What 3D Printer should you Buy?

With literally 100’s of 3D Printers on the market today, it can be difficult working out which one is the best for your needs…
Which is why we created the Maker’s Muse Ultimate 3D Printer Buyers Guide!

You can get the eBook here – https://gumroad.com/products/NBvg/

Link to the glossary – http://www.makersmuse.com/tools.html

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Agarico says:

Can I have your fabrikator mini?

Calvin Iba says:

thank you for your hard work! it was well worth the money.

Tommy Nilsson says:

Well in the end u can buy eny printer. But if ur unhappy with it. MOD IT. :=)

Bob W. Johansson P.Eng. says:

Angus Rocks

GreenArt4 says:

I want a printer that would print in 100 microns PLA, and I’m on a somewhat tight budget of 500$ (and I’d honestly prefer spending less if I could), do you think I should build one from scratch or buy one? because I’ve seen some cheap Chinese ones online…

Dmitriy Kozerovskiy says:

Got the book, it is rather clear and helpful. I know this is supposed to be unbiased, but maybe you need to go into more detail of what people need to really watch out for. Sometimes more bells and whistles equals more headache. Or if you are aware of structural issues, resonance issues, extruder issues, etc. with specific popular models, maybe you should include that. A DO’s and DON’TS.

koch2000 says:

Excellent work and make videos, when I bought my 3D printer, I was investigating several 3D printers for 4 months, I saw they had the printers of Chinese origin, but after researching I found that electronics can cause problems, and the others out of the budget or not convince me, then I read a guide 3dHubs 3d printers 2015 and liked the Prusa i3 and I came convinced by the Original Prusa i3 Plus printer kit from http://www.prusa3d.com, I really liked how it works, handles high temperatures and variety of materials. I am very satisfied with the choice of the 3D printer. Continue with the work you do, congratulations and thank you.

Professor Doughnut says:

I recommend shape ways

Torsten Curdt says:

Hmmmm. I bought it but haven’t gotten the email yet 🙁

Habeeb Nadoum says:

A new subscriber 🙂
keep up it bro

Huskie says:

Sorry to say, but this just seems like a bit of a money grab.

Phantom4 says:

Quick question for you Angus….. Which 3D printer should I buy? HAHAHAHA. I couldn’t resist. Just bustin’ your balls. Good video as usual. I opted for the Makergear M2. I got it last week and I couldn’t be happier. I love this stuff. Catcha later!

Unlikely Creators says:

This is just the best thing, next time someone asks me that question I’ll just recommend your buyers guide. Really how has no one done this!

low351 says:

Thanks, I just bought your guide, your videos have been very helpful in my introduction to 3d printing. FYI, the paypal payment doesn’t work correctly for the chrome browser, I switched to Firefox and it worked fine. Also it charged me Australian dollars with the discount code it worked out to about $3.62USD

Chris Osborne says:

waste of time. Nice.

Jeffrey Seymore says:

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Monoprice Mini Delta?

Max q8 says:

iknow which one the best zortraz m200

Randy Lachman says:


Scientia Draco says:

Bought It, can’t wait to give it a read!

Peter Ohlmus says:

Good work mate – you clearly put a lot of effort into it!

David Smith says:

My question would be “where do you get a minion?”

Print It Solid says:

Thanks Angus. I’ve been looking into getting my first printer for nearly two months. this book should definitely help. thanks a mill. money well spent.

Florian Kuch says:

Great stuff Angus, thank you very much. Just bought it, it’s awesome. I’m about to get my first 3D printer too, so this input is highly appreciated. Keep this up, we want more! 😀

A ZC says:

You should do something like: Best 3d printers or top 5 3D printers, without a max budget or anything.

PCmaster phant0m says:


Brandon T says:

Happy to see this released, mate! So what is the “plan” for the glossary? Just going to slap things in there as they come up in videos/Patreon/etc?

Also, noticed you don’t have a link to the eBook on your main site yet. I assume you know that, but…yeah. 😉

butterflyblueshorts says:

hey Angus, just downloaded your guide. Look forward to looking through it later. keep up the good work.

Maker's Box says:

Hi Angus! i’m really looking forwards to reading your book, even though i have already built a few printer myself, it seems as if the email takes a while to get through as i bought it this morning and i still haven’t received it, i hope i put in the right email. 😐 anyways, thanks for being such a great youtuber!

Yehua Zhang says:

hey pal I am looking for a budget printer under 500$. Will your ebook be helpful? If so I will definitely buy it! 🙂

ElectronicWizard says:

I dig

Deepansh says:


Vilde321 says:

What do you think about Maker Select v2 ? :O! I’m planning to get my first printer and that’s what I’ve been looking at!! (I plan to just propably make random replacement parts for various things and maybe some decoration stuff and practise post processing with them :O!)

I understand if this comment is annoying and you won’t answer 🙁
thanks anyway for all the nice videos!

SpaceNavy90 says:

Cool. Now when someone asks you, you can just tell them to go buy your dumbass, overpriced book right?

Ricardo Lopez says:

Thanks, Angus. It will come in handy. Any news on the Trinus? Photos? VIds?

Hans de Groot says:

Hello Mr. Deveson. Only today I came across your You Tube Channel
(thanks to the Australian heat in our European cold winter)
and browsed through your list of made videos. This is the second one I watched. You’re quite an expert so I’ll subscribe in some moments. I want to buy a 3D printer in the next few months. The ideal one does not exist because such a one is free, does not need space on a table, uses free water a printing material, etc. 🙂
The E-book guide on 3D printers is about 6 months old. Do you regularly update it?
Every moment new models or even brands appear. Do they become part of your E-book after some time?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Sloan V says:

Why so many dislikes? 🙁 Not a lot but more than normal. It makes me mad when people don’t give a reason for their dislike.

-Charles -D. says:

oh sod off.. this entire video is an ad for an ebook.. just make videos man…

Niko Tallman says:

Fuck you

Michael Van Dord says:

Great work Angus! Keep the videos and reviews coming.

The only question I have before purchasing the guide is does it include SLA / DLP printers?

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