe Jnr says:

this guy is so good

David Stewart says:

im sorry for what i said so ill sub

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